Maia Campbell

T-Hood, the sugary sweet rapper who filmed '90s actress Maia Campbell begging for money at a Stone Mountain, Ga. gas station over the weekend, defended his actions in an Instagram video this morning.

The 40-year-old actress is best known for her role on LL Cool J's '90s television sitcom, 'In the House'. She was last seen on Queen Latifah's Centric reality show, 'From the Bottom Up', which aired last November.

Before that, Campbell made headlines for multiple arrests stemming from public intoxication, theft, and disorderly conduct charges.

T-Hood, who is more known for his gas station videos than his music, uploaded the shocking video of Campbell to his page @hatershatethood. He has since taken his page private, but not before responding to the "black hypocrites" who criticized him for exploiting the mentally ill actress.

He responded to rapper/actor LL Cool J's plea for Maia's contact info so he could possibly help her (as others have tried to help her in the past).

LL Cool J

LL Cool J

T-Hood replied to Cool J:

"I can tell you exactly where she at bro. I tried to help her for a long time but she doesn't want the help. If you try to take her away from that block she will attempt to fight you. She been on Redan (Road) for a few years. I never meant for the video to go crazy like that. She a sweet girl just very out her mind on drugs. I never gave her any drugs or nothing I just recorded her cause she asked me too. If you would like to find her hit my phone. [number redacted]."

T-Hood later wrote that the actor deleted his post from his page. "Let's see if LL actually her," he wrote before defending himself some more. "I'm far from a bad person I have provided plenty for her."


Here is T-Hood giving Campbell a couple of dollars for pumping gas into his SUV.

T-Hood responds to backlash:



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Sweet rapper T-Hood and Cartier Ceasar:

  • hotntot95

    Can't make a grown person stop being self destructive...been there tried that....?

  • APeachLikeMe

    ..My daughter was locked up with her in Gwinnett County not too long ago.. She told me then Ma.. that girl is crazy.. .Maia wanted me to call her dad (who lives in CA) so he could put some money on her books..I did..couldn't get an answer so I left a message.. I read prior stories that she hit a bad spot in life.. so I didn't make a big thing about it ..Was more so shocked that my daughter was in the same dorm as her.. Just didn't realize until I saw the video how lost she really is/was..

  • missmiami305

    I thought she cleaned herself up? Growing up I thought she was gorgeous. ? for her and dude is such a lame

  • MissyJ

    But World Star posts randoms everyday..... I agree with dude as far as that goes. I we shouldn't exploit one, we shouldn't exploit any

  • ThottyPippen

    He's no better than the other MEN that posted her for likes/attention. She needs help. Serious help. I hope she has it in her to find that help.

    I watched that Iyanla episode that she was on and was really rooting for her. Being on that show may have opened up wounds she wasn't ready to deal with. I just hate her daughter has to see these things AGAIN.

  • datATLboi

    DRUGS ARE BAD.......he says wit a blunt in his hand lol

  • Please Stop The Madness

    He is correct. I am not even IN GA but got mad folks who ARE and this is not a secret. Her location. This is also not her first or even second or THIRD time being filmed either. So stop it.

  • tintin

    wow. very sad. however i do agree with him. if it was a white crackhead or another black crackhead who was not once a celebrity, there would have been hahhhaa, lmao and dwl. when they post homegirl below, no one is up in arms and this woman needs serious help

  • Mbailey

    REMINDS me of Whitney during her tragic spiral into being a crack addict: Everybody laughed at her when she was at her lowest point. Then it was ALL love after she passed. I couldn't believe the number of hypocrites who were laughing at her for years and the day before her death, talking about how much they now loved her and whose fault it was that she was dead. Ya'll all laughed her into further misery and made her life hell. But now you love her. People who make fun of drug addicts and people with mental illnesses have a very special place waiting for them in hell.

  • SuperScooper1

    And a roach tentacle, I mean dreadloc, on his head looking 3 bad nights from standing on the corner his damn self.

  • Mbailey

    THAT'S beside the point, dear. And quite juvenile thinking. He is making fun of a individual with obvious mental health issues trying to medicate through crack usage. That's the ONLY point here.

  • Kanyade

    Mercy. :(

  • SuperScooper1

    Mental illness can be a chicken/egg scenario. She could be trying to self-medicate or the drugs caused the mental illness. That coupled with what she allegedly went through in Hollywood is enough to make someone lose their mind. I'm hoping she and your daughter will keep their heads up. They deserve as much compassion and empathy as the Justice Department is showing for white offenders...

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    Social Media is a double edged sword.
    And he is correct. No one asked him, AS THEY WERE DRAGGING HIM, where she could be found, so they could help her to get off drugs. No One.

  • Torae

    He posted her for likes and to exploit her. These men seem like they have the minds of 15 year olds...he's a punk and looks like he needs a bath and a toothbrush

  • Jessica2248

    If she doesn't want your help as you say, why break out the video recorder? I guess we have to get likes and attention anyway we can huh? I don't think anyone would like that being done to their family member. I would hope not anyway, never know these days. People are so hard up for social media attention they'll do anything.

  • Jessica2248

    You re exactly right, but he shouldn't exploit them either.

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    Damn I thought Maia was doing better

  • yvette46

    He's kinda telling the truth if she was an unknown drug addict people wouldn't pay it no mind..

