The Internet is buzzing over rapper Lil Wayne's abrupt announcement that he is banned from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City tonight where the Thunder will take on the San Antonio Spurs in game 3 of the Western conference NBA finals.

Wayne, 29, is a fixure at NBA games, especially at the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Heat home games (Weezy is from Nola and lives in Miami).

But Wayne won't be in attendance tonight at the OKC game.

Moments ago Wayne tweeted this:

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Update: After nearly 2 weeks of deliberation, a North Carolina jury reached a verdict on only one count in the John Edwards campaign-finance violations trial. Edwards was acquitted on count 3: accepting illegal campaign contributions. The judge declared a mistrial on the other 5 counts.

The jury of eight men and four women were sent back to the jury room earlier today to hammer out a decision on all of the counts against Edwards.

The jury began deliberating on May 18 after a month of testimony, which at times sounded more like a steamy soap opera than a trial on the intricacies of campaign finance rules.

Charged with six counts of violating federal campaign laws, Edwards was accused by the government of soliciting nearly $1 million from wealthy backers to finance a cover up of his illicit affair and illegitimate child while running for president in 2008.

If convicted, Edwards can face up to 30 years in prison and be fined more than $1 million, although it is unlikely he will face the most severe penalties.

Edwards reportedly collected $725,000 from wealthy heiress Rachel "Bunny" Mellon, who disguised her contributions as payments for antique furniture, according to ABC News.

Photo: Chuck Burton/AP

Actress Rutina Wesley attended the Premiere of HBO's "True Blood" 5th Season at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome in Hollywood on Wednesday. She looks different somehow. I can't put my finger on it. Is this the network's attempt to make Rutina looks sexy and glamorous? Rutina, who plays Tara on the popular series, was shot in season 4, leaving fans to speculate that her character would be killed off.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America

A massive manhunt is underway in Canada for a deranged porn actor who filmed himself cutting off another man's head, then mailing the body parts to the offices of Canadian government officials.

It isn't clear why Luka Rogno Magnotta, 29, mailed the body parts -- a hand and a foot - to the two government officials. Police located the rest of the man's torso and limbs in a suitcase discarded behind an apartment building where Magnotta lived.

According to London's Daily Mail, the low-budget porn actor filmed himself hacking a man's head off with a kitchen knife and ice pick as rock music plays in the background. He then mutilates and dismembers the naked man who is tied to a bed. The film was uploaded online under the title [title removed].

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11-year-old Sam Lesser learned a hard lesson when he broke open his piggy bank to buy 300 shares of Facebook stock for $10,000 last week.

In the blink of an eye, the fifth-grader lost 25% of his investment ($2,500) along with millions of other small investors who hoped to make a fast buck.

The small investors aren't alone; 28-year-old Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is losing, too -- at the rate of $15 million per hour.

Facebook stock has nosedived to under $27 today from its initial price of $38 on May 18.

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Please note that the following TEAS have NOT been confirmed. But the TEA is steaming hot, so sip with caution!

My west coast connect writes:

Hey Sandra,

Giiirrrrl have I got some tea for you and it's served steaming HOT on celebs you do NOT like. Ok lets start first off with Chris Brown...

So I'm told everyone thought Chris Brown was losing weight over Rihanna. NOT THE CASE! I'm told he and his girlfriend Karreuche "allegedly" get high off that "molly" (which is like a more pure form of MDMA aka ecstasy). Anyway, I'm told they "allegedly" use it daily and that's the reason for his drastic weight loss and erratic behavior. His voice has also suffered from it, which is why he mostly performs/lip syncs "Turn Up The Music" at Award shows. Most MDMA users, I'm told, love techno-like music and glow in the dark scenery. A person who use to be a part of Chris Brown's camp told me he just couldn't be around it anymore because it was just too much and he (the person) is just into smoking marijuana as their only drug of choice.

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JC Penney has launched a Father's Day ad featuring a same-sex gay couple and their two children. The ad copy reads: “real-life dads Todd Koch and Cooper Smith with their children, Claire and Mason.”

The gay marriage-friendly campaign comes on the heels of President Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage earlier this month -- a move some critics believe was politically motivated.

A week after Obama's surprise announcement, the national media went into overdrive promoting same-sex marriage in all platforms. Some media outlets announced recent polls showing support for gay marriage steadily increasingly among the black community.

But the fact remains that in the 32 states where same-sex marriage is banned by law, blacks were the major contributing factor against gay marriage.

Blacks who fear that the traditional family is under attack in America believe that children need both a mother and a father.

Despite the misleading headlines proclaiming black support for gay marriage is evolving, a St. Paul church is on the brink of closing after losing more than half of its congregation when their pastor announced his support of gay marriage.

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Most women who seek advice on men and marriage look to their friends who are already happily married.

Tracy McMillan is a three-time divorcée and daughter of a former prostitute. She doesn't fit the typical image of a relationship guru who is in high demand on the television talk show circuit.

