Kim Kardashian

Retired reality TV star Kim Kardashian was spotted buying ice cream after a month in forced exile from social media. Kardashian, 36, went into hiding after she was allegedly robbed of $5 million in jewels and trinkets in Paris earlier this month.

The somber mother-of-2 was dressed casually in an oversized white hoodie and a pair of white Fenty x Puma slides.

E! Network reportedly canceled Keeping Up With the Kardashian's after Kardashian's story about the robbery kept changing.

Now Kardahian must rely on her husband, Kanye West's touring revenue to put food on the table and keep the lights on.

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  • Dee

    You sure that is kim, she looks black.

  • Lady Chatterley’s Lover

    Ok. I am setting up a Go Fund Me account to help them during their time of need, Please send donations to GAF.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    She so got damn fake.... Smh

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    No damn body cares

  • Libra80sBaby


  • Neicey

    That is not Kim. IMO


    she looks really sad. while i believe her story and everything about her is fabricated... i wish her and her family the best.

  • Libra80sBaby

    Look like that lil scary ass guhl from The Ring...bye

  • Sucker Free

    She was robbed...she got the under eye bags and post traumatic stress ice cream cone wit sprinkles to prove it

  • Incog-knee-gress

    She needs to get robbed more often maybe, bc She looks good here.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    She looks staged usual

  • MystyBlu

    Hatechu ???

  • Incog-knee-gress

    In other news...Pete Burns damn it died? Well damn.
    RIP Pete *YEW spin me right 'round, baby... Right 'round like a record baby...Right 'round*

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    She looks really sad... Look closer.... Staged ...

  • Incog-knee-gress

    Yes but Better than her normal.

  • Zebra Stripes

    Only thing interesting about this picture & story is the icecream she's holding.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Staged .... I see something else... And it is not the outer appearance

  • CaliVirgo

    Ummm new post downstairs??

  • MissHarlem

    If this ain't some fake sad shit. Bitch bye. Faker than a three dollar bill.

  • MystyBlu

    Sad ass face. Who cares? I'm more concerned that she's letting that good froyo with the rainbow sprinkles melt. ?

  • Brenden’ 2 : Electric Boogaloo

    "I have a 12yr old african american son who is special needs(autistic/learning disorder) and he is losing interest in school(public school). He was in private school up until 2 yrs ago. I thought he could receive better services/interventions via public school. Now, he is frustrated and it is obviously affecting his confidence. All the standardized testing and core curriculum ? is annoying. If u know anything about the spectrum and black boys please chime in. I have a meeting next week about his IEP"

    ^^^Some of you with answers may have missed this in the other post...

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    Gel shoes
    Member that Roses?! ????

  • puppylove

    She actually looks better without makeup

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers


  • SaharabutnotKdry

    She looks like her halloween costume . Poor puta.

  • Junkanoo

    She gets no sympathy from me, years of the lot of them being cramped down our throats for no good reason . She'd be better off focusing on being a good mom and taking more time away from being in the spotlight but that's too much to hope for

  • Finding Forever…
  • MystyBlu

    Black boys tend to receive less services that are actually helpful. Sadly many educators and schools give up on them easily because there are lowered expectations. Not sure who the OP is but tell them to FIGHT! The school district MUST provide them with services that are individually tailored to her son to help him close the achievement gap. He may also qualify for services outside of school depending on his official diagnosis and the severity. I would have to know more about the son and where they live though.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    .25 cent bill shewt

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    That penny you get shaped into an oval piece ?

  • jeniefrumdabloc™


  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    Bish STEAL wants attention.
    Go out some pants on! FO??????

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    ?Choke! ???
    9 pm EST ??

  • MissHarlem


  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers


    (CNN)Former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell said Tuesday he'll vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, a high-profile snub of his party's standard-bearer, Donald Trump.

