Is This Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio?

mystery couple

Rumors are swirling that Bajan singer Rihanna hooked up with serial womanizer Leonardo DiCaprio for a romantic interlude.

Despite the fact that Rihanna has made poor choices in men in the past, we find it hard to believe she would date a guy who runs through women like diarrhea.

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Photos from the Django Unchained New York Premiere

Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan

Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan attended the New York premiere of the film ‘Django Unchained’ held at the Ziegfeld Theatre on Tuesday. Other celebs in the house included director Quentin Tarantino, singer John Legend, actors Samuel L Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Uma Thurman, Don Johnson, Epatha S. Merkerson, Liv Tyler, Phylicia Rashad, and Olivia Wilde, among others.
Photos: Dan Jackman/

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Robert DeNiro Calls Jay Z a ‘Disrespectful’ Fake

Jay and Robert Deniro

Everyone’s talking about aging rapper Jay Z and acting legend Robert DeNiro beefing at Leonardo DiCaprio‚Äôs birthday bash the other night.

Page Six reports that DeNiro was heated at Jay Z who refused to return his repeated phone calls. Jay Z supposedly promised to record a rap song for the Tribeca Film Festival. But for whatever reason, he backed out of his commitment at the last minute.

Hoping to make him change his mind, DeNiro called the 43-year-old rapper to give him an offer he couldn’t refuse. But Jigga refused to call DeNiro back.

So when Jay Z strolled over to Bob’s table at DiCaprio’s party, DeNiro called him out for being a fake and a fraud. Even Beyonce couldn’t calm the actor down.

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