  • ThottyPippen

    I think it's beside the fact of whether she was known or unknown. The point is she IS known and most people know her story and know for a fact that she has mental illnesses. He's kinda proving that point. He knew that he would get attention posting HER, just like the other men that taped her.

  • Soda

    What's the difference between the person tintin posted and the person T-Hood posted except one's a known celebrity?

  • Torae

    Yea that's true but if she was unknown would he have posted her? I doubt it that's why he posted for likes. He knew what he was doing and now is surprised that people didnt laugh and lol at his post like he thought they would now they're dumb ass black people because he didn't receive the outcome he was looking for...?????

  • ThottyPippen

    I think she was always bi-polar, based on what she said during her interviews. She just had to try to keep it in check for her acting jobs.

  • Mbailey

    DRUG addition and mental illness is no laughing matter. Especially as many people are afflicted with either, and many families are suffering. Your children may be afflicted with a mental illness or a future drug addiction. How funny is that now?

  • Listen2Me

    True it's sad to see her in this state; but if this guy is known for his gas station videos-was he being malicious in recording her? Or was he doing what he's known for? Not saying it's right; but apparently it's what he does.

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Nuccas like this thang aint ish....I hate exploitation of this kind! Only black arse attention seeking pressed for a by any means NECESSARY comeup do messiness like this. FOH to post this on the www a d think it's righteous is BS...OLE LAME ARSE BUSTER!!


    A lot of black men are just weak..... Why are you posting videos of people anyway....
    Childish. She is someones mother and daughter and she has mental issues. Do you go around filming at homeless shelters and on random people down on their luck on the street.
    The sad part is these weak men dont try to help out anyone they want fame and attention themselves.
    He was a 100% malicious videotaping her. Some black people are a disgrace and he is one of them. He looks worse than Mia Campbell because we all know she is mentally ill. What is his excuse?

  • Elevated Soul

    Sad...I feel bad for anyone no matter who they are that are controlled by an addiction,no matter the addiction because they hurt themselves more than anyone else.

    It's dangerous being a crack addict.I remember once reading where this lady had a train ran on her just because she was famous. Like most on drugs,she also will trick for money to get drugs and on top of that she has a mental illness.

  • imright

    fck that niigga who taped her !!??period. LL got her now tho she good??

  • Yardgirl

    She is mentally ill and an addict which is a lethal combination. I hope and pray that she can get the help she needs??????

  • imright

    yea thats true but ppl have their own probs to deal with.????? i think ppl are saying just let her be !! dont exploit her for likes. help or leave her alone !!

  • SuperScooper1

    Any word on why her family is so hands off? I mean if people want to run the street you can't really stop them, but maybe she needs to leave Atlanta and go back to the West Coast if her family is there?

  • Mark mcharm

    Why did you make this about black men ? when everyone is trying to get 15 minutes of fame on the internet from troubled people. kardashian did the same thing the internet has made idiotsof people posting everything.

  • imright

    him and that dumb asss dread hangin ?? what type of style is that ?! ?


    LOL You left off extremely weak black men.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    She had kinda cleaned herself up for a while. This was like back in 2012. Even went on Iyanla's Fix My Life show and was rebuilding her relationship with her daughter. But I guess those old demons came back and got a hold of her.

  • ThottyPippen

    From the Iyanla episode, she down-spiraled when her mom died. Her step-dad is still living and he tries to help when he can, but like you said, there's not much you do if that person wants to run the streets.

  • Alicia.Ashe

    What's with his hair? Looks stupid.

  • Soda

    In this case there's no difference, and your previous comment was pointless.

  • SunnyChi

    This dude has one dread?! Tf! She is mentally ill and on top of that she does drugs. Just all together a bad situation. And dude knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted his lil 15 minutes of fame. Sad all around.

  • Diva4lyfe

    to watch this is so sad. OMG she loves her mom and to go through the fact of not having her and to see her mom in this state is so sad. I hope and pray her daughter is doing well and that she continues to lift her mom up in prayer.

  • SayWhatNow?

    Not only did he tape her, he told her to pump his gas! If you don't get your weak, one dread wearing like a bang ass out of here with that F*ck SH*t!

  • Cheese eggs

    Umm...what's that in the from of your head dude??

  • Lovely1

    So he showing us the money he gave her "now"....after humiliating her by showing her pumping the gas (only) in the clip. He's young and has poor judgment (which hopefully he will outgrow) like many young folk....but I'm actually glad the backlash made him tighten up a little and respond. I had been wondering what had happened to her. I was hoping she would have been hiding out somewhere getting ready for an even better comeback. Hate to have found out this way.

  • Lovely1

    I, for one, always squirm when I see people post video clips of others strung out on drugs. The fact that Maia IS well known makes it that much more sentimental to everyone...especially who knows of her mental illness. Given the fact that he is as young as he is, I doubt he knew how beloved she was/is...If anything, knowing her story and seeing her strung out like that makes me think about what others on the street have gone through and who they were before they fell from grace...white or black. There are those who feel the way you said tho...

  • Hugga Bunch

    And it's the color purple, ole b**** a** dude. Ugh.

  • ShWa

    LOL ikr.