But her divorce status didn't matter to readers of the Huffington Post, where her blog titled Why You're Not Married Yet was the most read post ever.

McMillan told MSNBC's Kathie Lee and Hoda: "I'm just your best friend who's been through all kinds of stuff in relationships and I'm here to kind of tell you the real truth."

And the truth, according to McMillan, is that women lie to themselves rather than face cold hard facts.

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Rihanna just tweeted this Esquire UK cover out to her 19 million followers on She is featured nude on the cover with the subtitle: RIHANNA WILL NOT BE CENSORED. Consider this your Morning Glory, afternoon snack and Afternoon Delight all rolled into one! I will update with more pics from the cover story.

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According to, Kim Kardashian allegedly invited herself backstage at Beyonce's Revel concerts in Atlantic City last weekend.

Kim, who is reportedly banned from Beyonce's inner circle, strolled backstage with her friend, socialite Brittany Gastineau, who started taking random pics as if to prove they were indeed backstage.

But Gawker is adamant that Beyonce did not invite Kim backstage -- as evidenced by the lack of pics with Beyonce in them.

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Add Mary J Blige's name to the long list of celebrities who blame their management for mismanaging their money. The aging R&B star is being sued by TD bank for a $250,000 loan that Mary and her foundation has neglected to pay back.

Blige's Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now (FFAWN) took out the loan back in June 2011. So far the foundation has paid back a mere $368.33, less than seven percent of the total loan.

The bank filed the suit this month to recoup the $250,000, plus late fees and costs.

It sounds like Mary used the foundation to take out a personal loan to pay her rumored mounting debts, and now she can't afford to pay the loan back. She needs a hit record.

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The 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' cast made an appearance at Pearl Bistro in Atlanta Tuesday night. The spin off of the Love & Hip New York show is set to premiere on VH1 on Monday June 18 at 8 p.m.

Grand Hustle GM Hannah Kang is handling the promotions for the show in Atlanta. Hopefully she will add a touch of class. I'm hoping LHH Atlanta isn't going to leave a black mark on Atlanta that will be difficult to erase.

Pictured above, Lil Scrappy's mother, Mama Dee with Mimi, who owns (or used to own) a celebrity house cleaning service that catered to celebrity clientele. I bet she has some great stories to tell.

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Remember that job offer that director/playwright Tyler Perry extended to Bobbi Kristina to guest star on one of his shows? Well, according to Radar Online, Bobbi Kristina walked off the set and quit the show last week.

BK, who is still dealing with the sudden death of her mother, Whitney Houston, is still filming her family's reality show for the Lifetime network, but she apparently doesn't have the acting skills to handle a role on Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse.

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Two weeks after a DeKalb County police officer's wife was brutally assaulted and robbed outside their home, he was arrested for obstruction while a search warrant was being executed on his girlfriend’s residence.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the unidentified wife of DeKalb Police Sgt. Jerry Banks was enjoying an evening out with a friend on May 13. She called Banks around 2 a.m. to tell him she was on her way home after dropping her friend off.

At 3 a.m. the couple's daughter remembered leaving the garage door open and went to close it. She alerted her father that her mother's car was in the driveway.

Banks, who was at home with his daughter and her boyfriend, said he followed a trail of blood from the garage to the spot on the front lawn where his wife lay critically injured. She was transported to Grady hospital where she remained in intensive care on Monday.

The 3 occupants inside the home say they heard nothing outside, according to police reports.

Police do not consider Banks a suspect in his wife's attack -- despite the fact that he was taken into custody on Friday for being "boisterous" and "disobedient" when he was ordered to leave his girlfriend's home.

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Classmates of Rudy Eugene are describing the man accused of mauling a homeless man's face as "a nice gentleman with a warm smile and funny."

“This is not his character,” said Cassandra Metayer, who went to middle school and high school with Eugene.

“This type of behavior is very unexpected,” she added. “He was a good person, a true friend. He was a nice, outgoing ready-to-help-anybody kind of guy."

Eugene, 31, the son of Haitian immigrants, was shot to death on Saturday by a Miami officer who saw him "eating" the face of 65-year-old Ronald Poppo on the MacArthur Causeway just south of Biscayne boulevard.

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Cabaret singer Beyonce gets up close and personal with her Stans as she lays on stage inches away from them on final tour date in Atlantic City! Beyonce's Stans acted like returned triumphantly to the stage after having open heart surgery or something. The girl was babysitting for the past 5 months. What's so special about that?

Beyonce's live sets at the Revel Resort and Casino in Atlantic City was her first since late last year when she performed within days of supposedly giving birth to her first daughter, Blue Ivy.

Many celebrities took to their Twitter pages to remark on Beyonce's performances. Including rap producer The Dream who tweeted: "Beyonce Knowles May very well be the Baddest MFkr on stage Live Since MJ! Period! Point Blank."

