The seemingly random execution of a NY man was caught on video from a nearby surveillance camera.

Trevonne Winn, 24, was talking on his cell phone outside his uncle's fast food restaurant in Brooklyn, NY when a gunman dressed in black suddenly appeared and fired 2 shots into him. Wynn collapsed, mortally wounded as the gunman fled the scene.

Passersby soon surrounded Winn who struggled to get back on his feet before collapsing again on the sidewalk. Winn was rushed to Kings County Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police say Winn had a number of drug related arrests in South Carolina.

Shakeem Muhammad of Flat Bush, told the NY Daily News that Wynn's execution was probably a case of mistaken identity. "Probably the person thought that he was someone else," said Muhammad. "He probably looked like somebody that... probably had some beef."

"I've seen just about everything that could happen in this community. I renamed this avenue here body-a-week avenue.

"I've been here since 1989. I think I've seen at least 15 murders on this block in that period of time. It's a dangerous block." Source

  • FrenchGal

    just sad :no:

  • Starr

    "body-a-week avenue" :smh:

  • srv

    This is simply amazing. It doesn't look like a case of mistaken identity to me. My prayers are with this young man and his family at this time. :-( Damn.

  • Starr

    This is the second video of someone being murdered i've seen this week in nyc, and i don't even know what to say. Its becoming terribly sad when these things don't even surprise you anymore

  • Mr.BluPhi

    DAMN I almost couldn't watch that....

    My chest caved in. Sad man

  • stunnaz

  • Anna

    How long did it take for someone to call 911, or for them to show up? This is sad, looks like this is the norm to bystanders, I would have been tramatized.

  • Terri B

    Can't bring myself to watch, but why would he assume the gunman had the wrong person when this young man had already had a long rap sheet relating to drugs?


    Cant watch the vid...but thats what u call cold blooded murderer. WTF is this world coming too?

  • GAGIRL87

    This is a dam*n shame and this dude I use to talk to always said NY was better than GA um I thinks not :rolleyes: I pray for his family as well people are out here living like they bulletproof people have no respect for life anymore and that's sad...

  • brownskinn86

    @terri i couldn't bring myself to watch the video either. its so sad what this world is comming too...


    Well... that wasnt very nice :blink: RIP to this young man :no: smh

  • htown-chick

    that wasnt mistaken identity..dude stood there for a while before he shot that man!He knew what and who he was doing! Sad! RIP..but why nobody even kneeled down to comfort that man in his last moments? i guess its a up north thing...

  • FoxE

    :( So sad. :no:

  • Jersey Girl

    That was sad to watch. May he rest in peace and I hope they find the guy that did it. He was into drugs so mistaken identity would not have crossed my mind had the guy not said it.

  • Aprilbaby

    Very sad! I hope they find who did it. It's crazy no one wanted to touch him. But they said he was in front of his uncles place.

  • Jersey Girl

    I wonder if the guy walking by was involved and probably gave some sort of signal cause he didn't even run after the gunshots. Hell, I know I would have.

  • jazi65

    Can't bring myself to watch it. Lord have mercy on his soul & my prayers got out to his family.

  • Melissa

    :dead: may he RIP...smh

  • aqtpie

    Mr.BluPhi says:
    My chest caved in. Sad man
    Mine did too. I pray for his family and that they catch the killer but that didn't look like a case of mistaken identity to me either.

  • amatrex

    The slain dude's family members don't know what was goin on in that young man's life that lead him to be murdered, even though they THINK they know. If this man had a a criminal record due to selling dope before, then all bets are off. Everybody knows murder and drug dealing go hand in hand.

  • Bigbadwolf

    That is so sad :( My thoughts exactly. Nobody checked a pulse or anything. They came out the building right after it happened, and everybody just looked. I hope the dude that walked past right before it happened, saw who the shooter was. He barely looked back though. Even though the victim may have been into drugs, at that moment, he was on the phone and his uncle's place. Another tragedy.


