Man choked to death on cockroaches A Florida man choked to death after swallowing dozens of live roaches during a roach eating contest.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution obtained a copy of Edward Archbold's autopsy report which showed the 32-year-old man died as a result of "asphyxia due to choking and aspiration of gastric contents.

The human stomach is designed to reject -- or regurgitate -- caustic substances that may be harmful to our health.

In Archbold's case, he inhaled the regurgitated roach body parts into his lungs.

"There is a flap called the epiglottis that is supposed to stop objects from going into the lungs," medical examiner Craig T. Mallak wrote in an email to the AP. "Unfortunately, it doesn't always work. In the video you could see him trying to swallow and breathe at the same time. We can't do both simultaneously."

Archbold collapsed and died shortly after the Oct. 6 contest at Ben Siegel Reptile Store in Deerfield Beach, Florida, 40 miles north of Miami.

The West Palm Beach resident went outside to vomit just after winning the grand prize -- a python snake. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The cause of death was ruled an accident.

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    • luVn_liFe…

      I just seen this on the Local news,MoFos are Crazy!they originally thought he was allergic to the critters he was eating to win a Python for his friend :|

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      How dumb could you be? I'm sorry for his family but come on... :smack:

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      Oh my :no:

    • xamayca

      Ummm wow! Shocked. Eating roaches tho really? Ewwww

    • Miss Mainey

      And this is supposed to be a fun activity? This aint Fear Factor.. Roaches carry hundreds of harmful bacteria and for what a python???? RIP/Prayers for the family.

    • MZ_CARAM3L74

      I...can't...... :hurl:

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      This is old news anyway! You should take this down... this is really making my stomach turn and I'm sure it is for others....

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    • LSLH

      Sandra! Are those the same cockroaches that were hissing at Kenya Moore's house?

    • nybrn2

      That is disgusting!!!! Ewww! I gasped when I read the headline.

    • Sandra Rose

      @ LSLH: No. Those were Cicadas. Google them. :)

    • Sandra Rose

      MZN says:

      SANDRA… NOW THIS IS JUST GROSS! Did you have to post this?

      That's why I posted it at night. :shrug:

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      Lol@Mzn & sure it will be the first post in the moanin ;) . I so wanna call this guy a four letter word but I dont want to speak bad of the dead :ashamed: but what a foolish way to go.

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      @ NI ni: Don't be so sure ;)


      Welp he just made the next episode of Spikes "1000 Ways to Die" :no: what a way to go....

      Sandra Rose says:

      @ LSLH: No. Those were Cicadas. Google them.

      :think: Don't people eat cicadas? I remember a news story of when they had a huge infestation of cicadas and they were actually coming up with recipes

      Here is the link minus the spaces...grosssss!

      www. time .com /time /nation /article/ 0,8599,2078830,00. html

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      Nasty BYTCH!

      IDGAF if he's dead or not. :cuss:

      Please tell me he's white because I want to go all the way on his dumb ass and the dumb chit that Sandra's people do. :rolleyes:

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      What in the CUCARACHA HAIL :vomit:

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      The cause of death should have beed ruled 'doin dumb shyt'!

      :coffee: <- really crown n 7....been a rough day.

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      69 says:
      Nasty BYTCH!
      IDGAF if he’s dead or not

      ~ ~ ~ ~

      69 You Are StooPid!

      Mornig Roses :wave:

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      Good Lord :blink:

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      Morning jennie

      OH AND 69 YES He was yt

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      …I wonder if its one of those flying cockroaches that use to live in the projects!!!

      I keep telling people that roaches in the projects have wings. :lol:

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      I'll holla in a new post...

    • Keesh

      Sandra Rose says:

      Keesh says:

      …I wonder if its one of those flying cockroaches that use to live in the projects!!!

      I keep telling people that roaches in the projects have wings.

      Yes mam!!!! And will not hesitate to fly around the room and land on yo azz

    • Bella Master

      For a python tho? :huh:
      The very reptile thats over-infested in Florida and we're trying to get rid of? They are giving them away as a prize?

      Idiot should have just taken his dumb lazy azz to the everglades and picked one out himself.

      Mornin all!

    • Gumbumper

      Damn Sandra, I just throw up all over my laptop.....just GROSS!!

    • Bedazzled His Razzle

      heard about this while i was working out in the gym last month :lol:

      1. Why would you willingly eat something that is made up to last through a nuclear war??

      2. You know roaches are considered nasty right?

      3. :hurl:

      It's sad he had to die like this, but common sense would have let him live.

    • Afiya

      Don't drink the water in FLORIDA, will get you coo-coo, seems like all the nuts have migrated to Florida...zombies, baby killers, roach eaters...