Oscar Pistorius

Convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius will not be released from a South African prison this Friday as expected.

The famed double amputee former Olympic sprinter was set to be released on home confinement on Friday.

His release was delayed by the South African Justice Department after prosecutors filed an appeal this week, saying Pistorius should have been convicted of murder, not manslaughter.

Late last year, Pistorius, 28, was convicted of a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

A former inmate of the notoriously violent prison told MSNBC the man dubbed the "Blade Runner" for his custom prosthetic legs received special treatment in the prison.

He said Pistorius is paranoid and fears being poisoned in the prison, where inmates are routinely carried out in body bags.

Pistorius lives in total isolation in a tiny, windowless 6x8 ft. cell in the prison's hospital wing. He breathes fresh air for one hour a day before he returns to his cell.

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    • imright

      he should spend the rest of his life n confinement!!

    • jeniefrumdabloc™

      I honestly don't know what to believe with this story


      Whale..you shouldn't be killing people and you wouldn't end up in a tiny cell...


      Ole hop along should be in the pin much longer.

    • Jusstlookn2

      Clip Clop tip top clank Clank where he need to be


      He's only half a man, he doesn't need a lot of room. Sorry Tink Tink.


      I dont either...I dont believe its wasn't as innocent as he wants ppl to believe but I also wonder when he goes to bed at night does he get to keep his legs?

    • Jusstlookn2

      OFFTOPIC...Ms. Sandra You gonna do a post about Nikki Manji Mad Tussauds wax figure..They will have to re do it over....Due to Fans and otherwise taking all kinds of absurd photos. Iono care, but iono care about tink tink either

    • Greg: Less hate, more love.

      Why isn't this guy spending the rest of his life in jail, unbelievable.

    • luVn_liFe…

      "Pistorius is paranoid and fears being poisoned in the prison, where inmates are routinely carried out in body bags."
      that's a reason to live in fear.

    • Molly

      Just a mess the whole sordid story. Very puzzling event that caused this poor womans 2 lose her life. He will ever b confined Mentally?

    • luVn_liFe…

      He deserves whatever time is given to him!

    • Just Keya

      I don't feel bad for him.

    • Lorenzo Chaps

      What made this man jump up at 0.00009 miles per hour and shoot that woman like that? When you laid down, she was in the bed with you. When you woke up, she was in the bathroom. He should be in jail for murder.

    • Let Your Soul Glow

      At all!!! He is a killer. Killers go to jail. Moving on...

    • Blaque Mahogany

      This wax figure looks like a cross between Tyga's lady boy lover and the chick that was messing with the racist owner of the Clippers.

    • AllmylifeIhadtofight

      It's got a tinch of Jordin Sparks face.. just a small tinch

    • AllmylifeIhadtofight

      Guess how many hours of fresh air his victim gets a day......That's right none cause she dead...GTFOH dude...

    • Love Sheila

      That's a good question


      What's sad is that Nicki is such a bird that she doesn't even realize what a fail is it to have THIS as your legacy.

    • mzwhang90210

      I never bought that story about it being an "accident."

      I applaud the way he overcame physical adversity, but I also think that he was/is an arrogant narcissist with control issues..and word on the streets was that she was fed up with it/him.

      I hope some other prisoner sharpens the tips of those blades into sporks.

      RIP Reeva!

    • Tammie Reed

      LOOK at GOD! lol


      As Juss stated...he better click clack his azz back to the at twin cot.


      Ole chopstick leg azz ninja.

    • Monday

      @Sandra can you do a story about Monica Buthler Johnson that is all over Facebook. I was also asking about Medical Minute about Domestic Violence. Here is her story

      This is Soror Monica Butler Johnson and her husband. 
      Here...they are smiling. It appears to be a good day. 

      On August 9th, he beat her to death with a baseball bat...in front of her children. 

      I'm sure he is sorry. 
      He is also alive. 

      She is not. 

      No matter what it looks like on the outside. 
      You know the truth. 

      Your life matters. Get out. As soon as you can. 

    • VDot

      Maaaannnn I died laughing at the nigga hunching her. Nigga had her hair wrapped up in his hand like he was really putting in work. So ignorant.

      Azelia Banks called it tho. When the wax figure was first revealed, she said they were shading Nicki. Asked why they didn't have her standing up with a mic in her hand and that "All ppl are gonna do is go up to that statue and take pictures shoving their crotch in her face and putting their crotch on her butt."

    • Readytochokemothernatureonout

      Me either

    • Jusstlookn2

      All that you said, yeap

    • mzwhang90210

      ".....stated David Johnson’s Dec. 31 arrest that Monica Johnson refused to give
      Ascension Parish sheriff’s deputies a statement about the dispute over
      her cellphone or receive medical treatment. "

      See THIS is where I have a problem...I am tired of women not knowing their worth or their children's worth...No man on this earth is above you. G-d didn't make his queens to be hurt and abused. I have problem with women/men not understanding that your child is more important than any "love" on this earth. That you are more important then the hand you his/she rises. When you know my G-d and your worth you don't NEED these fleshly man to love you. Now these children are without a mother AND a father...You now have children who will never be whole again or children who don't understand real love bc you never taught them what it was ot repeating the cycle ( a la CB) I am sorry Mrs. Johnson lost her life but I am even more sorry that this sister died never knowing her worth.

    • Sincerity7

      Right! This was so weird.

    • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

      Sure does.

    • Dee

      It shold be delayed for LIFE the way he killed that woman in cold blood!

    • mzwhang90210

      She said "click clack" tho...

    • mzwhang90210

      Who doesn't call out and say "Honey is that you?" Especially if she wasn't in the bed when he awoke.
      He's a lying POS.

    • mzwhang90210

      Molly you kinda look like Chaka Khan.

    • Sexy CJ

      Karma for your ass................


      http://WWW.DOT,you and MZ.JUSS...please exit the BLOG this instant!!!!:'D))))))!!!!

    • mzwhang90210

      I'm mad it seems he might get away with cold blooded murder.
      May those "blade" legs draw sparks 1 day while he's scootin down a concrete sidewalk... and set his ass ablaze.

    • imright


    • AprilRain

      And.....what's the pralem?????

    • http://sandrarose.com SandraRose

      That's what they get for making a wax figure of a known slut.

    • Aanelove

      They should delay it indefinitely

    • Brown fields

      Yes I wonder that too because those legs are lethal weapons.......IJS

    • Brown fields

      Lol.....that's a good 1

    • Meme81

      I am amazed by the ability of white people to come up with some of the most unbelievable tales when they're on trial. Reminds me of the Dave Chappelle joke where his white friend tells the cop 'I didn't know I couldn't do that'. And the cop let's him drive away.

    • Meme81

      That wasn't an accident. I feel like he probably found out she was sleepin' with another man. Not only another man, but a black man...with 2 legs. He flipped out and planned his revenge.

    • mzwhang90210
    • eljjai

      You are three steps over the line ma'am. Kindly step back.


    • Molly

      Thanks, I actually hear that a lot.