According to gossip website, R&B singer Bobby Brown has left the New Edition Reunion tour to fly to LA to be with his daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

Bobbi Kristina, 19, has been hospitalized twice since her mother, Whitney Houston, was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel Saturday.

With the death of ex-wife Whitney Houston, and his daughter Bobbi Kristina in the hospital, sources close to Bobby Brown tell TMZ he is on his way to Los Angeles be with his daughter ... and skipping a concert to do so.

According to our sources, Bobbi Kristina has not been alone since her mother passed -- she's had Bobby's family by her side the entire time.

New Edition has a concert tonight in Nashville, but we're told Bobby will skip the show so he can get to Los Angeles to be with Bobbi Kristina.

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    God bless

  • EB

    I'm praying for Bobbi Kristina. Bobby brown just lost his father a couple months ago:(

  • too_weak

    Is that photo from today? He looks a mess

  • Sandra Rose

    @ too_weak: No. I took that photo back in 2005 when I was one of Whitney's favorite photographers. It was the premiere of their reality TV show Being Bobby Brown and they were watching themselves on one of the giant screens.

  • kamadiva

    I am continuing to keep Whitney's family in my prayers! This is a sad time.....!!!

  • Daisy

    @Eb Both of Bobbys parents died last yr

    I knew Bobby would do what he needed to do for his daughter

  • too_weak

    I just pray that bobbi kristina can surround herself with people with people that won't try to leech off of her... but in this day in age, is that even possible?

  • beenaroundtheworld

    I'm so glad he is going to be with her. My heart hurts for her. I can't imagine life without my mom so my prayers are with her right now.

  • pointhimout

    Good. He's doing the right thing. I would want my other parent by my side, but that's just me, during a time like this. Family is great, but get me my other parent. Good to hear.


  • flsun99

    So glad Bobbi Kris is with her Dad. Lord, this is just so sad. I feel like she was a cousin or something. My BFF & I have been talking about it all day. I guess because we grew up with her music. We feel like family. Sounds crazy but....

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    I am glad he is going to be by her side, sadly they both are in pain and I will be praying for them both

  • Secret

    God continue to protect them and guide them during this trying time.


  • datsmdubya2u


    May I just say Rhianna looks terrible @ the Grammy's....

    Who know a wig could be that dry?

    I'm sure they told her it was Matte before they put it on her....

  • BigCityGirl


    I agree! She looked terrible and didn't sound that great either...smh

  • Anna

    I know Bobby wanted to be w/his daughter before her recent hospital stay(s). Celebrities don't like to disappoint their fans. Family First. I feel like I just lost a big sister. Whitney was only 4 yrs. older than me, but I grew up on her music. 3 ppl I have always wanted to meet had I had the opportunity, Whitney, Maya Angalou, and Bill Clinton. Whitney, no explanation needed. I fell in love w/her the first time I heard her voice. I was 18. Maya Angelalou recited a poem at Former President Bill Clinton's inaguration. My son wants to meet Bill Gates, so he can rob him. :lol: I guess he didn't get the memo "when you are rich, you don't need cash in your pocket, others will break their neck to pay your tab". Trying to cheer myself up. My son does that for me.

  • stormywaters

    I am absolutely aching for Bobbi Kristina :( The whole family is in my prayers :(

  • STLVixen

    Just saw something on TMZ that said that Bobbi Kristina may be suicidal. I will continue to pray for her. So sad...

  • Anna

    STLVixen says:

    Just saw something on TMZ that said that Bobbi Kristina may be suicidal. I will continue to pray for her. So sad…

    She's been suicidal for a few yrs. now. I just :pray: That now w/the passing of her mom, she will want to live and carry on her mothers legacy.