This is what you’ve been waiting for all year: my BEST of 2011 Awards! Deciding which artists made an indelible impression on 2011 was very difficult (mainly because T.I. was locked up), but I was able to narrow down the choices and finally arrive at a winner in every category.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! Be safe, eat healthy and drink wisely. We’ll see you back here on Monday!


Album of the Year Award
Adele - 21 (even though she destroyed her golden voice, Adele's 21 managed to sell 6 million in the U.S. alone)

Single of the Year Award
Drake "Marvin's Room" (everybody and their grandmother remixed this emotional ballad about a rapper drunk dialing another man's woman)

Best Video of the Year Award
Adele - "Rolling In The Deep"

Best Collaboration of the Year Award
Kanye West and Jay Z - Watch The Throne (who else?)

Best New Artist Award
(Tie) Meek Mill - "Ima Boss", and Mitchell'l "Only A Few"

Best Female Artist R&B Award

Best Female Artist Hip Hop Award
Nicki Minaj (even though I can't stand her, she did her thing in 2011)

Best Male Artist Award

Best Male Artist R&B Award

Best Male Artist Hip Hop Award
(Tie) Drake and Lil Wayne

Most Underrated Artist Of The Year Award
(Tie) Melanie Fiona and Miguel

Best Comeback Artist of the Year Award
T.I. (with the midnight release of his reclamation mixtape, F*ck Da City Up, T.I. put all rappers on notice that he is the one to dethrone)

Mixtape of the Year Award
Ludacris - 1.21 Gigawatts (it was certainly the most talked about mixtape of 2011)

The Please Go Sit 'Cho Azz Down Somewhere Award
Beyonce's collapsible baby bump, aka Pillow Carter

Most Played Out Artist of the Year Award
(Tie) Rihanna and Beyonce

Worst Single Of The Year Award
Willow Smith ft. Nicki Minaj - "Fireball" (the video was cute, but the song was just plain bad)

Flop of the Year Award
Rihanna - Talk That Talk (what can I say that hasn't already been said about this wack album?)

The Most Fake Bling Award
Soulja Boy (The boy is broke. Even an arrest on weapons and drug charges couldn't save his flop of a career)

The Most Authentic Bling Award
T.I. (his diamond encrusted $100K Audemars Piguet timepiece is a thing of beauty)

Most All-Around Fake Award
Beyonce (who else?)

Jump Off of the Year Award
Chrissy Lampkin (for waging a reality TV campaign to force aging rapper Jim Jones to marry her. How desperate is that?)

Best commenter (Female)
(Tie) KDub and Anna

Best commenter (Male)
(Tie) Man, I just don’t care™ and eastpointvet

BEST Urban Blog

BEST Blogger
Michelle Brown (

And my list would not be complete without the …

Most Overrated of the Year Award
Kim Kardashian (for her over-the-top wedding to a gullible man who was dumb enough to fall for her narcissistic ways)

  • Jay Bee


  • buddapecan

    Auntie: I can't believe you didn't give Dawn Sheen an award! She loves you unconditionally! LOL

  • EB

    Mixtape of the year:

    The Weeknd- House of Balloons

  • Angiegirl

    I know its not my list but could you consider a runner up list including Dawn and Hershey.....they keep me laughing :shrugs:

  • glamdiva83

    Happy New Year everyone!!

  • Fieryearthchild

    Happy New Year Sandra, this list is interesting and hilarious at the same time.

  • LittleBigMouth

    Hmm i agree with this list :rolleyes: especially with miguel being the most underrated, his album is hot and not just for a newbie, like really hot. No comment on pillow carter

  • Sandra Rose

    @ Angiegirl and buddapecan: I chose KDub and Anna because they have been making us laugh for years. Dawn is relatively new. Plus, don't you guys have your own awards? :D

  • jazi65

    Happy New Year Sandra! - the list is pretty accurate (ctfu @ Beyaki's awards) but I would have liked to see Anthony Hamilton for best R & B.

  • buddapecan

    Auntie: Last i heard I think our awards was cancelled. :-(

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    :yahoo: For KDub, Anna, Eastpointvet Ol' school SR fam :dance:

    **cartwheels naked for @Man, I don't care** :heart: his commentary

  • ShoYaRight


    Best commenter (Male)
    (3 Way Tie) Brenden, Man, I just don’t care™ and eastpointvet,

  • TheRealAshland

    It's 2012 lol seems like you went easy with the awards , was expecting you to go Innnn

  • BayMami_de4

    Happy New Year! KDub posts are hilarious!

  • charleybrown

    :dead: at pillow carter. I love u Sandra. I cant wait to see what u have in store for 2012!! LOL

  • Daisy

    I :heart: Adele her cd was my fav for 2011

    Auntie Sandra your list is pretty accurate although I still like Kim and Rihanna :yes:

  • Tainted_Love

    When is the SR family awards????

