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Now that T.I. is under house arrest and the money isn't flowing in as it used to, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle is looking into ways to turn a buck and help out the household.. so to speak. And she's looking for business partners! I don't know anything about this new business venture of Tiny's. I'm hoping it isn't one of those get-rich-quick schemes, but Tiny wouldn't do that to her fans.

So I'm taking her word for it when she says it is her own business and no one is using her name to turn a profit or fleece her fans. Here's an introduction from Tiny's Myspace page:

Hey fans. I've got a new business for everybody to check out! Go to to find out about my new online travel agency. If you're looking to own your own business, then take a look at the presentation. Then, it's easy to become my business partner - just sign up where it says JOIN. It's that easy. And don't forget, the benefits of business ownership are sweet! Make sure you hit up my site for all of your travel too! You can also - buy cars, send flowers, create a honeymoon/bridal registry, and MORE! Be sure to show me some love by using my site!

  • kat

    yeah, anybody can get one of those websites....3 of my friends have them.

  • Bird

    but Tiny wouldn’t do that to her fans.

    Fans? That was too funny. Anyway this is a pyramid scheme of sorts. I was approached by a guy last week and I told him I have no interest in owning a travel agency, but I would check out the prices on his page and possibly book a trip with him if the prices are good. Their goal is not for you to book travel with them. Their goal is for you sign up for your own travel agency. It's really weird. I'm shocked Tiny got caught up in this scam.

  • kat

    sandra, what happened to the GOSSIP that we were supposed to find out AFTER 2:00 last week???? your "sources" didn't come thru??

  • nonya

    Is she serious? This is truly a shame, open up and EBAY account and sell some handbags...and used clothes.

  • Bird

    sandra, what happened to the GOSSIP that we were supposed to find out AFTER 2:00 last week???? your “sources” didn’t come thru??


    Not only that, but where is the "Stunna 16" party coverage? I was looking forward to Sandra having the inside track on the Al B. situation. Clearly he was not there. Who wants to watch Diddy totally emasculate them by lavishing expensive gifts on their child?

  • 2thick4u

    This is funny...I hope that this is a joke. It seems like a get rich scheme.

    Also, I hope that Clifford invested his money wisely because the real cash is doing touring but his ass can't leave ATL!!!!

  • kat

    @ bird
    check out *********....they have some coverage from the b-day party.

  • Sunflower

    Sandra, that website IS a scam. I'm not sure if Tiny is a victim of the scam or if she's just down with it. My cousins signed up with YTB earlier this year and they lost 700$ at first and 300$ every month until they got a clue. This company is run by a group of guys and they're the only ones that benefit. If you Google the company you'll find numerous complaints.

  • tbrown

    A friend of mine does this online travel thing. She makes pretty good money...I'm wondering why Tiny would need to... Is she ever going to sing again?

  • Sandra Rose

    @ Bird

    As I told you before, Al B. didn't attend. There's still bad blood between him and Kim. She even let Quincy shave off his uniborw so he wouldn't look too much like his pops for the show. They're billing the show as he's Sean's son. The press release had no mention of Al B. I was surprised that the birthday party was only at half capacity. I thought it would be packed. Many people expected a lot more based on who threw the party. They said at 6 pm there was no line which surpised me.

  • Sandra Rose

    kat Says:

    sandra, what happened to the GOSSIP that we were supposed to find out AFTER 2:00 last week???? your “sources” didn’t come

    @ kat:

    It's coming. I have to make sure all the details are correct. You know how I do.

  • Bird

    Thanks for the info Sandra. I've been waiting for it all weekend. I know there is no way for me to get all the info my nosey behind desires, but I was just wondering if Al B. was a deadbeat or just put off by the lavish affair.

  • niastar

    I think that she should try something else. I don't think this is the right route for her....anyone for that matter. It seems like such a scam.

  • Smokie

    She may as well be selling Pre-Paid Legal.

