According to Freshalina of, R&B singer Keyshia Cole's biological mom, Frankie Lons, filmed a video for her new dance single called "The Frankie Leg" -- just before jetting off to Hawaii to attend her daughter's second wedding to husband, Booby Gibson. Keyshia and Booby had a second wedding for their new reality series that comes out in the Fall. Their first wedding was held in Las Vegas a few months ago.

Frankie showed the youth her fancy footwork, and she also schooled the youngsters about respecting their elders. That message seems to be lost on our youth of today who have no respect for their elders or themselves. It's good to see Frankie doing so well.

Watch the video after the break.

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According to, comedian Eddie Griffin waltzed down the aisle with his Tameka "Tiny" Harris look-a-like bride Nia Rivers.

It seems Griffin couldn't wait for the formalities -- or the headache of shelling out cash for an extravagant wedding. So he and his boo rolled into the Vegas Weddings chapel on Thursday afternoon -- where they took the plunge in front of 4 guests.

A source tells TMZ the Griffins splurged on the Cherish Package -- which includes limo transportation, a bouquet for the bride, a boutonniere for the groom and 9 photos.

They certainly look happy in their wedding pics. That's what love is all about: knowing when it's time, and not worrying about impressing your friends.

Every September 11, people around the world pause to remember the thousands who died as a result of coordinated terrorist attacks on American soil. Of all the victims who died, the World Trade Center's falling people symbolized the horror of the day for many.

The lost souls, who, resigned to their fates either took that final step voluntarily, were pushed out by others behind them struggling to breathe, or were forced out by hot blasts of super heated air. We will never know.

What we do know are the names of two of the fallen.

Why do we need to know their names? So we can know who we are. So we can honor them.

Writer Tom Junod was convinced that America needed to remember the falling people. He undertook the unsavory mission of identifying the fallen Americans -- the forgotten 9/11 victims that no one wants to talk about.

"I felt that the idea of people jumping... I felt that the jumpers... I felt that the falling man had been sort of pushed to the side," Junod said in a 2006 documentary titled 9/11: The Falling Man.

"There is an element of exclusion; that he died improperly. That we want to remember this day for its heroism. And whether we think of the jumpers as heroic or not, they should not be excluded from the consecrated ground of American soil because they died in a way that made us uncomfortable."

Considering the discomfort that some Americans feel when it comes to suicide, it wasn't surprising that no one rushed forward to claim the fallen man as one of their own family members.

When the photo of the falling man was published in newspapers on September 12, Americans vented their outrage against the photo editors for selecting that particular image to embody the horrific events of 9/11.

As photo editors are inclined to do during times of national tragedy, they choose images based on the emotional impact of the content of the photos.

The photo editors withheld the series of images of the falling man tumbling, rolling, and flailing desperately at the sky. Instead, they chose the one photo that made the falling man appear peaceful, composed, and willingly accepting his fate as if he had decided to check out with dignity.

Jonathan Eric Briley, 43, was a sound engineer for the Windows on the World restaurant in the North tower -- the first tower to be hit. According to Windows on the World head Chef Michael Lamonica who analyzed AP photographer Richard Drew's photos, Jonathan fit the body type, size and complexion of the iconic falling man in the photos.

Lamonica described Jonathan as a "hard working, dedicated, good guy with a great sense of humor."

Jonathan's sister Gwendolyn, who was Jonathan's closest sibling, said she never thought of the unfortunate figure in the photo as her brother. "I thought of him as a man that just took his life in his hand for just that second," she said.

Still in denial, Gwendolyn identified the clothing that the man wore in the photo as items her brother owned. But she stopped short of saying it was him.

"I hope we're not trying to figure out who he is, and more, figure out who we are through watching."

Richard Pecorella was a family member who did come forward to identify one of the fallen: his wife Karen.

Mr. Pecorella said that when the media began posting images online of the jumpers, he searched and searched through the grainy photos until he found her.

For Mr. Pecorella it became an obsession to identify his wife among the condemned souls clinging onto the windows of the burning WTC.

"It had to be so intense up there and there was no other way out," he said. "It was either burn alive or go quickly. I envision that it had to be the towering inferno... Do you suffocate to death or do you jump? I think it was brave to do that."

He added: "I know it's her because, the clothes and the shape. I would know her from the shadow. She had a blue sweater top on, sleeveless, and cream color pants.

"It wasn't painful for me. It really wasn't," he recalled of his search for Karen. "I finally have something I can hold onto. This is where she was, and this is how she died -- she jumped. She didn't burn up. She didn't become dust."

"Nothing was more painful than losing her," he said. "But not knowing how I lost her was even more painful. So now that I believe that that's what took place, it's easier for me to talk about it. And if she jumped, she jumped."

CAUTION: The following videos contain scenes of extreme violence.

Celebrity friends Ne-Yo, Flo Rida and Busta Rhymes, and others, got together at a recording studio in LA to celebrate the life of pop icon Michael Jackson, who would have turned 53 yesterday.

