Love & Hip Hop Finale aired last night on VH1. Due to the feds action against Megaupload, the file sharing services are running scared. So this is the only working link, but it is slow. You have to let the video load totally, and then rewind to play.

Anyway, the big question on everyone’s mind is why did Chrissy Lampkin, 40, advise Emily B to settle for her man cheating as long as she doesn’t know about it? The answer is: Chrissy is living in a thing called reality.

She knows that her man might be loyal to her and he loves her, but men are very easily tempted by cunning and crafty tricks and gold diggers.

Men are flawed from birth. A man’s egos is designed to be impressed by chicks who show interest in them. They wouldn’t be men if they didn’t respond to the attention from hot broads. I’m not sure why that’s so hard for you women to understand. You’re not being realistic if you don’t comprehend that men cheat.

Also in this episode, Olivia confronts DJ Funkmaster Flex, Emily is still desperate and clinging to Fabolous hoping they live happily ever after. Kimbella announces she’s pregnant. Can Kimbella take care of her two sons with the reality show paychecks she gets after boyfriend Juelz Santana is arrested? And messy Yandy is still a mess. Nothing will change on that end.

Please remember that these shows are partially scripted, meaning the plots and drama are strongly “suggested” by the show’s producers.