    I saw somethin on Dtaeline or 20/20 just last week where this homeless guy was knocked out in front of a bunch of people and no one did anything and over 200 people walked by before they called the paramedics and he ended up dying


    The man that walked by before the shooting, looked backed as shots fired like it was a normal everyday thing. What is going on out here?! :(


  • Bigbadwolf

    @ jersey girl Ur probably right. I noticed that he didn't walk any faster or anything, but he did look the shooter's way first. They were 5 steps away, how could u not run, duck, or something :think:

  • htown-chick

    Jersey girl...u should be a detective! lol i didnt even think about that but it does make sense...a normal black person would have took off running..but to look ..see someone fall to the groundand turn around like nothing suspect..

  • Candi Apple

    So Sad..... I felt that boys pain to my core. A few weeks ago I was hit by a truck and like that boy after I was hit I struggled to get up a natural reaction. To know and understand what happened and have no control--- crying for him :no: and :pray: for him

  • eastpointvet


  • ALBoy

    This is messed up :no: yeah even if you are "used to" gun shots you still automatically duck or run Unless you know you wont be shot. :no:

  • Melissa

    @jersey's almost like he was confirming that was the target and once he confirmed he gave a signal and the rest was history....that looked like a hit to me....

  • aqtpie

    Jersey Girl says:
    I wonder if the guy walking by was involved and probably gave some sort of signal cause he didn’t even run after the gunshots. Hell, I know I would have.
    Probably, he looks like he glanced right at the victim as he walked by.

  • Choco aka Hippie

    I can't watch the video I haven't ever seen anyone shot or killed and I don't wanna start now...

    :waves: Everyone

  • MzDetermined

    At first I wasnt going to watch but i did and that is crazy the victim didnt even have a chance to run...smdh.

  • Cocoabana

    This was disturbing to watch.

    I've seen a dude laid out in the middle of the street in Brooklyn after being shot. People need to leave the streets alone smh

  • Queen_City Gem

    Damn...dude in the blue hat stood lookin for damn ever!

    And the guy doing the talking really talked me to death...I was like "day-um cuh, you still talkin?!!"

  • brenden

    I cant see the video, however reading the story reminds me of why we Black men have got to continue to keep our noses clean. It's tough at times, but any blemish on your record leads to many assumptions. He has a prior record therefore it's automatically a gang related shooting. Something tells me even if his prior record involved failure to pay traffic tickets, his prior record would still be mentioned. This bothers me. I'm reminded of a few years ago when 2 children in two different states went missing. Little White girls story was all over the news, and rightfully so, after all this is a missing child. However the little Black girl who was missing was not getting as much attention. People started to question this, and I remember the media saying that her fathers criminal past played a factor in the lack of interest. No joke. If anything the fathers criminal past should have brought more attn to the case because he automatically becomes suspect number 1! Right? Based on how we view those with a criminal history, this should have been headline news asking what if anything has this criminal done to his daughter. That wasn't the case though. As Black men, as Black people, our records are many times used to define us. That's simply not fair. As human beings were constantly breaking the law daily. Some of us are just lucky to not get caught. Speeding, illegal lane changes, jay walking, littering, whatever the case may be. It doesn't make you a bad person! And it doesn't make you deserving of being murdered in broad daylight! Yet when the story throws your criminal past at us as they tell us of your untimely passing, it does kinda seem like that's whats being implied. Look at his record, he got what he deserved.jmo...