  • ShWa

    I hope so, I hope and pray she stays clean this time, we are all rooting for her!

  • Coy little wink

    Her mom was bebe moore campbell the author.....she wrote about her daughter's metal illness...her family is not hands off...when you turn 18 you are an adult and there is nothing anyone can do if you do not want to take your have to be suicidal or homicidal for a court to intervene

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Leave this woman alone quit exploiting her... Your judgements will backfire .... #warning ?

  • Coy little wink

    She is mentally ill...her mother was bebe moore Campbell the author...she wrote about her mentally illness in a book called 72 hour hold...she is probably using drugs to self medicate instead of taking the prescribed ones that would actually help her...which then exacerbates her illness..very sad

  • Rayne

    That was a beautiful girl. I'm so hurt.

  • Rayne

    That's why I could NEVAAHH mess with a young dude. They are too stupid for me. Ion know how the 40 something women who do mess with the young fellas do it. I'll go upside on their damn heads.

  • MistaO

    Life is full of choices. At the end of the day if you are an adult, you must accept responsibility for the choices you make.

    Mental illness is a reality, however, there are many who use it as an excuse for their immoral behavior. Js

  • free

    yep. didn't we see whitney at a gas station too?

  • free

    yep, i just asked somebody because didn't we see her at the gas station too?

  • free


  • free

    oh wow, i don't think i saw this one.


    Kicking one at their lowest point ain't cool at all. I wish her the best , and hopefully this time get the help that she needs????????

  • Lovely1

    I'm still trippin because God knows how many times I'm on Redan Road...Probably have passed her before having no idea who she is. Bless her heart. smh Definitely praying for her and her fam.

  • 2telldatruth

    He's the lowest dog on Earth.

  • Quitedeliteful


  • Ms.Vanilla

    Mr. Rose never fails to post the most undesirable photos he can find.

  • nekkkyj

    Maybe people will reach out to her and she can get the help that she needs with the video being posted but she has to b willing to help herself

  • JerseyMom

    What has LL done to help her?

  • 2telldatruth

    You may want to research or take a few classes regarding "Mental Illness" because what you're saying doesn't sense.

  • Guess Who

    This is like the 3rd time this woman has been filmed behaving erratically and crackish. Yeah, she's mentally ill and a drug user but I will say this. That never has, never will be relevant "rapper" who recorded her has a point. Most folks would have CTFU had she been a random crackhead on the block and shared the vid with others so they also could laugh. I find it ALWAYS SAD when a drug addict or mental case is being filmed while high or experiencing a psychotic episode but that doesn't stop others from laughing or filming...or the person being filmed from acting out.

    I feel so badly for this once gorgeous chick however MANY have reached out to her to get her help and she ain't having it. Exploiting her is definitely not the answer but until SHE IS READY for help, ain't shyt that can be done to save her.

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    Dare i say it? YESSSSS!!!!! because she's black!!!!!! Don't post it!!!!! You don't justify it by saying "If she were white" the backlash wouldn't be the same. That statement is stupid.

  • Quitedeliteful


  • Quitedeliteful

    I'm glad LL is willing to try to help his former co-star...

  • Malcom Flex

    Some black males treat black women the same way white men treat them. Fuck the excuses and reasons why do better.

  • Faithz

    My, My.

  • SandraRose

    People say this every time a video comes out about her. The fact is you can't make a 40-year-old grown woman do anything to help herself unless she wants the help.

  • KarmaBackAround

    I did see on this very blog not long ago how bad maya was doing..but it did say at that time she was said to be doing better and turnin her life sorry it was short lived.. One thing about it you can't be mad at this guy for posting her..if not him some other butt hole would have.. And could've been wayyyy more disrespectful about it..

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    This story hurts my heart as well. I grew up watching her, I read her mother's books. for me, being a brown girl, and being caught in that world of light skinned vs. dark skinned, Mia Campbell on the screen represented a beauty, I wanted to emulate. The fact that this DUDE, who ever the hell he is, would exploit her, and hide the fact he is exploiting her, behind a stupid ass statement of "IF SHE WERE WHITE" is insulting. To imply that he posted the video as a pseudo PSA towards the message of crack is whack is BS. and what the hell is a "ONE DREAD" i hope a RASTA finds him and smack the lock of that dread

  • Yetunde

    I don't think LL will get very far in trying to help her. Unless she is willing to accept the help, there is very little he can do. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

  • The Realest 514

    This young man was looking for attention and he got it both negative and positive. I'm so old I'm a fan of Maia's mother, Bebe Moore Campbell. She wrote a book called 72 Hour Hold and chronicled the story of a mother trying to save her bipolar child who wasn't always that way. It was a sad tale and her mother died of brain cancer I think. She used to take care of Maia until she passed. Not sure where her children are or where her dad or step dad is. Maia has been out of control for years. Some people are beyond help. Iyanla couldn't fix her either.

  • The Realest 514

    LL didn't help her when she was in LA. I don't take him as taking a genuine interest in helping her. This isn't the first time videos hit the internet of her.

  • SuperScooper1

    Thanks for the info; Very sad situation.

  • KarmaBackAround

    Dang so her mom actually wrote a book about what she went thru with thats troubling.


