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President Obama Calls On Verizon to Fix ObamaCare Website

Desperate to fix the mounting problems plaguing his insurance exchange portal website,, President Obama put in a call to telecommunications giant Verizon. A report on quotes an informed source who says Obama called Verizon’s Enterprise Solutions division to beg for help “to improve the performance of the site, which is a key…

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Sales of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ Up 69% on Amazon

Sales of George Orwell’s classic novel ‘1984’ skyrocketed 69% on Amazon, according to a report on Renewed interest in “1984” — originally published 64 years ago — was sparked by reports of widespread spying on American citizens — domestically and abroad — by the National Security Agency (NSA), under the auspices of the Obama…

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Obama Administration Secretly Collects Data On All Verizon Customers

AS if President Obama doesn’t have enough integrity problems: a new report indicates the Obama administration strong armed wireless communications company Verizon into releasing telephonic data on every Verizon customer. And don’t think they stopped there; the Obama administration may have secretly pressured other cell phone companies to ante up the data on their customers.…

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