Taped recordings of telephone calls between Michael Jackson and a woman named "Glenda" are all over the Internets. In these audio tapes recording at the beginning of the Dangerous Tour in 1992, Michael talks about his childhood, his lack of a love life, Tatum O'Neal and his strained relationship with his domineering father Joseph Jackson.

Michael can be heard cursing like a sailor as he recalls the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father. The tapes are authentic according to Michaeljackson.com. The interesting part to me is when Michael repeatedly refers to Glenda as "girl" instead of by her name.


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According to TMZ.com, a California judge has just named Michael Jackson's mother Katherine Jackson permanent guardian over the 3 children her son raised since birth.

Katherine will also receive 83.5% of the monthly allowance she had requested for the children's support and maintenance. The exact amount wasn't discussed in open court.

The judge gave the order after stifling objections from Debbie Rowe's attorney. Rowe's attorney had asked the judge to delay granting permanent guardianship to Jackson today. Earlier, Rowe and Katherine Jackson reached a custody agreement outside of court for the two kids she gave birth to.

Rowe, 50, and Michael Jackson entered into a bizarre agreement in 1996 to provide children for him in exchange for millions of dollars in spousal support. The two were briefly married, but Rowe told friends they never consummated their marriage. Rowe has admitted she was artificially inseminated.

Rowe and Jackson were granted a divorce in October 1999 and Rowe recived an $8-million settlement. The judge ruled today that she will continue to receive payments under the settlement. Rowe was also granted visitation rights.

Jackson died at age 50 on June 25 after suffering a cardiac arrest. His death has been ruled a homicide and is under investigation by local and federal authorities.

The kids Prince Michael, 12, Paris Katherine, 11, and Blanket, 7, whose mother is unknown, will be be raised mainly by Katherine and Joe Jackson's eldest daughter Rebbie. The children will continue to live with Katherine on her sprawling Hayvenhurst estate in Encino, California where Michael and his siblings were raised in the 70s.


According to the British Sun newspaper, an aide administered an injection of the narcotic painkiller Demerol to pop singer Michael Jackson in the early morning hours of June 25 while Jacko's doctor slept.

This adds plausibility to earlier reports that Jackson was given a shot of Demerol that preceded his cardiac arrest on June 25th. The Sun claims Jacko's personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray administered the short-acting potent sedative Diprivan (Propofol) a drug that is used to induce anesthesia.

After starting Jackson's infusion of Diprivan, Dr. Murray told the LAPD he went to sleep. This goes against medical protocol since a patient receiving Diprivan IV requires constant monitoring of his breathing and blood pressure in a hospital setting.

According to The Sun, the Diprivan ran out during the night, and because Diprivan is short-acting, Jackson awoke soon after. Supposedly, Jackson then pleaded with an aide to give him a shot of Demerol.

Jackson's death was recently ruled a homicide. Earlier in the investigation, Jacko's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, admitted prescribing Demerol for Jackson. Federal agents and local police raided Dr. Murray's Las Vegas home and Houston office last week. The agents were armed with search warrants listing Diprivan and other items related to the homicide case.

Oscar winning actress Halle Berry acted like she didn't want to be photographed with her sperm donor model Gabriel Aubrey over the weekend. Halle should be happy to cheese for the cameras whenever she's out with her man, which is on very rare occasions.

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Only an idiot would believe anything that comes out of Joe Jackson's mouth these days. And I guess the interviewer sitting across from Joe is just such an idiot. When Joe says dancer Omer Bhatti -- one of the young boys Michael befriended in the 90s -- is Michael's son, the interviewer believes him without question.

He doesn't even ask Joe if a DNA test was performed. Of course, the truth is Omer is not Michael's biological son -- Omer said so himself in an interview with a British paper. So did People.com which quoted a friend of Bhatti's as saying Michael referred to the young performer as "Liltte Monkey." Michael apparently had such a weird disconnect with other humans that he often objectified them. Michael named one of the children he raised "Blanket."