    "Weak" Black men. Not all but it is a segment of the population that has a tendency to be very exploitive and non empathetic to black women. I am using the term men very loosely. Mia Campbell is sick mentally thats like making fun of somebody with down syndrome or who is autistic. Maybe some of you are not intellectually advanced enough to comprehend mental illness so you have a hard time empathizing. Yet anytime it's a black woman who is mentally sick it is a strange culture that has emerged that its okay to ridicule and make fun of them. It is the ultimate form of bullying.
    Rob the slob and the stripper prostitute was a different post. Yet I have posted about the E channel because there whole Kardashian hype is really their fault but thats whole other conversation.

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    would there have been? hahaha(s), lmao(s) and dwl(s)? Most black people know a Mia or have a Mia in there family. So when you guys are saying what a reaction would be if she were someone other than someone people are familiar with...Who are those people? WHO woudn't be just as affected? Who wouldn't be laughing?

  • Yetunde

    Does being a fan of Bebe Moore Campbell make you old? I'm a big fan of her work too. I'm 38, I didn't think that was very old...

  • KarmaBackAround

    My thought is why wait til now to want to help her..why not attempt to help her years and years sure if we the general public knew of her troubles that he was WELL over LL..

  • garrisonville

    he wasn't tryna do no more than make this girl look bad on camera. save all that PSA "this is what drugs will do to you" bullshit. he wanted attention. he got it. even if it was on someone else's expense. he should be ashamed of himself.

  • SandraRose

    Ask anyone who has a drug addict in their family.

  • KcoolMuziq

    Maia and her mother had a VERY turbulent relationship. They weren't even speaking when she passed. Maia further went out of control when she found out her boyfriend years ago was on the dl. She OUTTED him.

    Why hasn't LL stepped in to help her in the YEARS leading up to this?

  • klwbaby

    I can u tell from first hand experience that u can not help someone unless they truly want the help and are willing to change. My cousin has been on crack since the 80s and her mother has spent well over a million dollars trying to get her to stop doing drugs.

  • nomika brown

    It is so sad that we live in a society that when you see someone down you don't think enough of that person to help them but you try to hurt them for your own selfish needs or wants but what comes around goes around you never know when you will be on the receiving end

  • guest

    He sounds sincere and he stated some truth. Keep in mind he is young and didn't think first. As for her she probably doesn't want help, Sad Sad Sad Sad!

  • Ni Ni

    I'm sure everyone has tried to help her at this point. Her former costars are not obligated to help her over and over again. It they reached out already, that's all you can do. Even with family members, sometimes you just have to let them go. At this point, her mind is probably to far gone. This guy and the ones like him should be ashamed. He wouldn't want anyone filming his family members.

  • IntroSpective


  • SuperScooper1

    Without asking Ms. Sandra to make a declarative statement (she has advertisers to think about and this is a business) has anyone else noticed that the people who've allegedly had Iyanla "Fix Their Life" are just as bad off as they were before?

    It might be because there's no after-care or clinical follow-up and counseling for these people. It's a reality show so it's not fair to expect that much.

    When I saw the lotto winner who kept bailing her boyfriend out of jail I knew I had to stop watching the show. I can't risk my blood pressure going that high again.

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    lol noooo it makes you smart

  • We Can Do This

    There are some people you just can not help, and sometimes doing so can put you in the same situation.

  • Peter Piper ATL

    I have a relative who has been Baker Acted half a dozen times; and yet, she still wants to pop pills, snort, indulge in "Tina Bowls", prostitute herself and run the streets, sleeping in countless motel rooms and alleys with any man who'll pay for it.

    She does not want help. "Help", for her, and so many others, means giving up the drugs--and a lot of people don't want to do that.

    You can't do anything sometimes but get the hell out of the way and let people hit rock bottom then maybe, hopefully, they see what they need to do to get back in control of their own lives.

    I have experience with this sort of stuff, believe me.

  • NicoleZee

    Wow! There really are two sides to every story. He still should not have recorded her though. If you're out in public and someone starts harassing you for drugs or money, why not call the cops or tell the store manager??? Sometimes people that are high or drunk can be dangerous. He should have just walked away, period.

  • Peter Piper ATL

    And LL Cool J is a mess. All of a sudden he wants to point fingers and needs "contact info" when he knows full well this woman has been on a downward spiral for years.

    If he actually cared, he would have tried to help her out way before now. And she ain't hard to find; most dope heads aren't.

    LL is full of shyt, as usual. If this situation hadn't got this much attention, he would have continued doing what he had been doing all this time--ignoring her and keeping his distance. I hate the faux concern.

  • Ariel

    He's telling the truth. She's not hiding. Same block every day. If people were concerned, folks on Redan and Hairston would stop using and abusing her and help her.

  • Rayne

    Exactly ,the video was to shame her.

  • NicoleZee

    I'm wondering why the police and mayors of these cities are not doing more to keep drug addicts and homeless people off the street. It's sad. A lot of tourists come to Atlanta and complain about the panhandling, just like any major city. Something needs to be done, whether these people want help or not. They should not be harassing others for money or drugs, but yet if someone gets violent with them, then that person will be in the wrong. So they like being on the streets but feel the need to beg and some don't want help??? Then if they don't want help, why can't they just leave people alone and stop begging then?? I don't get it. I get tired of going out and folks are begging. Don't even get me started on MARTA!!! Can't even ride the damn train or shop in peace because people are begging, then they have an attitude if you don't help them. I'm like, how the hell am I obligated to help you when I have to help myself and my family. The f*ck???

