Robin Williams

According to a coroner's report, legendary actor Robin Williams' death was caused by hanging. The Oscar winner took his own life sometime after 10:30 p.m. Sunday at his Northern California home. An assistant found his body Monday morning. He was 63.

According to the report Mr. Williams was found hanging from a belt that was wedged between a door frame. His body was suspended slightly off the floor in a sitting position.

Additionally, "superficial injuries" from a small pocket knife were found on the inside of Williams' left wrist -- an indication that he attempted to slice his artery but he was probably deterred by the pain.

A suicide note was found at the scene.

Williams suffered from severe depression and bipolar disease complicated by drug and alcohol addictions. He entered a rehab center last month for substance abuse treatment.

Bob Zmuda, "Comic Relief" producer and longtime friend of Williams, was interviewed on CNN today. He said Williams was typical of most comedians who suffer from depression.

Zmuda said Williams suffered from depression because his own mother was depressed. Zmuda, who knew Williams for 35 years described the comedian as a "loner" who often played the class clown in school.

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    • Afiya

      :thinking: Was it depression or erotica?

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      Comedians...Most are tortured souls

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    • lovezoe

      Was it depression or erotica?
      A note was left at the scene.

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      We pretty much figured that yesterday :crying: lawd have mercy the details was not needed :cry:

    • aRoTh

      I can't with this. Yall know MY story.

    • Afiya

      But did HE write the note?

    • VDot

      A suicide note was found at the scene.


      I'm so curious, I wanna know what it says :ashamed:

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      pink box made this post just to spite me :crying:


      I tip my forty to your memory-eeeee
      take a drink and i
      start to think and i
      i know one day soon we'll be
      we'll be hanging outtttttt..............

    • sassyshe

      So sad. The only good thing is that more and more people are understanding that mental health has no limits in terms of who is affected and if a person is dealing with depression, fits of anger and other forms of mental health issues then they need to talk to someone. Not all the time it has to be a counselor but find someone that you can be transparent with and let them know, that person might be the one to guide them in the right direction to get help or even save their life

    • Afiya

      Who Dat says:

      Damn. Now they saying Robin Williams cut his wrists before he hung himself. DAMN

      August 12, 2014 at 2:27 pm

      Now, I ain't see this before I fonted :smack: my bad :kona:

    • aRoTh

      VDot says:

      A suicide note was found at the scene.


      I’m so curious, I wanna know what it says


      me too :ashamed:

      :huh: YOU sure we ain't kin? :think:


      aRoTh says:

      I can’t with this. Yall know MY story
      not me...may i ask? if not...all good :)

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      Beta - What is wrong with chu? Tell me why?

    • libra80sbaby

      This is so sad mane. I'm gone watch Robin Williams movies this week. One every night. Tonight I think I'm gone watch Jumunji with the churren. :thinking: My favorite movies he was in are:

      Good Will Hunting
      Mrs. Doubtfire
      Bicentennial Man
      One Hour Photo
      The Final Cut
      Happy Feet 1 & 2

      RIP Robin Williams :heart:

    • lovezoe

      I love House Hunters, but these some picky bastards


      LOVE good will hunting

    • Miss Iyana stay RAZZLING on you hating bishes :nun:

      I wonder what the note said and if they'll release it.

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      lovezoe says:

      I love House Hunters, but these some picky bastards

      thats all they show on HGTV. its so boring now! hell, I would evn take an episode of Trash to Treasure at this rate.

    • VDot

      :huh: YOU sure we ain’t kin? :think:


      We prolly are :shrug: :hug:

    • pointhimout

      I hate hearing this about anyone fighting whatever it is that has such a strong hold on their life.

    • deedeegirl

      I'm sorry he chose this. He was loved by people he never even met.

    • Miss Iyana stay RAZZLING on you hating bishes :nun:

      DTTS- neaux wun currs! :bye:

    • aRoTh


      My brother committed murder/suicide (he and wife). Had the double fune on MY bday. Seems like it was just yesterday.


      @Raz why do you have EJ and his Leaning tower of Pisa shoes in your gravi. Them shoes bout to have all the bedazzling pop off.

