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The Secret Service shot a man who approached a White House checkpoint with a gun on Friday, CNN reports.

The man was shot once in the abdomen and taken into custody after he opened fire near the White House. His condition is unknown.

President Barack Obama was away and Vice President Joe Biden was secured inside the White house until the all clear was given.

The White House was placed on lockdown and reporters were ushered off the property until the threat was neutralized. The lockdown is now lifted.

An earlier report said the suspect had opened fire on the White House complex, but it was not immediately clear what happened.

The U.S. Park Police said Friday a shooting had occurred in close vicinity to the White House.

"Shooting on W. Executive Dr. PIO en route to 17th and Pennsylvania," the law enforcement agency tweeted. Source

The shooting was the latest incident in a series of security breaches that have embarrassed the Obama administration.

  • Jusstlookn

    We just had lunch in area...but left around 230pm...we are still in DC. Traffic is a nightmare.

  • _perfectly__incomplete__

    Its was a test, seeing what the protocol is and how long it takes for response....my thoughts anyway

  • IntroSpective

    I was iust thinking about that. This is definitely going to put a damper on Friday afternoon rush hour. Glad no one was injured though!

  • product of 79

    POTUS was out and about sooo.... Stand down yall ?

  • L.T.L. Since 2007

    Father God, please let this man finish his term. Peacefully and unharmed.

  • Low E. TUH!


  • http://www.sandrarose.com Django the God

    When they start calling it The White House Complex?

  • just being me

    They need to be going to Trump tower not the white house !!!!

  • hotntot95

    This lady in front of me at a light had a TRUMP bumper sticker..I don't understand?he is a horrible person

  • just being me

    It would have happened even faster if President Obama was in the white house but they did a great job !!!

  • http://www.sandrarose.com Django the God

    Tweeting about it and all...

  • http://www.sandrarose.com Django the God

    I was about to say "in D.C!?"

    ...But you could be anywhere

  • http://www.sandrarose.com Django the God

    They better get Channing Tatum up in there.

  • Jusstlookn

    Yeah, trafgice waa crazy coming down, now ita ruah hour...we stuck here at least until 6ish...

  • hotntot95

    No ..In TN...but I don't understand?how could anyone promote his foolishness

  • http://www.sandrarose.com Django the God

    You'd be surprised.


  • LuLu

    ALA Malcom X!

  • Renay Peters

    Stuck in DC traffick muself!!

  • Renay Peters

    Stuck in DC traffick muself!!

  • Renay Peters

    Stuck in DC traffick muself!!

  • Lisa daniels

    Obama wasn't there and they popped off like this?

  • Go Head With That

    He is leaving soon LOL. No need to shoot up the shrubs and shat to make him go home. Fake shat or leading up to something.

  • Traci404

    On the day the NRA endorses Don the Con

  • Meme81

    They must have a sign on the lawn somewhere that reads "open season". I don't know why all these things keep happening.

  • hottlanta

    Glad they have starting shooting people when they get too close.

  • BlahBlahBlah

    I see nobody seen nothin. No comments here...