Thad of was there to capture the celebration of life.

We found many people paying homage to Michael Jackson in honor of his birthday. From die hard fans leaving flowers on Michael Jackson's star on Hollywood Blvd to stars like Flo Rida, Ne-Yo and their celebrity friends. Flo Rida explained he was in a festive mood due in part to the release of his latest single "Good Feeling" which was released on Michael Jackson's birthday and debut on top 100. We caught up with Flo Rida in the studio working on his Only One Rider Part II album. Source

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Actress Halle Berry enjoys the best of both worlds. When her actor boyfriend Olivier Martinez is out of the country, she slips between the sheets with her personal assistant/lover whom we first introduced you to here.

Halle celebrated her 45th birthday by frolicking in the surf with her girlfriend as they lapped up the gorgeous California sunshine on a beach outing yesterday in Malibu.

Halle, who looked stunning in a peach bikini and colourful sarong, stood no chance as her mischievous chum leapt on her back and dunked her in the cool Malibu sea.

The Monster's Ball star saw the funny side of things, though, and was seen roaring with laughter as her pal - who was fully dressed in jeans and a vest top - engaged her in a rough and tumble.

Also joining them was Halle's little daughter Nahla, who gave her mummy and affectionate birthday hug as they whiled away the afternoon on the beach. Source

Photos: Splash via Daily Mail

Artist manager and music executive Phillana Williams celebrated her birthday at Salon Millesime last night in New York City. As you know, Phillana started out as Ciara's manager. But before that she was an assistant at the now defunct LaFace Records in Atlanta. LaFace is responsible for establishing the careers of so many movers and shakers in the music industry! Many of whom came out last night to support Phillana!


Phillana's artist Miguel chose last night as a coming out of sorts for his longtime girlfriend (whose name is being withheld for now). Isn't she pretty? We're told that the two lovebirds have been together for some years now, and my inside sources ASSURED us that she IS his real girlfriend. So this ends all specualtion about Miguel's sexuality once and for all.

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The Golden State Warriors' star guard Stephen "Steph" Curry is off the market. Well, he's been off the market for years now, but he finally made it official when he married his childhood sweetheart, Ayesha Alexander, this past Saturday in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to Jill, the star crossed couple met in a church youth group when they were teenagers (he was 15 and she, 14).

Ayesha, who carefully documented their decade long relationship on so the groupies would know he's taken -- couldn't contain her excitement as the big day approached.

You know it's true love because the Dopamine rush wore off years ago. Congrats to the happy couple!

Photos: Kristin Vining (engagement pics) and Twitter

The name on everyone's lips this past weekend was Alex Gidewon, the uber successful club promoter with a string of lucrative nightclubs in Atlanta. Tonight, Gidewon, who co-owns AG Entertainment with his brothers, will celebrate his 40th birthday at the newest jewel in his crown of nightclubs: Club Reign.

Most holders of invitations to Alex's private party at Reign believe they will gain admission to the Ultra private bash at Dubai Lounge next door to Reign, but unfortunately, they will not.

Please be clear: there are NO invitations to Alex Gidewon's Ultra private bash at the exquisitely appointed Dubai Lounge tonight. If you are an A-lister, a baller or a shot caller in Atlanta, your name speaks for itself. Your aura of sophistication is all you will need to get inside Dubai. If the doorman has to ask who you are, you will be pointed down the sidewalk to Club Reign.

But don't be embarrassed: you won't be alone -- you just won't be inside Dubai Lounge sipping champagne with the rest of the ballers.

The stunning Moroccan styled Dubai Lounge was designed by Michael Habachy of Habachy Designs, Inc.

Happy birthday, Alex! Have fun tonight!

We corrected this post to reflect the fact that Michael Habachy of Habachy Designs, Inc. designed both nightclubs.

According to Black Celeb Kids blog, R&B songstress Lauryn Hill, 36, gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on Saturday:

"Mother and baby are fine,” says the source, who adds that Hill and family “had a little scare because the baby came out the womb with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. All is well now and everyone is happy.”

I guess the only question remains, who's the baby daddy? According to her other baby daddy, Rohan Marley, the baby isn't his. And just so you know Rohan isn't just making up lies to get attention, his girlfriend took to her Twitter page to profess her love for the Rastafarian womanizer.

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It wasn't just another party for reality TV star Kim Kardashian last night at Tao in Las Vegas. It was a celebration to mark the end of her troubled history as a single woman who had problems keeping a man.

After running through half the eligible bachelors on both coasts, the 30-year-old silicone Queen decided New Jersey Nets star Kris Humphries, 26, would do nicely.

Kim threw her Bachelorette shindig -- complete with midget exotic strippers -- at Club Tao in Vegas with her mom, Kris Jenner, sisters Khloe and Kourtney, and friends such as La La Vazquez-Anthony, 32, in attendance.

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