    When I was younger I used to argue with the cops when they would pull me over, especially if I felt as though I was being profiled. I don't get stopped as often as I used to as a teen and my early 20's, but I still do get the rubbernecking from cops when they pass me, and occasionally I will get pulled over. No more arguing though. I give them my license, I give them whatever they ask for, and if they come back and just let me off with a "warning" that's when I call bullsh*t and go file a grievance. I'm not going to argue on the scene because i know that can lead to my arrest or even worst 2 warning shots in the back of my head. But I'm also not going to take your so called generosity in not giving me a ticket as a blessing so to say. I work. I work very hard, I'll take the damn ticket! You have to prove to me that your reason for stopping me was valid, and just, however no ticket sends up a red flag-you just wanted to run my license. You possibly assumed there was something you were going to find, and when you found nothing had no choice but to let me go. You've just harassed me THUS N SUCH I'm filing a complaint. Keeping myself out of trouble, fighting the pitfalls all my life, keeping my nose clean is what allots me the right to do so. Those with priors, those who fear the police, are those who drive away content with the fact they weren't given a citation. I'm not one of those people. I need a citation to prove that you feel valid in pulling me over. Anyway,,,,Yes we as Black men have got to do better. My apologies for the long post. I know I went all over the place with this one. Also my condolences to this mans family...

  • MissHarlem

    This is not an up north, down south, east coast, west coast thing and it shouldnt even be looked at as that. This is simply a class, poverty, economic and community issue that is seen across the board in the USA and the WORLD. BOTTOM LINE!!

  • Jersey Girl

    And the guy doing the talking really talked me to death…I was like “day-um cuh, you still talkin?!!”

    *cosign* I did not want to be the one to say it

  • jazzyiest

    Did anyone notice how 'ole boy got shot and at first people just ran out there like, "Oh...somebody got shot." Kind of like it was nothing? Then, no one ever went up to the dude to turn him over, see if he was alive, no CPR...NOTHING.

    Damn it's rough in New York! SMDH

  • Choco aka Hippie

    I pray for us all it's really sad to hear of another young black man's life being taken - but then again I have such strong faith in GOD that I know his plans are for the greater of all kind :pray:

  • jazzyiest

    And mistaken identity my azz! The dude in black was standing there the whole time. He had his back to the boy, pivoted on his foot, came twoards him and started shooting. The shooter stood there some minutes before he started shooting.

    'Ole boy was on the phone and from that distance the shooter could probably hear his conversation. This means he heard the dudes voice further identifying him as the person he was trying to shoot. He just waited until the right moment. Mistaken identity my azz!

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    He's from down here. Its been on the news in Charlotte that he got killed up there while visiting. I think they are calling it mistaken identity so they don't have to admit to the dirt he may have been involved in. That guy stood right in front of him until the coast was clear and shot him. What kind of mistaken identity is that?

  • Anna

    jazzyiest says:

    Did anyone notice how ‘ole boy got shot and at first people just ran out there like, “Oh…somebody got shot.” Kind of like it was nothing? Then, no one ever went up to the dude to turn him over, see if he was alive, no CPR…NOTHING.

    Damn it’s rough in New York! SMDH

    Why bother looking if you're not going to help? I would have been more afraid of new bullets flying once I walked out the door. None of them seemed phased.

  • pointhimout

    now this video, sandra, deserves the caption you used when you first posted that mcdonalds clip. black folks will never come together or get ahead. i'm just looking at the video how dudes came out the store and were just looking at this dude lay on the ground. WTF? no pulling out cells to call the cops, no rushing to the guy to try and ask questions, just nothing.

    and NY mf's be tryna brag about they from harlem and bedstuy, etc, like these schits are something great. sure, in the vid it looked like he was minding his business, but we dont know what he did prior to this day. my response is re: the dudes lack of urgency to even take any action. "like yo B, my mans just shawt him...he just shawt him B. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm yo. That's phucked up B."

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    I haven't read the comments yet, but did anyone notice that the guy who walked by just before the shooting just kept on walking after the shooting? He looked back briefly, but otherwise kept it moving and didn't even run. What kinda sh*t is that?

  • pointhimout

    @39 I see we're thinking the same thing. I've seen car accidents right in my face and I've slowed down, pulled out my cell and called the police. I respond to situations because I have compassion, but mainly because I'd want someone to circle back around and help me. Sure enough I had a car accident on 285 here in Atlanta, hit and run. The guy kept going but someone riding behind us got his tag number, circled back around and gave me/cops the info.

