Subway pitchman Jared Fogle

A popular pitchman for Subway sandwich shops is under federal investigation for child porn. Federal agents were seen raiding the Zionsville home of Jared Fogle early Tuesday morning.

Fogle is best known as the "Subway Guy" who lost hundreds of pounds on a Subway diet.

WTHR reports Fogle's wife and their children left the home when the feds arrived. Fogle was detained outside the home but he wasn't under arrest, according to WTHR.

Agents seized electronics including laptop computer and other evidence from the home.

The federal raid comes after Fogle's business partner Russell Taylor was arrested in April on charges of creating and distributing child p0rn.

Taylor served as executive director of Fogle's Jared Foundation. The nonprofit foundation helped children overcome obesity.

At the time of Taylor's arrest, Fogle released a statement saying he was shocked at the charges. He said Taylor had been relieved of his duties.

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    • Femme404

      Cute house.

    • jeniefrumdabloc™

      Chile it's so much fawk shyt going on ..... I'm logging off for the day ..... bout to get into this Mahatma Gandhi book ... I just can't with the media anymore BYE

    • ShelbyMoore

      I'm disgusted.

    • Chitsngiggles

      I don't understand why porn sites even have a teenager category. To me THEY should be the ones going to jail. Don't ever give people the option to click on that mess. Its all disgusting to me.

    • SummerBaby

      I think my homegirl went to school with him. This is a shame. Too bad for his wife & kids.....unless the wife knew than I have zero sympathy for her. ?

    • Lorenzo Chaps

      Oh Jared. Looks like Subway has a high profile opening.

    • Lenina Just Lenina

      I'm not eating Subway no more. Straight Blimpies.

    • OpinionHated

      Disgusting..... is there something in the air - I saw a news story this morning about some teacher who was trying to purchase Philipino kiddie porn... they need to take them all behind a shack and shoot them in the head.... puzzy galore and ho's willing to give it up but they got to chase down and exploit children... uuuggghhh disgusted.....

    • OpinionHated

      Did he get his milk mustache by suckling babies.... I just caint......

    • Handle your issues

      Hmmmm i'll withhold judgment until we get more facts. It seems like his friend got busted for child pornography and they're just checking out the entire situation. I'll wait

    • Torae

      Sick...a lot of creeps like this are right under our noses and we don't even know it. Protect your children trust them with NO ONE!!!

    • Torae

      I haven't had blimpies in 10 years. I remember moving to MD and couldnt get a decent sub. We have a few Jersey Mikes that just opened they are like blimpies but better...


      Oh read it..Poor Jared. Its routine, hopefully they don't find anything


      I love that little boy...he serves it.

    • Chitsngiggles

      Society has brought this mess on. Nobody wants to get old anymore. Every 25 year old wanna look 17. 17 year olds wanna look 25. You got all these health freaks turning women's bodies into looking like 12 year old boys.
      Women need to get back to looking like women with curves....



    • ReesesPieces

      I agree

    • Lenina Just Lenina

      The DMV area it's hard to find subs like in NY they got heroes at every bodega. But I'm in MD now so point me towards a Jersey Mikes! ?????

    • Chitsngiggles

      I'm saying why would a man want a female that looks like she still going through puberty? That's a red flag there. If man don't like a lil bit of meat, he might be looking at your daughter or your niece on the low. Not saying this applies to all.

    • 1/8

      Your comments make no sense at all.

    • Lenina Just Lenina

      I'm so mad this guy was famous for losing weight eating sandwiches and was a monster on the low.

    • imright

      Pedos shouldnt b sentenced 2 jail they should b taken 2 a vacant lot & shot 2 death

    • imright

      always the 1s trying too hard 2b "family friendly" ?? ie The Duggars

    • 1/8

      Given the nature of this story, professing your love for a "little boy" is a bit inappropriate. ?

    • Torae

      I'm from Jersey so yea I know..can't find decent pizza either...but there are a few Jersey Mikes in MD..columbia, bowie, owings mills, laurel, Gaithersburg.....

    • Vanna is the root of all evil

      Y I want a turkey sandwich with pepper jack cheese with veggies oils oregano with sour cream and onion chips with a choco cookie. But not from subway, Jimmy Johns

    • 1/8

      I'm not a fan of Subway sandwiches. They're bland and generic, but it appears Jared's personal life is quite spicy!

    • KDub

      My lil guy does too. I love em boff

    • KDub

      Some folks wanna be starting something. ..

    • Wuts got Petty Davis Eyes..

      OHHH Jared...

    • Chitsngiggles

      Right. And the fact that they sell grown ass clothes for lil girls trying to make them look older makes no sense huh. You probably a pedo your damn self. Don't come for me lady boi.

    • BubblingBrownSuga

      Brings new meaning to the slogan "eat fresh."

    • Wuts got Petty Davis Eyes..

      I know what you mean Whitty... side so literal satdefukdeown...

    • Lenina Just Lenina

      Thank you!!!!!? Chile Subway won't get anymore of these coints. But I do love a good sammich.