    • Sherri said keep that :pacifier: cuz I ain’t got no :shakebutt: puppylove

      :pray: that he is in the heaven from "What Dreams May Come"

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      Ion't wanna belee it. LOL

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      lovezoe says:

      I love House Hunters, but these some picky bastards
      At first I like, missed that one movie. :facepalm:

      IKR they have been approved for 78,000 and want a 250,000 home next to ocean.


      @aroth...was it depression/bipolar, or sumn auntie tried it and wrote the note..luckily my uncle found her and rushed her away...all the note said was i love you all, it's not you it's me...

      it took awhile...we will never forget tho...i'm sorry for you...glad you able to still find a reason to smile/laugh despite it all

    • aRoTh

      that he is in the heaven from “What Dreams May Come”

      b/c you KNOW that was a movie about suicide.....I will ALWAYS remember a "quoteable" (sp) from that movie.

      Something along the lines of....

      Hell isn't about a place you go to after you die. It's the state you go through b/c of the decision you made.

      DON'T QUOTE ME on that.

      I know one thing....IT was a profound statement/quote from that movie.

    • aRoTh


      @aroth…was it depression/bipolar,

      Nope. Two folks cheating. One got caught.

    • lovezoe

      JL- Or mad about appliance, carpet. Superfical stuff

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      Razzle joke or nah? :thinking:
      I got a funny but yeen gonna laugh if'n you not joking :eek:


      it's still sad..whateva the reason

    • <–Doesn't Talk To Strangers

      Aroth :hug: (tight one)
      I am so sorry for your loss Hun
      Good thing he found your aunt Joker :yes:

    • Milky

      I had a discussion with my cousin last night about suicide. I never knew that she was tormented and depressed at one point in her life. She made up her mind that she was going to drive her truck off of a bridge. She did not pray and cried all the way, she cried so much that she couldnt even see the road. When she stopped she was in front of a church that she knew a friend went to (mind you this is Sunday morning she did not attend church at all) she asked someone to go in and get her friend. The friend comes out with her Mother and they prayed over her and invited her into church. She sits in the back not really wanting to be there. The pastor was already preaching, he stopped mid sentence and said there was a spirit of suicide in the house and then continued to preach. My cousin thinks at that time that her friend's mother said something to him, but she could not have because he was already preaching when she sat down. The preacher again stops and says I can't not continue to preach because the spirit of suicide was sooo strong, he comes down the pews and walks up directly to my cousin and says "You were going to take your own life today, Do you not know who you are?" She says that this moment changed her whole life that God stepped in and and showed her he was real and all that she needed. Needless to say she never tried again and turned everything over to God. Her exact words to me "You can not and may never realize the attacks the enemy will infiltrate your mind with. Your mind is a muscle and you have to stregthen it with the WORD OF GOD!!!!

      Sorry for the long post, but she really had my :crying: and thanking God for my sanity.....


      yep...guess it wasn't her time

    • <–Doesn't Talk To Strangers

      Milky :hug:


      that was at DTTS

    • lovezoe

      Milky- WONT he do it!! Feel like taking a praise break right now. My pastor has the gif of prophecy too. He stops right in the middle and prays for folks.

    • khandi25

      So sad.. :crying: RIP Robin Williams... So many people are coming out saying how great he was, but when was the last time they actually reached out to him to see how he was doing? Depression is real... Don't wait to say I love you until its too late. By then, it's just a waste....

    • felinelurker

      Libra, my babies (and my)favorite Williams' movie is RV. He tried so hard to make his family happy!

    • OpinionHated

      Very sad... people who make others laugh tend to be the most sad and depressed folks out - this reminds me of when Belushi died... he was drugged up but he was also depressed... so sad...

    • scorpio

      I wonder if on the other side, if we are still aware of this side, does he regret he did it now?

      Of course we still have to consider that his mind was not chemically working right, depression, alcohol abuse.

    • lovebites

      We should pray for him and his family. but we should also reach out to friends and family who also have that problem. Tell them we love them and be there... dont wait until they die to do that.

    • tintin1979

      so now they don't get the insurance money right?

    • Trevia Milliona

      That's sad... I don't believe he committed suicide, though. Call me crazy but I think this was an Illuminati kill. They always do it in 3s. He died, then the game of thrones actor, and then that famous racer... all in the same week or so. Just like when MJ died... He was murdered.