    What is wrong with people? If this doesn't affect you hearing a gun shot then walking outside to see a body lying there, something is wrong with you. This is NOT normal. Again, I'm not speaking on what dirt dude may or may not have been involved in. I'm re: reaction lacking by that many GROWN MEN.

  • pointhimout

    Bird, I noticed that, dude kept right on up the block. He aint come back at all. Even the few people who were up the block, visibly, did not even respond either. Nope, my kind of people. I dont wanna live anywhere--where the neighborhood aint watching out for me, or turn they head cuz snitchin rules and dumb schit like that.

  • Choco aka Hippie

    Perhaps New Yorkers are numb to the violence that plagues the city perhaps that y some of them kept it moving - I mean I don't think after I heard bullets flying Im gonna look around to see whose shooting - but then again I refuse to watch the video

  • Sandra Rose

    Ladies, please show this video to your sons who think wearing their pants under their azz is cute. This dude went out of this world with his ass out for every passer by to see. :no:

  • jazzyiest

    @ Bird, Point & Anna

    All I'm saying is it's rough in New York. :yes:

    People get :shotsfired: right in front of your eyes and folks act like nothing happened. DAMN!

    No one ducked, ran, side stepped, clutched their pearls,lost their bowels...NOTHING.

  • jazzyiest

    @ Sandra

    Ladies, please show this video to your sons who think wearing their pants under their azz is cute. This dude went out of this world with his ass out for every passer by to see.


    It would be Sandra Mae to bring out a joke during our time of mourning.

    I'm mad at you...but it was kind of funny (looks over shoulder to make sure no one heard me say that). :lol:

  • free

    this is a mf'ing confirmed hit. noticed the shooter just mills about for no reason. they usually don't do that. then the guy walks by and looks dude dead in the face. then the hit.

    anybody dealing drugs pretty much knows their time will come sooner or later. i've had aquaintances YEARS out of the game get got over stuff somebody didn't forget about. women who allow dudes to deal out of their homes, shack up with them, or run for them get the same outcome.

    it's sad to see it play out but he has probably done the some dirt, including maybe a murder or two of his own. you never know.

  • Choco aka Hippie

    I agree with you - I mean it's sad to someone shot like that but you don't who else life might've been saved - I just give it to GOD and don't question him but I do ask for strength and clarity.

  • Destinee

    Why didnt someone try to give him CPR or something. They just left him there on the ground to die by himself. Couldn't anyone just kneel down next to him and tell him ambulance is on their way or something. NY is to ruthless for me...I will stay in Htown anyday!

  • kingstonn

    jamie foxx was right: new york will kill you. :(

  • Candi Apple

    I recieved alot of help from people. They put towels under my head and stayed with me and talked to me. Not everyone in NYC is this cold and uncaring. They flagged the cops and stopped traffic.

    My belief is the boy held this corner down alot so people weren't shocked at the outcome. Its sad to say the least but there has to be more to the story. Just a theory

  • Anna

    He was still moving aftet the minute mark, if someone had called 911 immediately would he still be alive. Should/could someone had turned him over to see if the needed pressure applied to curtail the bleeding? We won't know because no on botherd to help.

  • KrayZKat

    My prayers go out to his loved ones. Sad and senseless. When people take other's lives, they have no clue or don't even care about those left behind.

  • Models_INC30

    I saw this video on the news and its showed the suspect walking past the victim into the store minutes before the shooting. He then walks back out and proceeds to turn around and shoot this guy. It appears he knew EXACTLY who this dude (victim) was...AND those guys that exited the store afterwards had to see the shooter in the store. They can give a description or something...but then again that would violate the "hood laws" SMH
    ....and where was this Uncle?? Nobody knew dude was the nephew of the uncle???? You would think that would make someone care enough to speed up the ambulance/authorities.