    Powell, who also served in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, backed President Barack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns. He announced his plan to a Long Island group during a luncheon.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    A damn sweat shirt and some house shoes.... And I still don't believe her fake I lie for my salary azz... Btych could cry wolf and I wouldn't give a good got dayum... Wasted enough time on these women ugh

  • MissHarlem

    I have two she can borrow

  • MissHarlem

    I will ash my blunt on her. Tired of em

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers


    I'd need video proof of robbery PLUS thieves reselling her shatt PLUS the thieves BMs balling outta control to believe it! ?

    PLUS some more (petty) ish that I can think of yet! ?

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers


  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    So r we for real no more KUWTK???!!! *YEEEESSSSSS!!!* *does happy dance, stands up and shakes*

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    They better find a fool

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    Who is that

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    She whole thank she is

  • rayne215

    So is she ok? I'm low key worried

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    *jacked. Bitchmade

    Doral, Florida (CNN)Donald Trump urged reporters Tuesday to talk to President Barack Obama when asked whether he still believes the presidential election may be stolen from him.

    "Ask Obama. Tell him to look at his tape when he was running eight years ago," Trump said when asked by CNN during an impromptu gaggle with reporters whether he still believes the presidential election will be stolen from him, as he has suggested in recent weeks.

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    Help who??? *im giggling bc I know thank u bout to say Kim K*

  • Ms. Tangie baby

    My son has autism and it all depends on the state you live in. My son IEP does state he does have to meet common core standards. He has his own progress standards. What state are you in?

  • @djangothegod

    She's going to be wearing ALL Yeezy Season now.

  • Roderick2011

    Is that a nightgown and house shoes?

  • @djangothegod


  • morenYAHdelsur

    1. She looks like a regular person here.
    2. She definitely looks distraught.
    3. Her Indian is looking REALLY nice.

  • We Can Do This

    Fame is a "B"!

  • MoniquetheGeek

    That song will forever remind of The Wedding Singer.

  • Brenden’ 2 : Electric Boogaloo

    I believe she's in Florida.

  • Brownie

    Speaking of fake...she's probably laying low while she recovers from her latest surgery.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    He can kindly fall off of the planet ??

  • Shani

    Love that movie!!

  • Lovezoe
  • lil goodie do you guys think she was really robbed? ??

  • Petty Patty Cakes

    Dagnabbit Brownie, you're probably right. I hadn't even thought of that. Perfect time to do it.

  • missmiami305

    Nobody cares **Draya voice**

  • missmiami305

    She set it up if she was.

  • Candance

    lol she wants to look black that's her hahahah

  • CaliVirgo

    ??So happy she was found??

  • missmiami305

    I knew it. Glad to hear

  • thehumble1

    Even tho I don't like this chick. I do feel bad for her.

  • missmiami305

    Thank u????

  • Ms.Devereaux


  • Petty Patty Cakes

    Maybe she was trying to get some incognito cosmetic surgery and they outed her.

    Or more likely she had a metal health episode and needed some treatment.

    Either way this is the happy ending we were looking for!

  • missmiami305

    I am in Florida. Longstory short this will be his first IEP. It has been a very long road getting to this point. All last year we did testing, interventions and etc. I will make a note about the standards being included. It just frustrates me because the public school system is nothing more than a pipeline to prison in so many ways. It is easy for black boys to get lost and discouraged.

  • missmiami305

    I have been doing a lot of researching and I do understand that i dont have to sign the IEP at the meeting. I can review it at home and request changes if necessary.

  • imright

    she looks like a zombie ?

  • Torae

    She in hiding but her weave still done...she still want attention. If she came out the house with a messy bun and those thin edges she has then I would say she's distraught..nah she has her edges shaded in and her weave done...she'll be aight?

  • Ms. Tangie baby

    They have a children advocate that can speak for you and your child. Just have all your concerns and services that you want and the amount of times you think will benefit your child. Then tend to give the least amount of services to children in public schools. Also if you don't agree with what they are stating in his iep don't sign it and have it go to the review board.

  • Ms. Tangie baby

    It's always good to have your child doctor look it over. He may know if the services being recommended are appropriate and if he's receiving enough. If you also don't want anyone there that you feel will not help the situation you can request them not to be present.

  • harley_quinn2.0

    I'm so happy to hear that.