  • GP

    :yahoo: Happy New Year! I fainted when I ready Jump of the Year Award, poo Chrissy!

    Congrats KDub! :.._ ; _... '-"! Love Stevie Wonda. :bow:

    :waves: @Anna & @Man big ups! :peace:

  • French KI$$E$

    Is Adele really R&B??? Well I guess if you don't have much choices to choose from... <~~~~ was that proper grammar :shrug:

    Anthony Hamilton def could be consider for best R&B/Soul album!

    :yahoo: for KDubdizzle!

  • Ms. YaYa

    Just wanted to say Happy New Year! And It's My Birthday.... it's my's my birthday...

    Now back to taking shots :cheers:

  • Dawn Sheen

    buddapecan says:

    Auntie: Last i heard I think our awards was cancelled.
    Real Tears<<--- I think our awards air on EBT... at midnight.

    Happy New Years SR Family! FYI Sandra is right, I am new... she just confirmed I still have my hymen! KDub should win forever because she is funny in English a braille. I been waiting on 2012 just so KDub can wish Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday again.

  • Dawn Sheen

    Ms. Ya, where in Gods green earth have YOU been? HBD

  • YSoSerious

    Nice list Sandra. :claps:

    Congrats to KDub, Anna, Man (reluctantly) and EastPoint. :yahoo:

    (considers pulling a Kanye cause I didn't get anything)

  • Dawn Sheen

    YSoSerious says:

    Nice list Sandra.
    Congrats to KDub, Anna, Man (reluctantly) and EastPoint.
    (considers pulling a Kanye cause I didn’t get anything)
    So you gone push a white girl off the stage?? <<< let it be Justin Beiber

  • Anna

    The Please Go Sit ‘Cho Azz Down Somewhere Award
    Beyonce’s collapsible baby bump, aka Pillow Carter
    LOL. So, is the pillow really due in Feb.?
    @Sandra Thanks for my award. I'd like to think my computer, my server, and my typing skills. I want to know how many times we had to wipe soda off our computer screens (from laughing so hard)n 2011. Keep the comments going on 2012, we all know we are here to make the work day go by faster, and we learn something along the way.

  • pointhimout

    omg Kdub is hilarious "ur sister in christ."

  • msthicndawst

    Sandra... U play too much. I don't like this list. . WHY u always giving all praise to Prison Face TI... but u call the other rappers who do the same jail face he does, dumb? Pssst. O ok

  • Hershey

    Mawning lovelies :waves:

    Great list Sandra, butorumm...I think Yso should got an honorable mention, Brown and definitely CD, they keep me :crying: at work

  • KDub

    I been waiting on 2012 just so KDub can wish Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday again.

    I will NEVER forget the awesome Mr. Wonder's birthday...why? Cause him and MamaDub were born on the same day, the SAME year, and she is a HUGE fan :yahoo: 5/13/50. They will be 62 this year.

    Its Mother's Day this year if I am not mistaken. So come Monday, 5/14/2012 I will give Mr. Wonder a HUGE:

    :::....::: :::: : :...:::::...:::...:::::::.......: (yall know it take about 1,000 characters to say something in braille...)

  • KDub

    Thanks for the award Sandra. And for giving me an outlet to cut da foowell erryday so I don't kirk the fugg out at work. :wave:

  • Tink Tink

    CONGRATULATIONS go out to ALL the WINNERS of Sandra Rose BEST of 2011 Awards. :applause:

  • Audacious2

    Love Adele!!!
    Kudos to that Bish @ RhymesWithSnitch! :)

  • Dawn Sheen


  • Raven

    I will admit Adele is talented but if she were a woman of color we would never have heard of her and the album would be considered mediocre.

  • ohpretty1

    Congrats to the winners!
    May I assume everyone had a safe New Year's?

  • eastpointvet

    i won an award wow. First i have to thank the Lord because without him blessing me with fingers i wouldnt be able to type. My parents for that one special night in which i was conceived. I would like to thank all my SR fam for getting me through my work days and last but not least my Aunty for giving me and all of us such a beautiful outlet to express ourselves on. :champ:

  • ATLien

    OMG! I'm honored San!! Thank you for everything. Your inspiring words and advice kept me going when I was almost gonna give up on blogging, I dont care what nobody says, you're a BAWSE!!

    Happy New Year to you and the SR family!

    BTW I still owe you lunch for getting me my global grind check!

  • ELove

    KUDOS to the SR FAMILY-Members Acknowledgements !!!

    They are Amongst MY FAVORITE PEEPS as well Though (WORD) :coffee:

  • llogan82

    Dawn is my fave commenter so you got my award for best comments you always have me rollin

  • iscream


    Congrats to RWS!

  • iscream

    I've never heard an Adele song. :shrug:

  • buddapecan

    @Iscream: me neither! :shrug:

  • OutsidetheBox

    Wait what? :no: :lol:

    Best Female Artist R&B Award

    :hahaha: You're cute Sandra.