  • abby500

    Come on through! LL jumped on this through social media when he is a highly connected entertainer. He had to use Instagram? He did this for self-serving reasons: Attention for LL. Now he's this great hero. Nope.

  • disqus_FW7pCIigCY

    True...this should be a teaching moment for all of us, in fact I showed my young daughters the before when she was on TV, I told them that her mother was a famous Author BE-BE MOORE CAMPBELL, and that Maia went to SPELLMAN college...Drugs kill and destroy people lives and she's no different from a stranger we don't know, he should've posted her to show EVERYBODY what drugs will do to you, this may help some people in Maia Past Industry so they will think twice about drugs, Maia was helped a few years ago and was given a chance to make a "comeback" that's not what she wants.

  • Harley

    LL is acting all helpful all the sudden but HE GOT THIS GIRL BLACKBALLED!!!! There were issues with them on set and HE screwed up HER career! BYE LL!!!!!1

  • Harley

    He got her Blackballed when she left the show!!!! He is doing THE most!

  • SummerBaby

    That first pic of her ????

  • Quitedeliteful

    Oh wow... She's been strung out for a minute then. I wonder why all the concern on his part now...

  • Miany

    really? well why did she leave the show?

  • NicoleZee

    I wonder what the issues were or was this a case of her being mad that LL was the star of the show the same way that Janet Hubert was jealous and mad that Will Smith was the major star of The Fresh Prince. LL doesn't seem like the mean spirited type, but you never really know these days.

  • NicoleZee

    If he wasn't concerned, why didn't he just stay quiet like everyone else??? However, he needs to realize that there is probably nothing he can do. He can't force her into treatment. But she can be put on a 72 hour hold I think, but it probably won't do any good if she just goes right back to the streets once she's released. I heard that plenty of people have tried to help her, but she doesn't want it. In that case, you just have to move on, nothing you can do but pray. Sad.

  • Mister Fantastic

    Yeah LL doing like Steve Harvey did Bernie Mack. Crying because they payed a part in the person's struggle.

    Maria wasn't diagnosed as bi-polar/ schizophrenia while on the show. She was acting out something fierce.

  • Mister Fantastic

    Maia went untreated and mediated for years for bi-polar/ schizophrenia. She self medicated using illegal drugs. Her case is classic as denial of such mental issues in the Black community.

  • Peter Piper ATL

    I don't think he's ever really been close to her, rumors aside.

    He had no choice but to speak up sweetie, because he knew people would be asking why he hadn't tried to do anything to help her out.

    LL is a very selfish man. He's also very image conscious. He's not that friendly either. Its funny to me because the image the public has of him is nowhere near what he's really like although I gotta say, after first getting to know him in 1984, his personality has improved a lot since then.

    Maia has got to get herself together. Only she can do it. Help is always there for anybody who wants it, but you gotta take the first steps.

  • Peter Piper ATL

    He is doing the most. People like that kill me. If he cared, he wouldn't have waited for a post on Instagram to get her contact info. LL has a lot of friends in Atlanta--he could have easily sent somebody to check up on her, or he could have come himself, although he claims to hate Atlanta so much.

  • THE Queen

    being in awe os a car that has a longer life span than ignorant young ninjas. sad that people are so enamored with things and stuff yet, over look other humans with needs. Jesus come.

  • Peter Piper ATL

    LL was claiming she was difficult to work with, didn't take directions well and was always late.

    He's said that was part of the early onset of her addiction.

  • Peter Piper ATL


  • Miany

    For some reason I don't think this was an issue of denial. Her mom wrote an entire book about mental health/ mental illness/ bipolar (which she purportedly has) I think it is just a tragic case of Maia experimenting with addictive street drugs and realizing she likes them more than her prescription drugs. She became a user and now likes the drugs more than her self, her daughter, her dignity everything. It is sad and tragic but, I don't think this is a result of the black community denying the existence of mental health issues.

  • Miany

    damn.. so that must be why he never reached when the world FIRST found out about her issues.

  • Miany

    Yeah LL doing like Steve Harvey did Bernie Mack. Crying because they payed a part in the person's struggle.
    ^^ Spill the tea now Mister... what happened with Steve/Mack?? Has Maia ever made allegations against LL or anyone on the show?

  • Peter Piper ATL

    I'm not throwing Tea today. But since Sandra brought up LL...

    Back in the day, LL was quite a club hopper. Many of the rumors you've heard about him originate from the late 1980s and early 1990s--when he frequented clubs in NYC. Any true New Yorkers on the site will remember Kilimanjaro and Better Days--two hood-ish clubs in New York that were ratchet before there was ever such a thing.

    These were two of LL's favorite haunts. Better Days was owned by a lesbian woman, although the club was ostensibly not gay, except for certain nights. Kilimanjaro was mostly Reggae and Dancehall but, like many clubs in NYC in that era, it also catered to gays on certain nights.

    LL could be seen in those clubs on both gay and straight nights. He seemed particularly intrigued with the drag shows and female impersonators, whom he would talk to and occasionally allow a ride in his limo or custom SUV.