  • missmiami305

    U are correct. My son received his official diagnosis this year at 12. Mind u since he was a toddler i saw several specialists and had to fight. He was misdiagnosed with ADD and a language based disorder at first. When he was in Kindergarten I knew something was really wrong but his white teacher was adamant he was fine. I kept on her and one day she said u know what u might be right. Started the process and the first diagnosis was ADHD but he wasnt hyperactive and I knew it was wrong.We did speech theraphy for a bit. After that he was around 8 and for 6 months i drove him 45 minutes away every weekend to see a specialist for a psychosocial that I paid for myself. That damn specialist didnt catch it either. The diagnosis was an expressive and receptive language disorder. We went to several doctors who all missed it. Finally i moved and got a great pediatrician who listened. Longstory short he referred me to a black neurologist who saw all the signs immediately. It's crazy how disadvantaged the system is for POC. It really comes down to $$$.

  • harley_quinn2.0

    Col. Powell is no fool

  • MystyBlu

    The system is definitely rigged for the schools to provide the least amount of services to save money. Black children, especially boys, get the short end of the stick regardless of SES. I've seen it firsthand in schools. Full disclosure I'm still months out from being a licensed SLP so I'm talking through the speech lense. Has he had a full evaluation done by the school and/or a private speech-language pathologist? I ask because auditory processing disorder is often misdiagnosed as ADHD in children. The expressive language issues would be more attrubuted to autism but receptive could be APD. It's crazy that he is just receiving an ASD diagnosis at 12. That should've been picked up in school much earlier. I would ask the school for a full evaluation and come prepared with examples of his behavior at the old school and at home. I agree with the poster up top, don't sign the IEP until you get what you want. It's hell to try and amend it after it's been signed. Good luck!

  • Hater

    So this annoying heffa back?
    I hope not! ?

  • harley_quinn2.0

    They don't say quiet for too long

  • Araminta Glissade Chaines

    I hope she wouldn't lie abt that. I feel for her if it did happen.

  • Wayup!

    Left the concealer on the dresser.,?????

  • Finding Forever…

    Now Kardahian must rely on her husband, Kanye West’s touring revenue to put food on the table and keep the lights on.
    Ms. Rose you AIN'T NEVVVVVER lied, gaaal. LLS. Those financial difficulties that have been "mentioned" here & there...everywhere are seeming to be more & more TRUE. This mofo is bringing dat a$$ right back to these parts (D.C) to perform a-damn-gain in December after JUST being here in September. Now what the fu#k can he possibly rap this time that he didn't do the first is beyond me, LOL. This probably would explain his diatribe against S. Carter a few weeks back...Such is Life!

  • Hater

    Yea unfortunately! Wish this pack incl. Koonye would just fall off! ?

  • Athena Panagakos

    Kim always looks possessed these days. I think she and her whole family sold their souls. JMO???

  • Finding Forever…

    BEST NEWS THIS EVENING...Thank Him. I'd make sure all was well (which I'm hoping & praying for) & if ALL is well I'd take a flip-flop to her dome for scaring her folks (Pops) as such. Can't even imagine his worry.

  • Athena Panagakos

    She looks gone. Ain't no coming back from where she went either.??

  • hotntot95

    ?..we so mean..just maybe she's matured??..or changed??..don't throw nothing!!!?

  • Lisa daniels


  • Athena Panagakos

    She went to a hotel that is famous for not having security cameras. Exhibit A.

  • Lisa daniels

    She married him but she didn't bet on him being a crazy fool.

  • Readytochokemothernatureonout
  • Darkandlovely617?

    Have fun ??

  • Renee Bee

    Oh you better believe she is wearing makeup. She's just not contoured to the Gawds.

  • product of 79

    Her money sittin better than that azz... Soooo she really don't need help wit bread or whatnot ?

  • product of 79

    THE LAND lookin real good boo...CONGRATS AGAIN???

