Here is astonishing video of the moment when a tornado tore through the St. Louis airport on Friday night (April 22).

A miracle zero deaths have been reporting following the tornado that tore through Bridgeton, a densely populated suburb of St. Louis, on Friday night, passing directly through the airport. Sadly, though, 750 homes were damaged, with 100 of those destroyed entirely. But still! No casualties, and only "minor injuries" to five people. Locals are praising the local weather service, which blared sirens 34 minutes before the tornado hit, as well as "the grace of God," as the mayor put it. Source

  • GAGIRL87

    Glad nobody was hurt

  • Ace

    I was so hoping dat nicca on the cell phone got blown away... :ashamed:

    it was like he didn't even see the two black people dip off...quick as hell..

  • kingstonn

    @ ace
    LOL! then the dude in the khaki just gonna stand there and watch. but that's some scary ish..

  • Ace


    Good Morning My little photographer.....still :waiting: to see some of those 95% of ugly pics you say you got....

    How was your easter?

  • TruGemini

    I am surprised the camera was able to capture and maintain quality footage with such high winds...

  • TruGemini

    And yeah, cell phone Larry was actin like nuthin was going on. I was bout to wonder if this was finna be a real video or a joke...

  • FoxE

    Glad no one was hurt.

    @Ace they ran off so quick :lol:

  • kingstonn

    @ ace
    that is a bad one! but easter was cool. my mom surprised us with her new bf. :rolleyes:

  • Ace


    Didn't they though!....

    That's dat nicca instinct for yo ass...don't ask dont tell just run..

    and be like "WTF? we running for anyway" afterwards :thumbsup:

  • Ace

    kingstonn says:

    @ ace
    that is a bad one! but easter was cool. my mom surprised us with her new bf. :rolleyes:

    Bad one my ass...still pretty...was that takin before or after Drizzy smanged it out the frame? :coffee:

  • kingstonn

    Ace says:

    was that takin before or after Drizzy smanged it out the frame?
    that only happens in my dreams. :(

  • eastpointvet

    wow that was crazy

  • kimip84

    those 2 black folks was out EARLY lol they weren't playing no games

  • AllNYC

    grandma says an avalanch starts with a pebble and a tornado starts with a breeze. apparently those 2 black people saw some isht blowing in the wind and took cover! smart!

  • pointhimout

    thank go nobody was injured. I must've been under a rock because all I kept hearing about were the reports of the damage at the airport. I never heard anything about damage to homes, or areas. Again, I was under a rock until mid Sunday morning when the images made it to my tv.

  • LadyLew

    WOW!!! My luggage would have been gone cause I would not have been pulling it. Dude wit the metal thing was out early. lol Glad everyone was safe though

  • Ace


    I just watched video again

    Did ya'' see that First TSA guys hands right before the wind came through...


    every time i watch video i see some new and hilarious....(i can laugh cause noone got hurt

    Viewing 1: Cell phone guy not being i touch with da niccas who gt the fluck out of there...

    Viewing 2: TSA Agent #1 showing his inner queen while running

    Viewing 3: Army guy in fatigues mid terminal contemplating what was ging on after the Niccas ran out...

    Viewing 4: Nicca #2 seeing a piece of paper float slightly he took off running like "fluck this panel" #EarlyNiccaInstincts


    Yes too much time on my hands....

  • MzDetermined

    @ Ladylew...yea he was not playing he dipped out and didnt look back. Cellphone man act like his phone convo was more important then his life, smdh.

  • Ace

    Viewing #5: Right at the :31 sec mark there is a person with luggage leaving the seating area...and doesn't "quite" make it... :rofl:

    (again i can laugh cause noone was hurt)

  • MzDetermined

    @ Ace...I'm on the floor :rofl:

  • FrenchGal

    @ACE i said to myself who is this guy??? lol i see you changed your gravi

  • Ace

    Viewing #6:

    Looks like Southwest Airlines were giving away free upgrade in the back...see the stampede? :rofl:

  • Ace


    Yeah i had to change it ...people were making fun of my handicap...


  • Ace

    lol i'm feelin myself...I ment @Frenchy


    i stay in st. louis an entire neighborhoods have disappeared ....