  • licia

    what happened to the xscape reunion? i have been patiently waiting for that to happen ( she had a decent singing voice. why not just go back to singing ? all the girls have nice voices. i wouldn't mind a xscape reunion tour .

  • arsha

    boooo just booooo! tell this chick get a REAL job! she would make more money selling oranges and incents.

  • arsha

    and FYI this article should be posted under SCAMS not BUSINESS WOMEN!

  • donnia

    I know this is not the "Stunna 16 thread", but since folks are commenting here, I will add my 2 cents. Al not being there is inexcusable. Little Quincy is his child, his mini -referring to his looks of course. He should have been there for his son.

    This has nothing to do with Kim or Sean. This is about little Quincy. Where any of his siblings with Al there?

  • shhhh

    This has got to be some kind of joke!!! Her myspace must have been hacked or something. If she is serious, then that's really sad.

    When I first started reading, I thought you were going to say the chick really had a legtimate business idea. The little I do know about this is, Tiny really isn't depending on her sales to make money. She wants people to sign up under her, and she will make money on whatever they sale.

    Anyway, note to Tiny real women go to college and learn real business skills, lol.

  • yoko yamaguchi

    I've been thinking Tiny would start singing again. I wanted Xscape 2 come back .....I've been the biggest fan of Tiny since I was 16 y.o in Japan. Now I'm in ATL & whateva happens 2 Tiny (& Tip), I'll support them BUT I don't think I'm gonna join her new biz...

  • truthhurts717

    Ya'll know what's crazy bout the whole Stunna party thing it's been made out to be so much more than what it is. Quincy's parents (Diddy & Kim) gave him a party for his 16th birthday. Diddy has been a part of Quincy's life since he was old enough to say Daddy. There's nothing wrong with Quincy (and his peoples) deciding to shout Diddy out for taking care of him and looking out for him.

    My son was at the party on Saturday and he had a blast. It was very family oriented with Quincy's siblings, Rev Run siblings and a bunch of other kids as well. I'm glad that my son was able to see Diddy as more than just the dude on TV. Diddy was even nice enough to take a picture with my son, I smiled when I looked at my phone that night and saw a picture of them together. As I've said before my brother is in the industry so we're blessed with the perks of these kind of parties all the time but at the end of the day as stated in a previous post about this party nobody knows the real deal or what kind of relationship Quincy has with Al B Sure. It's not half as scandalous and crazy as everybody is making it out to be.

    I'm sitting here looking at the invitation that my son brought home and it's crazy how much Quincy looks just like his Dad.

  • donnia

    TruthHurts - I am going to agree to disagree with you on this one. This was one of the biggest nights of Little Quincy's. It was his coming out party of sorts and Al should have made every effort to be there if he is in fact trying to establish a relationship with Quincy.

  • truthhurts717


    I never said that I disagree as far as Al B being there all I'm saying is that the party was just a party for a kid, it's been hyped way too much! Al B. Sure was invited and for whatever reason not known to anybody other than probably Al B. Sure he didn't show up. Everybody is coming down on Diddy and that's what I'm not agreeing with. Diddy is honestly good peoples.

    So I am agreeing with you. My son's 13th birthday is coming up, his Dad lives in Baltimore (I live ATL). It was nothing for him to tell me immediately that he's definitely going to be at his son's birthday party.

  • brinabelle

    Diddy is honestly good peoples.
    ^^ i am having serious trouble with that line..Diddy the same guy who has signed multiple platinum acts to his label, but they have all disappeared from the limelight, while he keeps SHIN[E]ing, Diddy the same father who had his FIRST BORN daughter prior to the birth of his twins, whom he did not want to acknowledge until a dna test, months later, Diddy the same man who publicly shows his disrespect for Kim Porter, by NOT EVEN PROPOSING to her, who cares if they don't get married, why dont he just front some more and propose? sorry but diddy is not good peoples,IMO

  • brinabelle

    oh yeah, i just noticed that tiny was wearing a metallic belt in that picture..smh..i think ima go see how much a plane ticket is from ny to atl on priceline..that travel biz is so bogus..make sure you hit my site for all your travel, TOO?! lol isnt it tinystravelbiz? why would i be looking to JOIN instead of trying to travel? SMH!..somebody got hoodwinked!

