Publicist Gina Torres of PMG Media Group writes:

Hey Sandra!

I hope all is well! Let me know if you can use any of the photos below for the site. Have a great weekend!

On Thursday night in NYC, SMOOTH Magazine celebrated it's 10 year anniversary and latest issue with a star-studded red carpet event hosted by entertainment mogul 50 Cent. The entire groundbreaking "Warrior Princess" issue, which is currently on newsstands, was shot entirely by 50 Cent over four days, with 50 working 10-12 hour days behind the lens. Celibrities in the house included 50 Cent, Maino, Tony Yayo, Cardi, Ron Dealz, Omarion, Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams; Mashonda, Misa Hylton-Brim, models Tahiry and Dolicia Bryant, and Flavor of Love's Buckeey.

Photos: Camron Potts, Greg Green, Nigel D.

Singer Omarion and Swizz Beatz's ex-wife Mashonda

Jennifer and Mashonda Dancing

Singer Omarion

Rapper Tony Yayo (G Unit)

Tahriry and SMOOTH models

Photos: Camron Potts, Greg Green, Nigel D.

  • Daisy

    I like Omarion's coat and Mashonda's dress

  • scorpio

    What's wrong with Tony Yayo?

  • FloridaChick813

    Dolica with that cheap ass looking dress on :tape:

    Im loving Misa's clutch though!

  • •Kwnikkiya•

    Ole girl could've blended that weave a lil bit better...

  • mizzdallas

    Mashonda looks gawjus!!!

  • ssweetheart85

    Mashonda lookin like a bad bish..go head girl!

  • Creamychic

    Sandramae may I suggest a new title for, noncelebrities, how about, the tv people, or as seen on t.v, or reality tv people. Feel free to add any. Cause when u say celebs out and about, I really do be looking for real celebs, 50, yea, omarion, yes,.umm jenny not, mashonda, not. This is all

  • msnicole

    Tahiry should NOT have worn that zebra print catsuit. If you cut off the top half of her body, it really does look like the hind legs of a zebra. That is NOT attractive at all. Bodies like Jen and Mashonda look much better because they are more proportionate while still being curvy.

  • Tainted_Love

    I love 50 cents smile
    Mashonda looks hawt!
    Digging Omarion's coat

  • Tainted_Love

    @msnicole Yes, her legs to resemble a Zebras hind legs lol...she should have chosen something diff

  • tammyrozay

    butt shots, implants and butt pads are so 2010 i hope to see less women with the trend by next year

  • KayCeiSoul

    Mashonda has always been gorgeous...a bit scorned, bitter, & oblivious to her self-worth, but gorgeous nontheless. She could have always done better than Swizz but the heart wants what the heart wants I reckon. :coffee:

    I :heart: Omarion! Lil' bastard can dance his azz off. :danban:

    And the centaur look is so worn out! For the love of God won't they understand that they'll look retarded when they hit 60 walkin' 'round with a down-key azz!? :rolleyes:

  • Daisy

    I don't see curves when I see Jen and I just saw her in person today she is tall n thin (not a stick but thin all the same)

  • Mr.BluPhi

    Is fiddy channeling LL Cool J???

    So this is a post about a bunch of D-list celebs :shrug:

  • JMO

    Who is the guy in the black and red jacket posing with the kissy face?? :blink:

  • Jazzy Mommy

    I'm loving Misa's clutch but umm...why does she look like an old whyte woman??? :blink: That look is very Donatella Versace-esque and not at all flatering on her. :no:

  • TheMusicMogul

    Has the definition of "celebrity" changed?

  • Miss_Nikki

    I guess Jennier finally kicked Evelyn to the curb and joined the divorced club with Mashonda. Jenn and Mashonda been hanging out hard lately. I guess Evelyn is too busy stuck up Ocho's behind trying to make sure that fake relationsip stays intact. Ready to see if Jenn and Eve will be back buddy buddy on BBW season 4 and Jenn did all of that crying to be back cool with Eve, smh.

  • Miss_Nikki

    *Jennifer, *relationship

  • Jay Bee

    child please #ochocinco

  • Daisy

    Jen and Evelyn never stopped being buddy buddy


    I agree Mashonda"s dress was cute, Tony Yayo looks sickly.

    Omarion looks nice.

    Misa looks very different and not in a good way.

    I just am not fellin Jenn at all. Seems too much like a follower.

    Mashonda seems nice.

  • kamadiva

    General Question - How can one be a PUBLICIST and NOT SPELL CORRECTLY!! Even email has Spellchecker!

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    TheMusicMogul says:

    Has the definition of “celebrity” changed?

    You ain't kidding. This is not a good look for 50. He can't even draw real celebs now. Poor thang.

  • GAGIRL87

    Bucky looks just like a horse in the face :nono:

    Dolcia is a gorgeous woman

    Tahiry shape is the biz :yes:

    Mashonda is looking cute as well at least we know she's not at home eating her life away she's staying fit and looking good :yes:

    Omarion and that hot azz trench coat :blink:

    Misa I'm still tryna find something I like that she has own but I can't :shrugs: