Beyonce wore a Pepsi sweatshirt to thank the sugar water giant for sponsoring her Mrs. Carter World Tour. Word around the water cooler is that Pepsi is disappointed with the return on their investment in Beyonce. Pepsi sales actually plummeted after the company announced its deal with the singer last year.
Photo: Instagram.com

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Kim Kardashian

Ever since Kanye West leaked the news that his bestie, Kim Kardashian, may be pregnant, the socialite and reality star has been spotted gorging on carbohydrates and sugary beverages in an effort to look pregnant.

While pregnant women are encouraged to exercise, friends say Kim is faking it. Sources tell Sandrarose.com that Kardashian works out at a gym “for show” — but after her workouts she makes a beeline for a fast-food joint to pig out on carbohydrates.

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