And Beyonce's husband, Jay Z, tweeted:
"I'm gonna say this and then I'm gonna end mine." BEYONCE is the best performer in the world. Period.

But not everyone was impressed.

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According to celebrity blogger Thad McAdams of, last night Mike Gardner and Headliner Market Group, who brings you the hottest party in the world LIV On Sunday, held South Beach's Biggest Memorial Day Finale, featuring Trina, Trey Songz, Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, JR Smith, Bryant McKinney and Red Cafe. Club Amnesia closed out the Memorial Day weekend with the sounds of Stevie J on the 1's & 2's!

If you missed the party, don't worry, Exclusive Access has got you covered!

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By now you've all heard the horrific story of the naked Miami man who mauled another naked man's face with his bare teeth.

According to Miami law enforcement officials, the cannibal might have been under the influence of common household "bath salts" when he ate the flesh of an unidentified homeless man on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami on Saturday.

Rudy Eugene, 31, (pictured above) was shot and killed after a Miami police officer was flagged down by a bicyclist who happened upon the gory scene. Eugene continued to eat the man's face even after being shot once in the chest. He reportedly growled like an animal as he swallowed pieces of flesh.

According to the Miami Herald, Eugene was shot six times by the cop who is being hailed by his superiors as a hero.

The victim was taken to Jackson Memorial Ryder Trauma center where he remains in critical condition. The man's face is reportedly unrecognizable as human after Eugene ate part of his nose, cheeks, ears, and gouged out his eyes.

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Here are some Twitter pics posted by your favorite celebrities on social network Chris Brown and his long-suffering girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, continue to taunt Chris's ex-girlfriend Rihanna by Twit pic'ing snapshots of their happy lives together. Of course, all is not what it seems. I'm hearing rumors of infidelities and loud outbursts by Karrueche who keeps telling friends she can't take it any more. Yet she stays -- just like Rihanna did until Brown used her face as a punching bag in 2009.

Meanwhile, Rihanna continues to unravel emotionally. Her preoccupation with drugs and handguns continues to consume her. Here, she is seen making pancakes using a mold shaped like a 38 revolver handgun.

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The new Jimi Hendrix biopic starring rapper Andre 3000 Benjamin has been in the works for the last 8 years. Problems involving licensing of the music and Jimi's likeness has delayed shooting. Dre finally managed to pull together financing for the film on the late guitarist's life. The movie began shooting in Ireland. Photos from the set surfaced over the weekend showing Dre wearing a curly afro wig and bell bottom pants that were popular in the 1960s and '70s.

In an interview with the New York Daily News in 2004, Dre discussed Jimi's drug and alcohol-fueled life: "Jimi was wild onstage. Offstage, he was really calm."

Jimi died the same way British superstars Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse did: he was found dead in his bed after a night of binge drinking at the age of 27.

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According to my inside sources, Brandy Norwood is throwing her former duet partner Monica Brown under the bus after their single "It All Belongs to Me" failed to meet expectations.

And now their upcoming tour has been scrapped. But Brandy is placing the blame for the failed tour squarely on Monica, saying Monica is more focused on her sons and husband, Shannon Brown, than she is on touring.

But that's not true, according to my source. He told me there were issues with the top billing (whose name would go first) as well as money issues (who would get paid more). He said Brandy derailed the tour by demanding top billing and more cash upfront.

"It's a done deal. And [the deal] fell through," said my source.

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A vindictive mother who suspected her husband of cheating on her drowned their twins and attempted to suffocate their 4-year-old sister in their Tacony, Philadelphia home.

Stacey Smalls, 41, is charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of her 18-month-old twins, Adam and Eve, by drowning one and smothering the other.

Smalls is believed to have committed the homicides in a jealous rage after discovering her husband had cheated on her.

The murders were committed on Thursday, before Ron Smalls returned home from work as a corrections officer.

Ron Smalls dialed 911 after discovering the bodies of his babies on a bed in the front room, and his wife still alive after she slashed her wrists in a suicide attempt.

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Kim KArdashian tweeted this photo of her brother and brother-in-law sleeping at an airport. Kim's brother-in-law, Scott Disick, left, grabbed a pillow and shoved it snugly against Rob Kardashian's crotch to catch a few Z's. That's what brother-in-laws are for.

Yesterday rumors swirled on that industry basketball Rocsi Diaz had snagged herself yet another industry Metrosexual male.

Rocsi, who almost caught a beat down from LisaRaye for messing around with then-husband -- and was supposedly dating Bruno Mars, is now reportedly dating actor/comedian Eddie Murphy.

But when Global Grind reached out to Diaz for a comment on her latest sexual conquest, Diaz replied "We are not dating we were just getting coffee."

I believe her. Eddie Murphy is not exactly a stable bachelor. He runs through females like a laxative. And Diaz is not ashamed about spreading her legs wider than the Grand Canyon.

They deserve each other.

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