Beyonce’s low budget music video for her single “1+1” off her album ‘4’ debuted earlier today. In the opening scene, Beyonce appears in close up as her skin shimmers under the hot lights, giving the illusion that she’s covered in bacon grease.

Bey’s normally coifed lacefront is damp and lays matted on her face. The overdone visuals are redundant rather than sensual and seductive as intended. The entire video treads a fine line between campy and cheesy as the director borrows heavily from Bey’s previous videos.

There’s the obligatory lacefront caught in the wind tunnel scene.

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We know from that classic sex tape with her e-boyfriend Ray J that Kim Kardashian can easily handle a man of any size. But this photo of newlyweds Kris and Kim Kardashian dry humping near the pool of their hotel in Italy is totally confusing. Where are her legs?

As you know, Kim and Kris tied the knot on Saturday in an over-the-top wedding that was extravagant even by Hollywood standards. The lovebirds will wrap up their honeymoon this weekend and fly back to New York where they plan to attend another wedding reception for themselves thrown by a friend.

Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, 32, is a rapper now. If you believe the rumors, she dumped Safaree as her road manager so he might be hurting for cash. Samuels, whose rap handle is SB (short for Scaffbeezy), just dropped his first track entitled “My Watch” featuring Gucci Mane.

The track’s chorus line goes: “Watch on my wrist cost more than a mansion.” You can always tell when an uneducated thug isn’t used to having anything.

I didn’t listen to the track all the way through. But it’s obvious who writes Nicki’s boring lyrics.

    I’m in the strip club with the big meat salami
    And I don’t make it rain/It’s a SB Tsunami
    I’m at the top/Never gone fall off
    Handcuff a man cause they know a ni**a ball hard
[audio:SB-Gucci Mane_My-Watch.mp3]


Remember we told you that Bishop Eddie Long’s accusers agreed to a structured settlement worth around $2 million each, to be paid in installments every year over the next 20 years? Well, two of Long’s accusers have now decided the cash annuities are not sufficient for their needs.

In other words, the men have burned through their cash annuity for this year. And rather than wait until 2012 for their next cash payout, they want it all right now.

The lack of funds even forced one of Long’s accusers into a life of crime to support his lifestyle.

In June, Jamal Parris, 24, was arrested by Miami Dade police during a traffic stop. Police searched Parris’ car and found 181 grams of marijuana, plastic baggies and a semiautomatic handgun. He was charged with possession of drugs with intent to distribute.

Incredibly, Parris blamed his drug arrest on “childhood sexual abuse” suffered at the hands of Eddie Long!

Now Parris and another accuser, Spencer Legrande, are speaking out about their experiences with Long — despite signing confidentiality agreements when they accepted their settlements.

Against their attorney’s advice, Jamal and Spencer spoke with WSB-TV here in Atlanta, which aired a clip of the interview last night.

Both men say they never sued for money, even though the money (or the lack of it) seems to be the motivating factor for the interview.

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Remember when BART shut down cell phone service in its Bay area train stations to prevent protestors from hooking up?

BART is the acronym for Bay Area Rapid Transmit system. Last week,BART spokesman Linton Johnson ordered all the cell phone towers at the BART train stations turned off so protestors couldn’t use their cell phones to organize inside the stations. They were protesting the shooting death of a homeless man by a BART officer.

Well, the notorious hacking group “Anonymous” hacked into BART spokesman Linton Johnson’s cell phone and posted 14 NSFW pics of the appropriately named Johnson cavorting with his lover at a party.

One of the pics shows Johnson displaying his manhood to the camera while his Caucasian husband looks on proudly.

Under the pic Anoymous wrote: “If you are going to be a dick to the public, then Im sure you don’t mind showing your dick to the public. Umad Bro?”

Anonymous is not playing!

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An emotional photo of a dog mourning his master at a funeral has captured hearts everywhere.

Petty Officer Jon Tumilson, 35, was one of 38 Americans killed in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan this month. He was remembered by around 1,500 mourners at his funeral Friday in his hometown of Rockford, Iowa, at the Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock Community School.

