There are strong rumors about a real sex tape floating around featuring a well-known actress (not Ciara) giving head to a male friend.  Certain well-placed sources in Atlanta have seen the tape and a copy of it is currently in the hands of the Atlanta police.

The B-list actress does not live in Atlanta but she spent time here recently.  And word is she may have been drunk when the tape was made.  I'm told the B-list actress is pulling out all stops to make sure this tape does not hit the Internets.  The problem is, the police are emailing the tape to each other and to friends against department policy.

The only reason I'm posting this is out of curiosity; I just want to see the tape :).  If anyone has a copy of that tape and doesn't mind forwarding it to me, I will treat it with the utmost decency and decorum.  You can trust me officer.

  • 2bme

    damn the blind item..who is it?

  • ms.peaches

    Something in me so bad wants to say Vivica, she is well known who knows I will be all day trying to figure it out

  • Sharonda

    Gabrielle Union?Always heard that she be in ATL going to strip joints, but I wouldn't know to consider her has a Blist actress..

  • ms.understood.atl

    For some reason my gut tells me this 'actress' is Meagan Good.

  • shhhh

    Well I'm not going to speculate at this time. But if all she doing is giving head, why do you want to see it SANDRA!!! Nah, I'm playing, because if it was on the net I would probably watch a little bit of it too, lol.

    Speaking of videos, I heard there is a video of some chick that had a one night stand with Lil Wayne and made a video about it or something. I want to see that video.

  • srv

    SR, yeah right :-) Officer???? I think it's Gaby too. But let's stop before she gets med about the "black blogs" calling her out on her very public behavior :-)

  • srv

    NO Homo, but 2bme's avatar has some sexy lips....LMFAO

  • Goliano

    I'm sure "head" is referring to a flauta and not a pink taco. Still sure u wanna see it?

  • ms.peaches

    It could be her too (Megan Good) hell it could be anybody who doesn't have a sex tape out now!! I'm sure Sandra will keep us guessing

  • 2bme

    uhhhh...thanks? anywayyyyy...It may be Gabby but I doubt it, she's out there but she's not completely dumb..SR drop some clues..dammit!

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Its not Megan, she's D maybe C list. And who doesn't know she be ho ho'n it.

  • shona1

    Hey, believe it or not my homegirl just showed me this text with ya girl VF going off on the wood we didn't think it was real until i just read this here about the text. IT LOOKS JUST LIKE HER. OMG Sandra let me know if you want the text. HA HA

  • Sandra Rose

    Goliano Says:

    I’m sure “head” is referring to a flauta and not a pink taco. Still sure u wanna see it?

    You're funny :)

  • Sandra Rose

    2bme Says:

    SR drop some clues..dammit!

    The biggest clue is right there in the post. I thought for sure YOU would pick up on it. :(

  • shona1


  • no12blame

    My guess is G.Union.

  • no12blame

    I wonder if the friend is Ludacris

  • 2bme

    reading is truly fundamental..forget everything I just typed previously...ooh wee..most of us hit it on the head

  • Sandra Rose

    shona1 Says:

    OMG Sandra let me know if you want the text. HA HA

    I'd rather have the tape. I can't believe nobody has emailed it to me yet.

  • NoirFemme

    My guess is Meagan Good.

  • milly

    I have no Idea

  • doingme

    I was thinking Meagan Good also

  • Negrito

    Why do so so many think it's Meagan Good?? Is she sleeping around alot? BTW Isn't she still dating NFL player Thomas Jones?

  • spicycaramel

    Vivica Fox

  • ms.peaches

    If it is Ludacris then the female would be Gabby arent they suppose to be dating?? However if it's Vivica I guessed it first Sandra what is my prize(lol)

  • StreetTeamFox

    Whoever it may be Meagan,Gabrielle,or Vivica they are all classy women and i doubt that it is any of them or a celeb at all! So get off their backs.

  • ms. hershey

    um... i've heard it's Vivica and if so... i'm not surprised. she's obviously not the brightest or classiest bulb in the batch.

  • bklynsjm123

    I had to find out who the person was to recognize the clue. (not Ciara)+ 50 Cent= Vivica!!!

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