Cameras positioned inside the massive Minneapolis Metrodome stadium captured the amazing scene at the moment the inflatable roof collapsed under the weight of tons of snow yesterday morning.

The gigantic scoreboard crashed to the stadium floor as the inflatable roof tore open dumping Mother Nature's payload of snow all over the field.

If the video is terrifying to you at home or work, imagine how the guy racing away from the cataclysm in that little golf cart (at the 0:11 second mark) must have felt.

Sunday's Vikings-Giants game was moved to Monday night in Detroit.

  • momo

    OH MY...I would have shitted on myself if I were in there!! oooo nnoooo...water & tall buildings...not my mix!

  • YSoSerious

    I saw this on the news. Crazy. Glad I wasn't there.

  • His_Mommy623

    tsk tsk :no:

  • jazi65

    That guy was lucky..and thank God this didn't happen during the game.

  • NunyaBizniz

    Seriously, Minneapolis needs to get their shyt right... didn't a bridge collapse over there a couple of years ago too?

  • yvonne79


  • Zephyr1979

    jazi65 says:

    That guy was lucky..and thank God this didn’t happen during the game.



  • mrsloveleighwilliams

    WOW!! Thank God nobody was hurt.

  • jaydubya612

    Hopefully now the Vikings will get their new stadium, paid for with tax payer money, just like the Twins stadium. (not happy about that, at all!)

    and how does "Minneapolis need to get their shyt together", NunyaBizniz? There was 20 inches of snow that fell in less than 24 hours. Tell me how any city would have responded to that. Any where else and the whole city would have shut down. There were workers working on clearing the snow off the roof of the Metrodome on Saturday but they had to stop due to high speed wind gusts that made it unsafe. Not to mention that the temperatures plummeted to below zero that night as well.

    and what does the 35W Bridge collapse have to do with anything, NunyaBizniz? I had family members die on that bridge so stop spewing your judgments about my city.

    Thank god no one was hurt.

  • StillASassyOne


    Don't be so offended. And nowhere in the North would shut down for 20 inches of snow. The MD/DC/VA/PA corridor got 3+ feet in less than 3 days earlier this year and we had HALF a DAMN DAY of everything being closed. By 3 PM, everything was back on regular schedule.

    Minneapolis may just need to invest in taking precautions to prep for snowfall like that on the inflatable roof. That may later on alleviate some of the pressure of having city workers trying to remove the snow in unsafe conditions.

  • coaretained

    For the record...MN is broke just like the rest of the country. Thats like saying N.O. should have hired more people to be prepapred for Hurrican Katrina..some things are mother natures doing and can't be prepped for.

    As far as the bridge..yeah I don't see how that correlates with this story either. Nature vs Old ass bridge. Apples and puppies.


  • coaretained

    oh..and we had already had a cumulative of about 8-10 inches prior to this. There was no preparation for this. Last time we had snow like this was 91.

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