Mr. Tumilnson’s Labrador retriever, Hawkeye, led Tumilson’s family into the school’s gymnasium where the funeral was held. Hawkeye then stretched out on the floor below the casket and refused to leave his master’s side.

The photo was taken by Mr. Tumilson’s cousin, Lisa Pembleton, who then posted the touching image to her Facebook page.

Ms Pembleton wrote: “I felt compelled to take one photo to share with family members that couldn’t make it or couldn’t see what I could from the aisle.

In response to the outpouring of messages on Facebook about Hawkeye, Nikki Virgilio, a friend of Mr Tumilson wrote:

“I can happily report to you that Hawkeye was willed to one of J.T.’s good friends, the same one that took care of him whenever J.T. was deployed overseas. So he is assuredly in a loving home. J.T. was an amazing being and his dog is no different.” Source

It’s uncanny how dogs seem to sense when their owners are sick or have passed away. They go into mourning just like adults.

According to our confidential source within troubled singer Rihanna’s camp, the 23-year-old Bajan beauty is drowning her sorrows in expensive champagne. The source said Rihanna is “drunk more than she’s sober.”

The source said Rihanna, who is vacationing with friends in Portofino, Italy, begins her days by either getting high off pot or drunk.

The situation has gotten so bad that, in order to protect their investment, Rihanna’s handlers surround her with loyal friends from her native Barbados –because one friend alone can’t stop her from hurting herself. Her friends counsel her about drinking in moderation but she won’t listen. She’s like a brat who does whatever she wants.

“It’s a group effort; her friends watch how much liquor she consumes, and if she doesn’t stop drinking they gang up on her,” said the source.

Ironically, Rihanna just recently wrapped shooting a music video for her current hit single “Cheers (I’ll Drink To That)”. She was spotted snorkeling earlier today. Hopefully, she was sober.

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO

You would think that by now retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal would stop sending emails that could come back to haunt him.

According to British tabloid The Daily Mail, strikingly beautiful Newsweek writer Allison Samuels formed a close relationship with O’Neal when he played for the Los Angeles Lakers.

In one email, Shaq revealed that his former Miami Heat teammate, Dwyane Wade, was dating human condom, Lauren London. (Does Gabrielle Union know that?)

The emails are said to have been sent in 2008, from Ms Samuel’s Newsweek work email –making the emails Newsweek’s property. Shaq and his then wife Shaunie were divorced in 2007 but they reconciled a year later.

In the emails, Samuels attempts to “set Shaq up” with several exotic looking women, including model Sessilee Lopez and actress Robinne Lee. This is commonly done when a woman (usually a lesbian) has zero interest in a man and wants to push him on other women.

But the 7 ft 1 in, 39-year-old Shaq repeatedly told her he wasn’t interested in any of them — he preferred her or bisexual singer Rihanna.

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Today the Hip Hop world remembers our fallen Angel, Aaliyah Dana Haughton, who died 10 years ago today in a fiery plane crash on August 25, 2001 in the Bahamas after filming the music video for her single “Rock the Boat”.

The music video was directed by Hype Williams, who, at the time was accused of overloaded Aaliyah’s chartered aircraft with excess film equipment which caused the plane to crash on takeoff. It was later revealed that the pilot had traces of cocaine and alcohol in his system. Still, Williams’ once thriving video directing career never fully recovered from the industry blackballing.

By the way, the iconic photo above of Aaliyah and Left Eye was taken by your auntie. I made the mistake of uploading this photo (and others) to the Internet back in the late 90s when I didn’t know much about watermarking and copyrighting my work.

As you can see, this is the original photo without the dark shadowing like the photo you see all over the Internet. I have this photo blown up to poster size and hanging on my wall. It is one of the few rare images of Aaliyah and Left Eye together before they died.

The photo was taken at Lance “Un” Rivera’s birthday party at the Atrium nightclub on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Left Eye was supposedly dating Lance at the time. Lil Kim was there that night too.

No one could have imagined that these two young ladies, who were so full of life, would die tragically within a year of each other.