  • The Dutchess

    She did in her 60 minutes interview too Going overboard with that self tanner

  • The Dutchess

    When I'm stressed I go get a rapunzel weave too

  • pecancandy

    Go into IEP with as much information as possible. See if you have advocate or support group in your area. While African American boys are underserved the school get additional revenue to educate those with special needs. Ask how often is the IEP to be convened. Look for measurable goals. Explore what is the nature of his learning disability. It says one time he was diagnosed with Expressive and Receptive language disorder. Is he having problems processing information? How are his social skills? Many I dividuals who are on the spectrum have above average IQs. Also be on the lookout for signs of depression as he may start to feel isolated and frustrated. With hard work and determination he can have a positive outcome. My boy was diagnosed with Expressive and Receptive language disorder with autistic tendencies he graduated at the top of his class from a magnet school. He got a full scholarship and is now an honor student in college.

  • RIFcantReadBlocked

    She should have gone for steak instead of ice cream

  • MScommunication

    She has on an oversized hoodie and flip flops. Did they steal her wardrobe too? I'm not trying to bash this woman but if the story was true she should be happy she is alive, safe and her children are healthy.

  • MScommunication

    She looks good lol.

  • i troll it like i see it

    Oh crap. She's slowly getting back undressed. No damn pants.

  • barbeez

    I'm confused. If it's cold enough to wear a hoodie, shouldn't she have on pants as well. Does she really have to go out for ice cream and call the paps? No, she ain't learned her lesson yet.

  • TheRealLee

    I love the half-assed apology issued by that other site. Frankly, all bloggers should quit posting on her and her entire family including the kids. It will be hard initially but then, easy peasy. It's true no one care and out of sight is out of mind.

  • Readytochokemothernatureonout

    Congrats to you too boo

  • hotntot95

    Yeah it's like she's pouting ...being a drama queen..who knows, she may go away for good..

  • Readytochokemothernatureonout

    Thank you

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers


  • product of 79

    Thx boo... They eatin up the knicks rite now? let's GOOO#CAVS? #INDIANS?

  • stav

    Toothpick legs on deck, and her complexion looks terrible. Now please go away for good!

  • Readytochokemothernatureonout

    Yesss go Cavs

  • yoliewinecorporation

    KIM ain't broke. Chick sitting on Millions. She's probably tired from dressing up every day going out doing nothing calling the paparazzi for pictures. Doing the the same shit every day gets tiring & boring IMO.

  • ?Time2Shine?

    Forced into exile???? Y'all been posting stories on seeing her everyday.

  • SandraRose

    All I see is lipstick.

  • SandraRose

    Nice pic!

  • Readytochokemothernatureonout

    Thank you Auntie

  • SandraRose

    When you spend more than you make, you're broke. The Kardashians are living way beyond their means.

  • SandraRose

    Not I. You must be talking about Instagram bloggers.

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    And he is going bat crazier .... he could control himself somewhat before. Now he is extra reckless. I won't be surprised one day if he puts a chair in the middle of the stage and just sits down and cries . Probably will want to paid for it too??

  • Freeriah

    E didn't cancel the show

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    I guess that's why Kris gets Khloe to find gullible athletes/rappers to support her.

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    Sighhhh ! This was their chance!

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    Kim looks like she is a ghetto cousin of the Adams family...

  • Freeriah

    I know right.

  • ?Time2Shine?

    Yeah you don't Sandra but every other blog site do. She's out everyday, from what I see.

  • kekeb

    Why everybody wearing slides now

  • product of 79

    Indians eating up too 2-0?? Lookin real good Cleveland lookin good ?

  • TransHuman

    Its hard dealing with chit like robbery. It never ever goes away. Never. She look like I did when I went thru it. U really dont want to be around people everybody is suspect including family. That chyt is mentally draining it will take time.....I wish her well on her mental state. .

  • Readytochokemothernatureonout

    They do ?

  • jazmine

    Frfr if I was her I'd get armed security and act the same way cuz next time y'all bîtches gonna die ??

