Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned from rightwing blog

The conservative, alt-right journalist stirred a firestorm of controversy when he appeared to defend underage sex with young boys in a videos that surfaced online Sunday.

Milo announced his resignation on Tuesday at a press conference in New York City, a day after the news broke that Breitbart was considering firing him.

“I would be wrong to allow my poor choice of words to detract from my colleagues’ important reporting, so today I am resigning from Breitbart, effective immediately. This decision is mine alone,” he said.

The embattled blogger served as Breitbart's Senior Tech editor.

On Tuesday, Breitbart staffers threatening to walk out if Milo wasn't terminated.

The growing backlash against Milo cost him a lucrative book deal, and CPAC rescinded its invitation to him to speak at the conservative conference on Wednesday.

Simon & Schuster announced Monday it terminated a book deal for Milo's book "Dangerous" amid the growing public outcry.

On Monday, Milo responded to the growing controversy in a statement on his Facebook page.

He said he was "horrified" by pedophilia and wrote, "I am a gay man, and a child abuse victim.".

Milo had earlier stated he willingly lost his virginity to a gay man at age 13.

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  • SoChlo

    Was this the guy who was stopped from speaking at a college and Trump lashed out at the school and threatened to stop federal funding?

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    Bon Voyage!!

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller

    Yes i believe it was

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    Good! Maybe now he will go jump off a bridge with his hateful self.

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    Good. Ole clown ? azz.

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    Thanks for the Glow-Up Auntie.

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    Dont resign now
    Please do tell us more about you conservatives and your so called beliefs

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    i was really pretending to care about these weirdo white folk and their cave people problems....but im just here for the comments

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    How did the first ladies whole family get VISAs to live here. Rich people rules

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    Yay! Now we aint gotta talbout it no more!

    If I see leftwing rightwing again...those words are in your book of favorite thangs lol.

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    Wow dogged Leslie and got a check. He is resurface as something else.

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    Yep dunno if it was his real account or the parody one tho...

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    Oh well, "Karma at its finest?. He was the the one saying Ghostbusters Actress, Leslie Jones looked like a "Gorilla?

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    Who is this lunatic promoting pedophiles and why did he have a book deal in the first place. Why is this sick man considered important????

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    He looks dirty as if he smells like a dog.

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    Damnnnnn.. ruined ur lil career over night.. jus like that! Jus like you tried it with Leslie

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    "The conservative, racist pedophile..." There. Rewrote the start of the second paragraph to make it more to the point.

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    You're right! Rich yt folk problems. How convenient.

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    battyboy a promote pedophilia, gross.

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    A gay conservative never had a chance just like a Christian liberal.

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    Ok, he's not just a gay conservatives and you know it. There are plenty of gay conservatives, this man is evil.

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    That's why there was outrage he was telling secrets

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    I got that feeling too

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    In other words it was a forced resignation or get fired?

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    This is just an example of the confusion that many men and or women battle after being molested and abused as a child or adult...the human body may get aroused but the brain is what leads it all...just a sad situation and he clearly has been mislead into believing some of the things that happened to him were OK... Im just surprised he was reprimanded... I almost thought being white and gay meant you where untouchable in society... Js

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    Good now mr hot dog water can go sit in a corner.?

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    He probably messes with young men, he needs to be investigated.

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    Lol omg our first lady is a mail order bride...totally American

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    He's just a waste of space
    That's all

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    why Tupac look like Sammy Davis III

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    so 1st he WILLINGLY lost his virginity to an older man at 13 and it was so beautiful (ugh) and now he was a victim of child abuse! Pick a story/lane and own it! It's all nasty anyway... smh

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    people have been eating their words more and more I see ...