    Of course, LL's good friend, a then-chart topping R&B/New Jack Swing singer, turned him on to the club. That singer was himself a very down low, bisexual man who was involved with a popular male dancer from Florida who was very well-liked in NYC, where much of the epicenter of Urban entertainment was then focused.

    LL is someone who will be cool today and not even speak to you tomorrow. At all. Very strange man. But I wish him well...

    I could go on but I don't want to be messy today.

  • speakinmymind

    Why is LL or anyone else required to help her? How do we know he hasn't done so in the past? We don't! Further, where's her family in this equation? Just because her mom died doesn't mean she doesn't have other family. Damn, why are we so quick to condemn folks when we don't know who or how many times folks have tried to help her to no avail?!?

  • speakinmymind

    Facts, speculation or gossip?

  • Chuck


  • Chuck

    I met LL years ago at at college club in New Orleans. He came across as bi-sexual. ijs

  • Peter Piper ATL

    I think he made himself available for speculation once he threw himself into the discussion. Of course, he had his own self-serving reasons for doing so...

    At some point, family and friends have to let go. People who are this far gone have to rescue themselves because you could end up sick or hurt yourself by chasing a willing junkie all over town.

    Now once that person decides to seek help, then that's when you can step back in, but not a moment before that.

    I have a close relative who became ruthlessly addicted to cocaine and then heroin. I spent years and dollar$ bonding him out of jail, putting him up in homes and apartments, and I purchased him 6 different cars thinking all of this would help him get his mind right. God knows it didn't.

    He got worse. Finally, after almost 20 years of this, I let go. And I let him completely collapse. It hurt me a lot to do that, and it hurts now to admit it because of the closeness this relative and I enjoyed.

    He hated me and threatened me and resented me for not "rescuing" him anymore. People talked shyt about me for not helping him, and wondered how he could be in such a situation with relatives who had the means to do this and that for him. But that's BS--I and others did what we could and after that...his ballgame.

    It turned out, he collapsed another 8 or 9 times and finally, and just over the last 6 months, he woke up and is now healthy, recovering, and working.

    His therapy? Jail, empty pockets and lots of prayer and the realization that he had to help himself, get off the dope, or he might as well have just dug a hole in the ground and laid in it.

  • Toni ToniToni

    R&B/New Jack Swing ..??
    They had that duo?
    Keith Sweat?

  • Peter Piper ATL

    No comment.

  • Peter Piper ATL


  • Tr

    What does this have to do with the repulsive scum bag who 'wa'n't trynna' halp hur'(ATL drawl) taking advantage of her, and exploiting her for views?

  • Dowoop

    Glad to hear it turned out ok for him.

  • Peter Piper ATL

    Wendy Williams was late to the party. But she was right in that her sources were credible back in the days.

    What Wendy hasn't said is that she actually used to get her cocaine from some of the very same people who supplied cocaine to some of the artists she regularly outed, which formed the basis of her popularity.

    Sometimes, these dealers were gays. Sometimes, these gay dealers doubled as hookers.

    Shockingly, a number of entertainers would both buy drugs and trick off with these dealer hookers, a plurality of whom were cross dressers.

  • Tr

    Joking, right?!?!

  • Toni ToniToni

    Got it!

    You be having all that 4 - 1 - 1!!!! If you wrote a book, I'd surely read it. You'd be Piiizaaaiiddd.

  • Peter Piper ATL

    Yes, me too. LOL. It was not a good experience.

  • Peter Piper ATL

    Girl you are a mess LOL

  • Oretta Grace Smith

    Now I agree, SOME PEOPLE DO NOT WANT HELP!!! But I just hate he told her to pump his gas like that. She is of age, I guess he could have called the cops. I'm glad he didn't. But he should have asked himself, would he want his mom or sister shown like this.

  • Peter Piper ATL

    Oh my, is that how we really sound to you?

    Not sure how many native ATLiens you've been around...

  • Oretta Grace Smith

    Ll is not required to help, but he is trying to contact her. His choice!!!

  • Ant Hill

    Captain Save 'Em what should he have done? Put on a cape and try to rescue her? He stated the block she is on why don't you go there to the BP and save her?

  • Ant Hill

    A lot of Black women are angry birds that end up being jumped off by numerous men because they have Daddy issues* #fixed


    Apples and oranges. Keep on trying justify men who make very weak and bad moves. Picking on people who are sick and have mental and drug issues is WEAK!


    Thank You! Common sense is just not Common.

  • Tr

    -Many whom aren't extremely educated, or NOT transplants from north, yes. No offense, tho'...

  • Lolalao

    Seems like she'd be rather easy to find given the money he has. Finding her would be extremely easy. Heck, is a sure way to find someone or get an idea of where they might be.

    Look that up and remove your information!

  • Lolalao

    You can take a ? to water, but you can't make them drink. I promise it's so much truth in that statement. You tried, but at the end of the day people have to fight for their well being.

    Glad he decided to drink that water, some people don't know how. Happy for him and your family.

  • Browneyes

    Her mom is deceased. Her mom's last book before she died was about a child with mental illness. She lost custody of her daughter whom I believe may be around 15. Not sure about her father

  • Peter Piper ATL

    Thanks friend

  • Peter Piper ATL

    LOL, none taken. Believe me, I feel ya.