  • Raven

    So sad... the more things change, the more they stay the same. It's Flatbush not Flat Bush.

  • LadeeA

    Choco aka Hippie says: Perhaps New Yorkers are numb to the violence that plagues the city perhaps that y some of them kept it moving – I mean I don’t think after I heard bullets flying Im gonna look around to see whose shooting – but then again I refuse to watch the video

    @Choco- We are numb to it. I'm gonna be honest, I used to see a lot of gun violence in my hood in NY when I was younger and you either run or act like you didn't see what just happened. I once saw a girl's body laying in a lane on the GWB while driving by in my car and people kept driving. That's just how it is. Being a native New Yorker, you can be conditioned to be cold and numb.

    Now that I'm older though, I would definitely help someone if I encountered these situations again.

  • Miss_Nikki

    Looks like to me that the guy who first walked by the victim, looked right at him and shook his head like he knew what was about to go down.

  • Choco aka Hippie

    I won't even watch this video you so I know if you see one to many time you will become desensitized to it just like some Police Officers - but I'm glad you would help someone please protect yourself in the process

  • free

    damn, still sad to watch. i couldn't watch somebody struggling/twitching and not at least offer some words of encouragement or try to comfort.

  • rockstar

    I was born and raised in Flatbush Brooklyn. I remember seeing dead bodies to often. My parents would try to rush us past the crime scenes real fast. Or we might be playing on the block and someone just runs up and starts shooting at whoever they got beef with. It's really sad that after all these years shyt is still the same. My family still lives there and they have no plans of moving unless you put a gun to their head.

  • Classic1

    I must be one of the lucky ones because I've never experienced any type of REAL violence up close and personal. This is beyond my comprehension. Just WOW! This world really is headed straight to H-E-L-L

  • ThatBoy

    The first guy was in on it. He walked by casually and the way he looked at the dude was very suspect like he was looking at his face to identify him. Make sure he was the right person before the shooter came in and shot him. Look at how he walks away and is so casual even when shits popped off he stayed casually walking. GTFOH

    This is disgusting. This whole video make me sick. All those people that came out and just looked at the man laying there. Not one person turned him over and tried to give him CPR. NOTHIN! Someone could have saved his life. Those people are disgrace. Not even people. Animals.

  • Ace

    Wow...just watched vid again...Dude walking by glances at victim then shakes his head..prior to shooting as if he was over for him.

  • Sandra Rose

    Candi Apple says:

    So Sad….. I felt that boys pain to my core. A few weeks ago I was hit by a truck and like that boy after I was hit I struggled to get up a natural reaction.

    I'm glad you're okay, hun.

  • Sandra Rose

    I don't think the guy who strolled past was involved. If you watch the video in full screen mode, the guy walks by and then turns when he hears the gunshots. He stops and stands there for about a minute and then he walks slowly back towards the victim until he's standing in nearly the exact spot where the shooter had been standing. He stands there with a few other people for the duration of the video.

  • vero

    Can't look at a video where someone is really dying :(

  • pointhimout

    yep, I had to come and watch it again. dude aint stop twitching or moving until after the 1 minute mark; he got shot at the 18 second mark. in all those seconds, no one said nothing to the dude, didn't try to revive him or nothing. u have to be careful with stuff like this. you were able bodied to at least try to help but didn't??? karma is real. you truly get back in life what you put out.

    we can only get so mad at the bystanders cuz they didn't pull the gun. I think what stuns you is a crowd gathers and grows only to watch the life slip from his body. was he the neighborhood nino brown or something?

  • ThatBoy

    Sandra you are smarter than that! At least I thought you were.
    So because the man turned around and walked back you think he wasn't involved? Makes a lot of sense.

    The mans reaction was totally bizarre. If I hear shots pop off first of all I be runnin, not walkin. Second of all I'd be duckin or divin. He did none of the above. He knew was was up and him walkin back was just a cover. That as a set up.