The friend said Bhatti, nicknamed "Little Michael" met Jackson when the kid won a contest impersonating him in Europe in the mid-1990s. Jackson was "blown away" by the little performer and got in contact with Bhatti's family. Bhatti is one of numerous boys who shared Jackson's bed over the years at his Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara, California.

I'm sure Omer's biological parents don't find any of this amusing. Rumors like this one will never be taken seriously because we all know Jacko was not into females.

According to online reports, federal agents, armed with search warrants, raided Dr. Conrad Murray's Las Vegas home today. As you know, Dr. Murray is the last person to see pop icon Michael Jackson alive before Jackson died of a heart attack on June 25.

Police believe Dr. Murray fell asleep after infusing Jackson with IV Diprivan (Propofol) and then awoke to find Jackson dead.

Diprivan is a potent short-acting sedative used to induce anesthesia in a hospital setting. Patients receiving Diprivan intravenously should be carefully monitored for a drop in blood pressure/and or decreased respiratory rate that could lead to respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest.

It is recommended that Diprivan be administered slowly to prevent a dangerous drop in blood pressure. The rate of infusion should ideally be controlled by an IV machine or Diprivan can be titrated slowly by hand. But under no circumstance should the patient be left alone while the IV is infusing.

Diprivan is not available by prescription, therefore, the feds are searching for the source of the drug and how it came into Dr. Murray's possession.

According to TMZ.com, feds also served a search warrant on a storage facility in Houston where associates of Dr. Murray stored files and other items. Dr. Murray's staff removed items from the storage locker the day Jackson died.


According to TMZ.com, paramedics say pop icon Michael Jackson, 50, was already dead when they arrived and they failed to recognize him after working on him for 15 minutes.

When paramedics arrived at a rented Bel Aire mansion, they found an unresponsive "frail, old, sickly looking man" who whose heart rhythm was flatlined when they hooked him up to an EKG monitor.

Sources told TMZ that "there was no electrical activity in his heart and Jackson showed no sign of life." Sources also say paramedics wanted to pronounce Jackson dead at the scene, but Jackson's friend and personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, insisted that they transport the body to the hospital.

But that doesn't jibe with established medical protocol. Paramedics can't pronounce anyone dead in the field. They must transport the body to a hospital where the ER doctor (or the patient's doctor) calls the time of death.

In the case of hospice patients who die at home, a nurse can pronounce the patient dead.

Singer Mel B and her daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown, daughter of Eddie Murphy, attended Dodger Day in L.A. yesterday. Mel is so wrong for cutting that baby's hair in a mohawk. Now the kid has to wear pink every day so she's not confused for a boy.
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Jermaine Jackson, brother of the late Michael Jackson, blocks out his wife Halima and son Jermajesty, far right, with a giant umbrella at the Save The World Awards in Vienna, Austria on Friday. Peep the Louis Vuitton his other son Jaffar, far left, is holding.
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Loyal readers of Sandrarose.com already knew that Michael Jackson's death was a result of criminal activity on the part of his doctor or doctors.

As you know, toxicology results from samples collected during Michael Jackson's autopsy the day after he died already came back weeks ago. Which explains the increased police activity in L.A. and Houston where Dr. Conrad Murray -- the last doctor to see Jackson alive -- has an office.

TMZ.com has more info:

The L.A. County Coroner is scheduled to release the autopsy results in Michael Jackson's death next week, and the cause of death will "almost certainly" be homicide -- death at the hands of another.

We're told the Coroner himself will make the call mid-week, after he gets the final toxicology report from an outside consultant. But based on the draft report as well as what has become "clear evidence," causes other than homicide -- natural, accidental, accidental overdose, and suicide -- have been ruled out.

We've already reported that for weeks, the LAPD has treated Jackson's death as a homicide. They have served multiple criminal search warrants -- most recently at Dr. Conrad Murray's Houston medical office. Dr. Murray is actively being investigated as the person who may have administered the powerful anesthesia Propofol to Jackson the day he died.

We're told both the Coroner and LAPD have significant evidence that Propofol caused Jackson's heart to stop.