R.I.P. Aaliyah!

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Ladies, is your man a linebacker in heels? Does he roar like a lion but has the heart of a pussycat? Does he throw drinks in your face? Do you come home from work to find your closet rearranged and your husband blames it on the kids when he’s actually playing “dress up” in your closet ?

If you say yes to all of the above, you might be with a flagrant brotha.

A flagrant brotha is not to be confused with a flamboyant homosexual like Derek J who dresses up in heels and carries a purse just to get attention. At least you know what you’re getting with Derek J.

YouTube comic Paul Mooney Jr. has just uploaded the latest installment of his “Flagrant Brotha” video series to teach you young ladies how to spot a flagrant brotha who is the worst type of role model for your sons.

As Mooney says: “Black women, please want better for yourselves!”

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Yesterday, the sports world was rocked by the heartbreaking news that legendary University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt had been diagnosed with early onset dementia. The winner of eight national NCAA titles with the Tennessee Vols is only 59.

Imagine being 59 and finding out that you will soon wear adult diapers and be unable to care for yourself or maintain control of your most basic bodily functions.

The diagnosis was made after the Hall of Fame coach said she visited with doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., after the end of the 2010-11 basketball season.

When Ms. Summitt was given her diagnosis she said she reacted with anger and depression. Then she accepted her diagnosis and eventually shared it with her student athletes. She told them she plans to continue coaching with the aide of her assistant coaches.

“I plan to continue to be your coach,” Summitt said. “Obviously, I realize I may have some limitations with this condition since there will be some good days and some bad days.”

Next to cancer, dementia is the worst type of diagnosis for an energetic woman like Pat Summitt who is so full of life.

Dementia is a gradual loss of cognitive function (altered thought process) which leads to chronic memory loss and disorganized thinking. The onset of the disease usually begins after age 65 and can lead to Alzheimer’s disease within 10 years of diagnosis. Dementia is rare under age 65.

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Despite the vigorous denials from Will Smith, 42, and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, 39, rumors continued to swirl about the status of their marriage yesterday.

According to celebrity gossip blog (which tends to be more accurate than other gossip rags), a source told them that Will and Jada are definitely having marriage trouble.

We’re told it’s “definitely a possibility” but they haven’t pulled the trigger. In fact, we’ve learned Will, Jada and their kids are going away together soon — as a family. Our sources would neither confirm nor deny if the trip is a last ditch effort to save the relationship. Source

Jada released two statements disputing the gossip yesterday. The 1st was a joint statement with her husband which you can read here. In her second statement, released through a rep, Jada specifically denied the rumors about a romantic liaison between herself and her HawthoRNe co-star Marc Anthony.

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When a rare 5.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Washington DC Tuesday, President Obama, whose approval rating is at a record low 38%, was on a golf course in affluent Martha’s Vineyard where he’s vacationing with his family.

This AP photo shows the exact moment when President Obama’s golf swing was interrupted by a White House aide who called to tell him that the White House was still standing. The media was kept at a respectable distance from Mr. Obama but reporters overheard him say, “this couldn’t wait until I finished my 18 holes?”

OK I’m kidding about that last part.

Before resuming his golf game, Mr. Obama conferred with top aides, including his homeland security secretary, national security adviser and disaster response chief.

It was Mr. Obama’s 3rd golf outing since arriving in Martha’s Vineyard for a 10-day vacation on Thursday.

Well, the “officer” was actually an off-duty Memphis security guard who was still in uniform when he decided to serve up his own brand of bare knuckle street justice. Pay attention kids: this is how REAL men settle their differences — with their fists instead of guns and knives.

The street thug, Morgan Andrew, said the security officer approached him and accused him of harassing a woman.

The two men exchanged words and then came to blows before Memphis police arrived on the scene and broke up the fight. Mr. Andrew was briefly detained by police while the unidentified security guard beat a hasty retreat from the scene.

The security guard’s supervisor confirmed he was off-duty at the time of the fisticuffs. But his behavior was certainly unbecoming of an officer in full uniform.

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