Hulk Hogan

When former wrestler Hulk Hogan was awarded $115 million by a starry-eyed jury last week, many observers assumed he would get the $115 million outright. But according to legal experts, Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, may only see a fraction of the $115 million -- if that.

Bollea, 62, was awarded $115 million in a case against the media company that owns the blog He filed the case in 2012 after Gawker leaked a video showing him having sex with the wife of his best friend, a radio DJ. The video also exposed Bollea's virulent racism toward black people.

He lost his wrestling contract and sponsorships as a result of the video.

Gawker Media plans to file an appeal, and the judgment will likely be overturned or thrown out of court completely if an appeals court decides the jury was wrong to award $115 million for a nine-second video.

That leaves room for Bollea and Gawker Media to reach a settlement out-of-court. If a settlement is reached, Bollea will likely walk away with $20-$30 million after taxes. Lawyer fees and accounting fees will chip away at what's left over after taxes.

"This is a very large verdict and it's going to have to be appealed," attorney Troy Slaten tells E! News. "In this case, Gawker… is going to appeal and they will have to put up a bond for $50 million, in case they lose and that money is there for Bollea."

He added: "That is one of the most difficult things in a lawsuit. You can win a judgment, but that doesn't mean the money just automatically flows into your bank account... He will not see the money for a while -- even years."


  • Myopinion4u

    White men always winning! Even if they racist?

  • aDingoDrankMyBabies

    I hope he gets nothing. Ol devil. I guess now he'll have the amount of money a n*gger would have to have in order to date his daughter? Amerikkka. A White man's 4 minute adulterous sex tape is exposed he gets 100mil. A Black man has 40 years of his life stolen from him via a flawed judicial system and he gets 40k and a lifetime supply of rice a roni...Bullsh*t??

  • Angela

    THIS×'s 1,000,000,000

  • Bam Bam

    115 million dollars?????????? really? come onnnnnnnnnn.

  • Chile_Pleeze

    Ole bald headed phucker deserve his daughter getting pregnant by pookie

  • MookieFly

    Hell, there is a sex tape released every other day. If everyday Tanya can brush off her kneecaps and keep it pushing after having her kitty kat exposed for the world to see, so can he. I don't know why he needed to be awarded this amount in the first place, espcially since he was caught being a racist.

  • That’s Interesting

    Ugly a ss. Anybody who was subjected to those 9 seconds needs to be compensated. Ugh.

  • nicelyput32

    Judicial system at it's WORST!!! Again..

  • Meme81

    Especially if they are. smh

  • Finding Forever…

    WEEELLL, is it SAFE to say he just RECOUPED the settlement young Nick caused him to have to settle back in the 2000's (in the crash that left his friend badly off)...Found it to be HILARIOUS when he was on the stand & was asked was his ISH 10 inches...Nah it's NOT 10, LOL...KILLED THAT EGO, TO HAVE TO ADMIT THAT--THEN IN PUBLIC...
    hmmm...LOOOOL :)

  • Finding Forever…

    ...He added: “That is one of the most difficult things in a lawsuit. You can win a judgment, but that doesn’t mean the money just automatically flows into your bank account… He will not see the money for a while — even years.”

  • Hmmm~?

    "White man's 4 minute adulterous sex tape is exposed he gets 100mil." <- You're joking right? If the same thing happened to a black man and he sued, then he would've gotten the same judgement, since Gawker was in the wrong. Race has quite literally nothing to do with this case.

  • aDingoDrankMyBabies


  • Molly Church

    Such a "Mess. ?I'm glad he won although he may never see a penny, but it's sends a message that u just can't expose people's lives on a dam Whim 2 make a buck?. Hopefully it won't get Appealed.

  • Queen B

    Hell i'll take a fraction of it ? I don't think he's racist i make racial comments about white ppl all the time but when i see them its like we're best friends lol ?????? Hi Susan!! How are the kids lol

  • AJ

    Translator: I think what Brenden was saying is that taking someone's liberty away should be worth more than a leaked sex tape. And since wrongful convictions are grossly higher in the African American community, this essentially makes our lives worth less than a GD leaked sex tape. The judicial system's priorities are f#cked up.

  • AJ

    I heard you Boo!

  • Fendi

    Or his judgment can balloon to nearly half a billion dollars when the jury finishes awarding him damages. This is the tip of the iceberg. He is also owed punitive damages for "intentional wrongdoing." This may end Gawker. I'm happy to see racists put racists out-of-business.

  • Readytochokemothernatureonout

    This and Erin's shows the other folks may have lied about crap leaking. I'm glad they won personal dislike of him aside though he may not see murch.

  • Miany

    Don't waste your energy hun...Been was loud and clear. The person started with you're joking so clearly they are mentally unprepared to tackle this.

  • Miany

    He tried to use the old...we were poor so I can say n.... I don't buy it. Hush now use another noun or use the wwf/wwe approved term. Bye Terry, fugg off

  • Christina Duphorn Zehnder


  • Bonny

    White men and their money...smh

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    Yes but the 115 doesn't include punitive damages does it? He could be award millions more on top of that.... I doubt he will get a hundred million but 15 or 20 million when everything is taken out and brought down is a good retirement. None of it goes to his hating ex wife either ! He still will NEVER get the GEORGE FOREMAN money !!!! He passed on the grill because his wife , ex wife said it was dumb!!!

  • Full Monty

    I hope he choke on it ole racist turd! My nanny loved this redneck too. I'm glad she never got to hear his rant cause that would have broke her heart.

  • JerseyMom

    I don't think plaintiffs pay taxes on a judgment award.

  • Django the God

    This is quite a sum, for a man who paraded around in yellow underwear and tore off his shirt for a living.

  • fresnostateofmind

    You ain't lied

  • fresnostateofmind

    It's definitely getting appealed.

  • Lisa Daniels

    See Trump and Charlie Sheen.