Kelly Rowland Releases New Track – “Kisses Down Low”

Kelly Rowland Leaving Manhattan Hotel

Singer Kelly Rowland, of Destiny’s Child R&B group, was spotted leaving her Manhattan hotel in New York City with a big smile on her face today (Jan. 18). Earlier today Kelly released a sultry new track on her personal website titled “Kisses Down Low,” produced by Mike Will I Made It. Listen to the track below.
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    20 Responses to “Kelly Rowland Releases New Track – “Kisses Down Low””

    1. 1
      Unshakable says:

      I like this track. I think she is so pretty. I’m glad she’s finding her own lane. I’m curious as to how it would have sounded had she sung the part she “rapped.” Anyway, great job Kells!! :yes:

    2. 2
      Unshakable says:

      @Man…..make sure you stop by this post and give your favorite girl some props. I know you secretly think she’s the most beautiful girl in the world.

      She will have you whispering like Damita Jo…

      “like a moth to the flame, burned by the fire…my love is blind, can’t you see my desire?” :hahaha:

    3. 3
      Daisy says:

      I just listened to this track on another site and I like it! I have to sing with Kelly on Futures song too yes I do. She is very pretty and reps the slim curvy chicks well ( I am not one # ijs).
      :waves: Good evening

    4. 4
      Unshakable says:

      Hey Daisycup,

      How are you love? :kiss:

      @Man…..those panties in comment number 4 are Kelly’s…..and she wants you to sniff them the way that man sniffed Strange’s (Boomerang). :hahaha:

      Off topic: According to a web source…..the bedbug infestation is on the rise; says that The Chi and Detroit are the top cities with the worst infestation. :think:

    5. 5
      datsmdubya2u says:

      hmmm men started singing about sex and stopped singing about love looks like the ladies are following closely behind.

    6. 6
      missmiami says:

      I like her but why does her music have to be so sexual and lack substance? Seems like she is trying too hard to distance herself from DC. Mind u i don’t blame her but idk. Then again i wouldn’t by her album anyway.

    7. 7
      Smokie says:

      ALLLLLL of her songs are sexual! I’m ready to hear something else from Kelly.

    8. 8
      amatrex says:

      Yes, Man would definitely have a good time ridiculing the above photo of Kelly.

    9. 9

      :nono: I ain’t feeling her and probrably never will!

    10. 10

      And will never buy another album from her :no: this last album was straight garbage :tea: and to be frank pissed me the Hell off!

    11. 11
      African1 says:

      Enough with the overly sexual songs Ms.Kelly. You are too grown for that. Man clearly doesn’t like brown women, so I doubt he’ll even stop by this post, but that’s his preference. *shrugs*

    12. 12
      LoveIn_BloodOut says:

      Atlanta’s own, Mike WiLL Made It is on the road to success.. :claps:

    13. 13
      SnootyPooty says:

      Hey my Daisy Waisy …… I like the song Kelly

    14. 14
      Bella770 says:

      It must be a sad reality to know that as an artist, mo one will pay attention to you unless your talking about :hump: and there is nothing about Kelly’s persona that even says sex……

    15. 15
      qtipthecat says:

      Bella770 says
      It must be a sad reality to know that as an artist, mo one will pay attention to you unless your talking about and there is nothing about Kelly’s persona that even says sex……

      January 19, 2013 at 2:06 pm


    16. 16
      ReadingIsFundamental says:

      I like her. She seems out of place with the overly sexy songs and videos because it’s like she is trying too hard but, I completely respect her hustle and wanting to be an individual in the business. I look forward to seeing what she does with DC during Super Bowl.

    17. 17
      aint nobody got time for that says:

      I just logged in to say @rif i really enjoy ur font. U seem very level headed n open minded

      On topic: i agree wit everyone saying Kelly is just not sexual so all the sex songs will not work for her. Im honestly very eclectic (i get weird stares from the music i play alllllll the time) n i wish ppl could just make music freely n we had more choices these days. Its sad how c+c music factory did Martha wash. But it was just a foreshadowing of what the music industry is turning into. Kelly is obviously talented but its hard to make the music u want to make n still sell records without selling “yourself” these days. Thats y i looooove sade. But i guess everybody cant be sade.

    18. 18
      Afiya says:

      Kelly is such a freak, I luv it!!!

    19. 19
      Atypical says:

      I like it and I don’t usually like her music..As far as all the sex songs doesn’t bother me..I guess does what works for her…

    20. 20
      Unshakable says:

      @Ain’t nobody,

      Hi beautiful!! I loved your comment!! I too, get made fun of because I listen to what’s referred to as “White people” music. Why can’t I just be an open-minded individual who enjoys music, regardless of gender, genre, or artist? And you are also right about the selling of sex. I wish we could go back to the music like Lena Horne, Celia Cruz, Dinah Washington, Natalie, etc. My mother said my generation (or any for that matter) will ever see those days. As for your taste in music, like INTENSE would say…. “Do you!!” :yes:

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