    • Wuts got Petty Davis Eyes.. saying it was the sammich that made him do it? hmmm...rofl


      Thank you....Girl I will not lose my spirit today. Not on these trololololols


      Trying and failing

    • SugarFoot a.k.a Ty

      :( Hide your kids, hide your wife


      Sandra - get your facts straight. The criminal complaint is against Taylor (the former director of Fogle's charity foundation) . Jared Fogle has not been charged with a crime.


      so wrong

    • Chitsngiggles

      Right. He hasn't been the Spokesman for a minute. This has nothing to do with Subway. If they kept Michael Phelps and he done been caught with a tranny and weed. Jared is not messing up their brand, but RG3 ugly coon ass is.

    • Bird

      Nice of you to use an old pic of Jared who is now fat again. But the story I read doesn't implicate him. Although I don't really believe he's not a suspect. They didn't back a truck up to his house for nothing.

    • LuvMyBrownSkin?


    • Wuts got Petty Davis Eyes..

      I hope he learned to make sammiches or else he gone be in jail TOSSIN SALAD!


      Well lets not jump to conclusion, the feds are probably combing through his stuff bc his business partner. Lets hope lil Jared is just as bland and he looks.

    • KDub


    • LuvMyBrownSkin?

      Great Point! They should be fined heavily and shut down.

    • SummerBaby

      New post

    • Lenina Just Lenina

      Not saying that...I don't like subways cardboard tasting sandwiches and I don't like this story that goes along with it. Even worse of a taste to go in my mouth (pause).

    • AllmylifeIhadtofight

      You ain't lying. I'm glad I have boys. I was at the mall Friday looking for vacation clothes and the lil girl section had my head hurtin.

    • Rayne

      It could only be Jareeeeddd! Lol wrong commercial. I'm not even surprised.

    • EasyBreezy

      Don't 'sleep' on my Subway vegetarian sub; guacamole on one side and loaded with tomatoes, shredded lettuce, spinach, banana & green peppers..... Top that baby off with black pepper, oil & vinegar!!!! What-you-talking-bout!!!!


      Yeah, I'm holding out hope that this isn't true. They check for people around them too when it comes to something like this. wouldn't be shocking just more like damn. The association alone is probably enough for Subway to sever their ties with him. I like Blimpie & Jimmy Johns better anyways, #petty#.

    • Wuts got Petty Davis Eyes..

      Yep or else instead of sammiches he gone be tossin salads!

    • JayCee087

      Guess Jared was walking to playgrounds before walking to Subways smh...

    • Queen Negus

      This man right here is an pure example of why I dont allow Dee1,Dee2, & Dee3 in other people's home nor allow them to play with some kids.!!!

    • Queen Negus

      They are a billion dollar industry that have the Govt in their pockets. Shutting down porn sites is like shutting down Paulina(my black name for her)Dino(I spelled it right) from websites.. not happening

    • 1/8

      Girl, you lost me at banana! LOL!

    • EasyBreezy

      Banana peppers, darling! They give those veggies a nice bite! And that oat/honey bread is everything.

    • Hmmm~?

      Chill gurl! He ain't been accused of nothing yet. It's very likely homeboy didn't have anything to do with it, but because him and the pedo were close, they gotta check him out to make sure he's clean. Innocent until proven guilty!

    • 1/8

      Instead of trying to attack me, defend your indefensible position. Little girl.

      Dressing a child in inappropriate clothing doesn't create a child-predator. A predator that's interested in children, wouldn't care if the child were dressed in a potato sack.

    • Use_Coasters_aka_Sol_88

      He is my spirit animal.

    • Low E. {CIRCA 1908}


    • 1/8

      Oh! I have never heard of banana peppers. Is that same thing as yellow bell peppers?

      Other than that, I must admit your sandwich sounds good!

    • 1/8

      I'm going try your sandwich... maybe this evening.

    • CaramelDrop

      You know what Chits? I always thought they put those links on the sites to see what perverts click on it

    • TeeTee


    • Teachmeeatme

      I never believed he did that damn diet anyway!

    • Renee Bee


    • ???

      Jared ran a porn video tape business from his dorm room so yes considering the light of the recent events regarding his friend he very well should be investigated . Birds of a feather. Subway has suspended ties with him too.

    • Mel

      Sounds like fogle sang like ah canary

    • Xsjado

      I guess he took that "Subway eat fresh" slogan way too far! Lol

    • 1/8

      Jared is fat, again and now the public knows it! That's the real reason Subway is suspended their relationship.

    • Meme81

      I wish I could say this is the reason why I no longer mess with Subway, but I was done once they got rid of my chicken salad sandwich.

    • Enoughsaid2020

      It's going down! What is done in the dark, will come to the light!

    • Bayou Classic

      Dis tew much today. I on like Subway sammiches any way?

    • ???

      Per the Washington Post

      "Subway and Jared Fogel have mutually agreed to suspend their relationship DUE TO THE CURRENT INVESTIGATION" a Subway spokesman said in a statement late tuesday.


      I feel boys were an easy way to bring the solider out of a peaceful woman such as a parent one just can't be parents we get FEELINGS.and to stay outta lock up and keep your sanity I advise any parent to follow their rather have safe BABIES than likes.

    • EasyBreezy

      Great question! Think of a regular hot pepper, but yellow and not TOO hot. Perfect! TTYL...

    • Felicia Smith

      you big dummy

    • MercifulLove

      I agree, but 18 year olds and 19 year olds are legal so they can get away with that

    • 1/8

      Thanks! I'll be in the lookout for banana peppers, from now on!