  • The Realest 514

    Yup... Her mother was a best selling author. I read her work years ago but she made sure Maia took her meds and was functional. Maia has 2 young daughters. I wonder what happened to them.

  • Waliyah Sadiq

    He right, we wouldn't care if it was Hillary duff. That's one of ours. I don't even have to go into the systematic drug warfare our communities and ppl have endured. He dumb af and spiritually inept.

  • Lolalao

    You're welcome, Friend ?

  • kennedy campbell

    mabye he didn't have her latest contact? people change it up right. she was on the downward..then she was up last i heard until this

  • Peter Piper ATL

    I LOVE spending time on Sandra's blog, reading Sandra's interesting and well written posts and interacting with y'all. Its really a lot of fun to have this kind of discourse with so many deep thinking, and fun to converse with, people.

    I wanna share this and I have to get dressed for a late lunch date with an old friend. Sometimes, money and a ton of outside help just doesn't get it done. In fact, money can sometimes drive a person over the cliff faster UNLESS addicts make the necessary adjustments to save themselves.

    In the early 1980s, as a very young singer, I was introduced to a young woman at a Hollywood studio and we instantly bonded. We had a few things in common and I remember us laughing and talking about a number of subjects--including how we'd never give in to the temptations of drugs and alcohol that impacted so many lives in the industry behind the scenes.

    We both admitted to smoking weed occasionally. Still taboo at the time, it was nonetheless a much more manageable and mellow alternative to cocaine.

    Both were readily and instantly available. The temptation was constantly in your face.

    My new friend and I, however, both agreed that that weed was as far as either of us wanted to go with drugs, although she told me she had experimented with cocaine before but had no interest in it.

    According to her, it was her mother--a woman she told me had at some point also experimented with alcohol and cocaine--that told her to stay away from it. She deeply respected her mom--a woman who herself had been a successful performer.

    Our paths diverged. I ultimately did not find success as an artist; she ended up topping the charts. Over the ensuing years, my friend and I would reunite only to lose contact but we'd occasionally reconnect or run into each other here and there and when we did, it was always fun.

    I was happy when she moved to Atlanta but after a single visit to her crib, I knew she was losing control.

    She was completely comfortable getting high in front of friends, and I was shocked when she asked me to pass her big, expensive Louis purse to her, which she then retrieved a few baggies out of and laid some coke out on a saucer with "W" engraved in gold on it. She didn't bother with a straw--she quickly just pressed her whole head onto the saucer.

    After that spectacle, she acted as if nothing was wrong. Now I wasn't there to judge. And it wasn't like I hadn't seen any other celeb do the same thing. Even still, she told me drugs would never control her. She told me she'd pretty much tried it all and that she'd be worse off if she was actually a junkie and since, according to her, she was "all good", that showed she wasn't a junkie.

    Drugs, she told me, were something she did mostly to relax and to enhance sexual pleasure. She loved sex a lot.

    I didn't visit her again, sad to say, and in 2006, I told a mutual friend that I thought our friend was in severe trouble--worse trouble than anybody imagined. I told her that it amazed me that nobody was successful at reaching her.

    My friend say Whitney didn't want help--she wanted to get fucked up and get fucked, just like that. I laughed at her bluntness but that was a very true assessment.

    I did talk to Whitney a few weeks before she died and she told me God had her and that she thought she could go on another 25 years, "Like Tina".

    She also told me she would indulge a little bit now and then but was pretty much clean. So basically, she dodged serious rehab and help for years, all the way up until she died on February 11, 2012.

    So sometimes, you just can't help people. They have to want to help themselves and make moves to make that happen.

  • Daffany Rose-Gilbert

    He sound gay

  • YellowSauce

    she HAS been on drugs for years and it wasn't until the post that he reached out ... she could have already been dead and who would have known if it were not for the post ... also is she mental or just on drugs ? ... it matters ... I used to be jealous of this girls hair ... she has the prettiest hair AND she was GORGEOUS ... Hollywood is a hell of a drug ....

  • BlackFeeMale

    SEE THE BULLSH!T OUR COMMUNITIES PUT EACH OTHER THROUGH WHEN WE AINT RAISED RIGHT??? I wanna slap whoever raised him just off GP. Alot of losers out here like to put people on blast then guise it under "if this was this and that was that" naw f that hoe ass niqqa period for doing this to a woman A BLACK WOMAN AT THAT. IM SURE HE GOT ISSUES WITH A WOMAN in HIS LIFE THAT TREATED HIM LIKE SHIT GROWING UP. Some will never learn the human way to live life so they do shit like this. No soul no conscience. We all need help. You dont help by supplying the demand then videotaping your "help". This lil punk will go down with this on his soul GUARANTEED. She is responsible for her demise and he is responsible for his...

  • Karen Brady

    Good stuff. Interesting about Don Cornelious (RIP).

  • KIm

    I am more of a spiritual person but if there is a higher power I pray that this young woman can be helped and have redemption of her life. This is extremely sad and it's not because she is a celebrity but showing her like this is proof that drugs can cause anyone's downfall tragically. I hope she gets well soon.

  • Liah

    He thought that s*** was funny!!...Its NOT!...But i do agree....You cant help a person that dosnt want help...Its still soooo sad though!