  • Wolfperm

    Open post?! Cool. I'm sick and TIRED of this broad and her entire family with this these over the top staged/fabricated storylines and events just to get the top spot on the blogs. It's OK when they record and film others transgressions and use them for ratings/profit or to simply damage their public image and/or careers.. but when it comes to their b s.. no one can speak on it or they threaten to sue. It's about time E! canceled that nonsense and they (along with mainstream media including ALL networks and their affiliates) need to cease and desist with ALL of those KUWTK marathons that the public is forced to endure on a regular basis. Just ban all of their ases from national television and the Internet.. PLEASE! Stop posting her raggedy as on these sites with stories that no one believes or cares to read about. Just let them ALL fade into obscurity!

  • Vonn

    Yup, all she did was take off her make up. She always looks tattered & torn without make up.

  • Renee Bee

    Oh it's on there. Concealer, color corrector, primer. Layers!

  • Valerie D. Henderson

    Look like Kanye hit her in the eye.

  • T3

    Makes perfectly good sense!

  • JJ

    My theory is that Kim Kardashian was physically and possibly sexually violated during the Parisian robbery. She has since ONLY been seen in layers/hoodies/hats. These are common extreme reversals in the appearance and wardrobe of sexual assault victims. The time will come when we learn in her "third" phase of exposure the intricate details of that evenings events. I suppose she will do a special or interview and or write a book about her having survived her life's most trying experience...... next to living with the Yay-Meister.
    I am not a KimK fan, however, if they put a "banana in the tail-pipe" then I am prepared to cut her some slack.

  • GuestSTAR

    I'm a little bit more jaded than you. I think her whole 'look' in this pic is by design, planned. The flip flops, dowdy big clothes, serious, makeup free, sad facial expression. Its almost like she purposely wanted to be seen this way. Maybe to draw sympathy because its so different than her usual look or perhaps after looking at this Kim, people will be less incredulous about the whole incident and start to believe she was actually robbed.

  • rachel

    I concur.

  • Ebbie U.

    This heffa probably got some more work done and laying low to heal lol

  • Prof. Taco Juice

    You've probably heard the song by now but here goes

    This was my jam back in the day

  • bella28498 .

    She depressed because she's missing the limelight and the empire crumbling

  • Violet Rose

    I thought the same damn thing.

  • Wolfperm

    They're ALL for sale.

  • Monday

    I believe the real Kim disappeared since they replaced her with this skinny young Donnatella. Her last posts were not even coherent she is wayyyy tooo skinny. Jonathan who is behind her even had an episode where he linked up with a Kim K look a like because Kim K has no time for him

  • Chellie141508

    Actually she did lie a new season of KUWTK started Sunday..just thought I'd put that out

  • Amel

    E! is not cancelling that show. Also, Kim has money in the bank, she'll be fine either way.

  • JustRight13

    She looks native American. But isn't she middle Eastern or something?

  • Amel


  • JustRight13

    Its like she googled post traumatic syndrome and is doing it step by step.... Too far. She has thicker skin than this... We've seen it.

  • MScommunication

    I know traumatic events change people but she has on a hoodie and flip flops. I can't.

  • Monday

    She had to step out after that interview nobody cares.

    She reminds me of Britney Spear whenshe shaved her head... Maybe Kim has her mid-life crisis??


    It looks like Kim to me! Without all that clown asss makeup on, she looks like a normally chick but then again, she looks weird asss fuk and I don't understand whats all the hoop and halla over Kim. If a chick can't look naturally beautiful without the make-up then she ain't all that! I'm just sayn..,.

  • January Jones

    She looks like she got her soul sucked right out of her

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

    This is the best she has ever looked

  • Decked Out

    So NOBODY could purchase Ice Cream for her? She is such a Liar & Loser. Remember now, she said on 60 Minutes - You don't know Why I am FAMOUS. Well, look at my Bank Account. So she must be a Rich Bytch too.



  • Decked Out

    Look behind her and see her Creepy BFF.

