Paige Yore

Walmart says a woman who posted a viral video on Facebook about a distraught Walmart cashier is lying.

The woman, Paige Yore, claimed she was standing in the checkout line at a Pueblo Walmart when she noticed the cashier having difficulty scanning items.

Yore told KRDO the cashier seemed distraught and he couldn't remember the codes to ring up items. She said customers behind her began yelling at the cashier to hurry up.

Yore said she stepped in and asked the young man if he was okay. She said the cashier hugged her and told her his mother committed suicide that morning and he had to come in to work so he could pay his rent and bills.

Yore recorded herself describing her encounter with the teenager and posted the video online. The video garnered 25 million views before she made it private.

A Walamart spokesperson said a review of surveillance video from the store shows Yore did not hug a cashier. Furthermore, the cashier's mom is alive.

But yore is sticking by her story.

“Did I plan on it? Absolutely not,” she told KRDO News. “Did I want that? Probably not.”

This isn't the first time an attention-seeker chose Walmart as the backdrop to perpetrate a hoax.

Last year, a woman claimed a Walmart customer hit her toddler for crying too much. The woman received $45,000 in donations, including $30,000 from Walmart. But the story turned out to be a hoax.

Yore told KRDO she received "thousands of death threats" after Walmart called her story a hoax.

"I just want everyone to know that I am here to inspire people.

  • Anonymouse

    SMH.... Folk really doing the MOST

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    What city is this?

  • Milani

    Jeez...anything to get your 15 min of fame, I guess...

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    Pueblo, Colorado .....


    i thought this was bruce jenner at 1st glance ?

  • Ms.Capricorn101

    I am sooo lost! Paige you did this why? You didn't think walmart was gonna look at the cameras? How old are you Paige? Are you married or have kids? Are they embarrassed as you should be? You thought walmart was gonna give you a gift card for your trouble? And finally......are you gonna show your face again at that walmart? #Qtna

  • Sexy CJ

    This isn’t the first time an attention-seeker chose Walmart as the backdrop to perpetrate a hoax.......

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  • YOUR man chose BSweet #ohwell

    People pay attention to your kids. If not, they go to the Internet looking for what you didn't give them.

  • SunnyChi

    Why make up a lie like that smh. People will do anything for attention.

  • 1/8

    "Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear."

    -- I Heard It Through The Grapevine.

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    So...kylie jenner donated her old face to this woman for some reason.

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    If you change "hear" to "read," that would be what Bobby Brown sang in the theme song to "Being Bobby Brown."

    *sings* I'm just Boooooobbbbbbyyyyy!!!

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    Headed to walmart what Can I do,...... anybody, I need a plan, should I say that the greeter at the door that have no legs ,and a voice box on her throat followed me around the store and called me niQQor NiQQur, NiQQyour......

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    Lawd .................

  • SandrasNewFave

    Folks making shyt up cause nobody can shut the phuk up. Everybody needs to tell what happened to them- good and bad. And there's always someone to gobble it up. There was a time when folks were kind and didn't take a selfie to boast. There was a time when bumps happened in life and folks suffered in silence. I know I am contradicting myself while standing on this here soapbox, but I truly miss the days when groupies kept it low, parents didn't post their pseudo-punishments, donations were made anonymously and good deeds were common.

  • harley_quinn2.0

    Well why you got to lie, Craig? Yo azz got to be crazy to fabricate some shyt like that.

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    I figured so...

  • SandrasNewFave

    And your kid a niqqlette! Pinch the baby & make em cry into the camera.

  • aDingoDrankMyBabies

    I once hugged a Walmart cashier?? Did some other things too?? Judge if ye must, but that 10% discount was well worth it?

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    Caitlyn and the coven are going to to use the Book of Shadows on you. Lol

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    Teen gotta lie Craig lawd people nowadays

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    75k for a hoax!!?? good heart better start paying off, s h i t

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    SMH...looking like Janelle from Teen Mom....

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    Whhhhy lie? Just create a YouTube channel if you want attention?or become a Instagram model??




    lol ?

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    But... WHY???

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    Someone lying on Walmart is nothing. Someone was living IN walmart in tennessee, had a full-on meth lab upstairs.

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    This white fish is just thirsty for attention.

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    Weed is legal in Colorado, right?

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    funny....bc when my friend watched the video, I def told him it seemed exaggerated but eh. im not a micro expression genius lol.

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    But, um.....The Grapevine was right in that instance. Moral of the story, if it comes from the Grapevine you can trust it; any other source NAW!! LOL

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    I know you wrote this yesterday, but I am reading it this morning, so TOO DAMN EARLY IN THE MORNING FOR THIS!! CTHU

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    Pssst...remind my kids that I want to be cremated. Please and thank you. LOL

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    I know that's right! Lol

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    I don't trust anyone with grey edges/roots and red ends. Or maybe I need to put on my glasses. Either way nope don't believe her.

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    They do the most lying!

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    this bishhh.. i saw that video the other day and it had me snotting...THIS is why folks become desensitized and not give a flip when real issues happen...

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    She is looking like a broke Kylie Jenner before all the surgeries....LOL

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    Love how she thinks telling a lie to inspire people is ok. What sick and disgusting person. -_-

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    I thought that was Kylie

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    I figured it was fake because they posted so many selfies of her. She was trying to get her face out there.

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    Why you always lyinnnnn ?

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    You aint gota lie to kick it!

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    The things people to do for likes and a chance to go "viral"

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    Inspire people to do what? Crazy btch.