  • Liah

    Right!....He thought It was funny...Until he saw the back lash!

  • facingrealit1

    Maia Campbell is bipolar and on the low spectrum of schizophrenia. She abuses drugs instead of taking her medication as she doesn't "like" how the meds make her feel. Maia was an only child for Bebe Moore Campbell, who was an American author, journalist and teacher. Campbell was the author of three New York Times bestsellers and did everything she could while alive to "save" Maia, who is the mother of a daughter who is in the custody of her father.

    Maia doesn't want help - even Iyanla did a show on her life.

  • shun king

    he right if its was some black chick fighting or a black student beat a white teacher senseless it would be comedy

  • B Zandaz

    I thought I saw a few months ago she was clean and had did an interview???

  • BlackFeeMale

    Omg!!! And then this moron basically says i was tryna help her/i help her all the time. B please!! I bet u help urself to her whenever u want when u aint got another poor unfortunate soul to do it for you...nahmean????

  • Tena

    Notice how dude responded to LL's post all passive, but responded all ghetto and ignorant to folks telling him to take the post down. He didn't mention anything about trying to help her until he was confronted by LL. This dude was obviously seeking clicks and shine.

  • Mister Fantastic

    AFTER THE KING OF COMEDY TOUR: Bernie Mack was working on the set of Ocean 12 and Steve AND his agent at the time called in order to get Bernie replaced with Steve as they said he (Steve) had "more" star power. The producer said no thanks we'll keep Bernie, and exposed Steve for that sneaky ish. After Bernie died, Steve would cry more than anyone, as he knew he did Bernie and his family wrong (remorse)...

  • Unhappy American

    Wow this chick so high in the first top pic her eyes are crossed yoooo that's phucked up SMH?? up

  • Mister Fantastic

    Her mom was in denial in part as the issue was her mom believed in natural "healing" and techniques to combat mental illness. Unsubstantiated remedies...

  • JerseyNikki

    Spill the tea!

  • Peter Piper ATL

    Don was someone I admired a lot and I just don't think he could ever get enough credit for what he did for Black music, Black artists and Black people in general.

    Now he wasn't the most fuzzy wuzzy person in the world. He's been described as standoffish, and I think that's a fair assessment. He was complicated to me; detached but not necessarily snobbish; aloof but not exactly arrogant.

    Don became the Godfather of Black music, and he knew his worth--and his level of influence. He did not care for a number of industry people and went to his grave despising some surprising names.

    I loved Don, and considered him a friend. For a little while, we lived near each other.

    But Don could be a mess too, RIP. Don't let anybody fool you--Don Cornelius went to his grave hating Dick Griffey; Stephanie Mills; LL; Kurtis Blow; Flava Flav; Diana Ross; Pebbles; and he sorta loathed Eartha Kitt too.

  • KcoolMuziq

    I’ve said enough..

  • Vincent Shaw

    I like your tea, always pleasantly informative.

  • sunni_daze

    What he did was tacky and in poor taste. Simple as that.

  • kennedy campbell

    maybe he is interested now? do we really know if he did or didn't first 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc time around? she hasn't been recorded every time she's acted like this in front of people so we have no clue on other time's he's possibly reached out. maybe he couldn't find her a few times...? im just saying. i know when i don't want to be found i know how to disappear

  • Miany

    Steve is a snake.. hmmm I have a feeling Steve's lil facade is going to come tumbling down soon.

  • Miany

    Interesting. I was not aware.

  • Karen Brady

    Woah... wow.... that's some list. Thanks for the insight on him. I met him very briefly back in the early 90's. I had really long nails and he complimented them. I was young and giddy. This man we watched on our little tv in the kitchen on Saturday mornings shook my hand and complimented me :-). And yes, aloof was definitely the word I would use to described him in that brief moment. I always love reading your commentary :-).

  • Karen Brady

    I agree!

  • suganspice68

    Omg! I didn't know Don Cornelius hated a lot of those celebrities.

  • suganspice68

    Steve is a dog and i didnt care for how he treated his first wife,Mary.

  • suganspice68

    Looks like struggle dreads.

  • suganspice68

    His dreads look like they stink too

  • Ruby Taylor

    Not everybody laughs at ignorant stuff, so no.. he's not "right". This isn't about race, it's about class. Some people have class, while other's can't comprehend what class means.

  • shun king

    well i consider myself with class and i am in the minority when ever video i typed about are played.... the majority loves that ignorant crap from my experiences.

  • Dr. Jé

    This was not done with malice my knee-jerk reaction was damn why record this - but we live in times where EVERYTHING is overshared ! People can start fighting and instead of calling the police or breaking it up everybody films it - I have seen plenty of " drug users" being filmed on social media and people laughing about it - most of you are hypocrites - you don't know the full story and perhaps it was faux pas but still no worse than the TONS of shit I see liked retweeted and celebrated, Blac Chyna had a PRESS COnFERENCE on ABC>..gurl bah...and why you calling him " sweet" no wonder gay guys don't come out because they constantly get tore down or it is seen as a negative connotation so they hide it - so you not helping any situation with your tired innuendos

  • rozkeith

    Not to me. There are a lot of caring people, If you do not think so, that's because you are not one of them.