  • S. Williams

    last year I suffered depression and one of the things that helped was me making my own wigs and doing my hair. I've loved doing hair since I was 6yrs old and it allowed me to escape for a few hours. I used my hobby and love of doing hair as a means to cope, to soothe my mind. it was like ok my hair is done, I look good, I'm alive, now let's tackle some demons today *shrugs* not everyone is ugly while depressed. that's why so many ppl kill themselves and ppl have no clue bc they didn't "look" depressed. we may not like her but don't get desensitized to the fact that she is a human being and we have no idea what she is going through

  • APeachLikeMe

    So.. I just read that Beyonce's husband wants to buy Prince's music for 40 Mil... I really don't like the idea of that.... But who am I...*shrugs shoulders* -

  • Jen_n_juice

    Well that's a change for her. She usually the one sucking

  • ebonics

    She should stay in hiding. I like her better that way ;)

  • Alisa

    She aint in that much of a exile if her ass going out for ice cream with sprinkles. She just wants the media attention. Plus anything to make the show look like it was their choice & not the ratings. She called somebody or had her own peeps take and send out the pic. I wish the whole family including Chyna would just go away. If we ignore them no stories nothing refuse to report om them that is the only way it will work. Even this dumb ass ice cream story should hv been trashed

  • Jen_n_juice

    My theory is that Kim Kardashian was physically and possibly sexually violated during the Parisian robbery. She has since ONLY been seen in layers/hoodies/hats.
    Seriously????? She's already done interviews and stated she was NOT physically nor sexually assaulted. ... andddddd only her upper body is layered and covered. As someone who's been sexually assaulted, you cover your WHOLE body not just the upper

  • Jen_n_juice

    This. .... I believe 1000 %

  • AListDiva29

    I don't think it's officially canceled yet, but it's been on since 2007, people are sick of this family, and I think most don't believe she was robbed! Their house of cards is starting to fall, get some popcorn!

  • disqus_FW7pCIigCY

    I believe she went into hiding because she had work done on her face and body and she needed time to heal, Remember when she came back to the states her faced was covered with a jacket, we know that fame whore wouldn't cover her face after she was robbed, she would've showed us how upset she was and crying with snot everywhere.

  • ………

    That's her look alike, she hired.

  • Pulse87

    I think this is the body double.

  • January Jones

    Ooooooh LMAO

  • Tea??

    That's her lol her "hiatus" was really her correcting all of that bad plastic surgery she's gotten. She looks good here

  • Lazy bones

    Finally she is back, I missed her??????????

  • darealwifey

    People, in general, are really cold. Ya know, I'm not a fan of the Kardashians, but shit happens. If the robbery really happened, I feel bad because I cannot even begin to imagine how traumatic it would be to have someone burst into the safety of your bedroom at night and put a gun to your head and tie you up...whatever the case, she don't look good. Maybe it's depression from the robbery. Maybe it's depression from her show getting cancelled or maybe it's because she is realizing how much people despise her since no one believes her being robbed. I don't know, but I don't wish ill on NOBODY. It's never that deep to me.

  • SoChlo

    How can you look that unhappy holding an ice cream cone?

  • Guess Who


  • TheReal

    There are previews on E saying new episode is Sunday. They're still on.

  • Sexy Lexy

    Damn .. she looks like that crap sucked THE ENTIRE LIFE out of her ... Depression is not a pretty scene ... she is traumatized ... LOVES the hoodie .. its kute .. I hope she mentally recovers .. it looks mental

  • Desi

    Right?! Contouring is a muthaf*cka, ain't it?!?!

  • Mrs Mary

    im glad that kim k is without makeup and showing the world that everyone has dark circles under their eyes and it's ok to be real and show your flaws


    Yes it is, the contouring makeup be having these chicks around here looking like a friendly ghost walking the earth!

  • esh

    she is the "can't get right" of fashion, i swear. she cannot do casual or couture right. she looks a mess (by the influence of kanye) in whatever she put on. geez. something always looks off no matter what she put on (odd body parts).

  • Aletha Davis

    yeah that is the attention whore, whoring for attention. if beyonce and jay give in and becomes her friend I'm done with them. everybody else gave in and kiss their azzez not beyonce and jay. i'm done when that happens

  • Nycholle Curry

    That is her double, that is not her. Celebrities do this all of the time for security purposes.