  • Nina

    I know at least seven people with a YTB biz and all seven has tried to get me to sign up for $400. When they sign you up, they get paid a recruiting fee and I think a percentage of your sales.

    See how Tiny immediately says join/be a business partner because she know the money is not in people booking travel or buying some flowers - the money is in recruiting. I still don't trust it.

  • 2bme

    hmm..if i was al b..i wouldn't want to come just based on how the party was makes it look as if Diddy is his dad,,we don't know how Al is in Quincy's life. Al said he and Kim had a great relationship after the tabloids tried to start up saying they got back together..the way it was billed was a slap in the face to Al, period

  • mamibutterfli

    Can you say "BS" I am hoping that Tiny did not fall for this scheme! I am all too familiar with YTB!!! I was with them for a year and it's nothing but a pyramid. There are better ways to make a dollar. Everything that looks good or sounds good isnt!! BEWARE!

  • cpe1970

    I hear all of you. But I personally have made a killing with YTB. A lot of people really don't know how to work the biz and choose to down it before it has a chance to work. You know most people want a get rich quick scheme and really don't want to put in the work to make the biz jump off. Yes the biz does work. I book travel all the time with my family and friends, especially cruises and international travel packages. Yes, you do get paid when people join and when they make sales, but the company pays you, not the person making the sale. Also, there is a huge tax break that comes along with the travel you take through your biz. All I can say is I've been in it for about 3 months and it paid for itself and then some the first month. I can't wait until tax season.

  • twchoc1

    I guess you just have to take a chance with something like this. I went to a seminar because I was thinking about joining. Even if you dont make any sales you will benefit if you like to travel. You can save about 50-60% off your trips. Plus you get a huge tax break

  • milly

    ummm I dont know about this....

  • cpe1970

    Tell you guys what. Go to, click book travel, and go down to trips under $250. You can find weekend trips including plane tickets, hotel, and taxes all around the US. The Las Vages trip is crazy. Also, check international travel deals. If people say this is a scam then they can check out the deals for themselves. It's for real. Go to the site and see for yourself. :)

  • QteePie

    I too have a website through YTB. I took this opportunity for the tax benefits..It helped me not owe UNCLE SAM and the benefits of traveling wholesale are great. I am not to involved on the recruiting end but I do believe in the company. I told my family and friends about the opportunity and some saw the benefits and some didn't.

  • arsha

    cpe1970 and QteePie

    not sure about where u guys are from, but in my area, off the the top of my head, i know about 9 people doing this. and its a bit of an over kill when you get Evites every week trying to persuade you to come to a meeting.

    i've never joined, but its true only SOME people make money.

    and honestly. you can get tax breaks for anything if u have a business. not just an online travel agency. u can sell beef patties and cream soda and get a tax break.

  • ms.peaches

    I will go out on a limb & say I think this is a scam all sorts of people can get onto ur Myspace page some sort of way, thats just like they had me selling Coach Bags on my page I don't know how or who but I know I didn't set it up like that & they said most of those celebs that have Myspace pages aren't really them & if it is them it's probably there asst. checking the pages for them, u have to be very careful about stuff like that & I can't see Tiny trying to sell timeshares or whatever she is selling regaurdless if TI is on house arrest or not boyfriend still got enuff money stashed around to keep the lights on I'm sure!! If not good luck to them

  • ReadTheBlog

    She sounds broke... Just like Karrine does selling some semen stained USED BCBG dresses on her site.

  • crystal

    tiny had this plan with YTB way before tip got arrested. She aint broke. Tiny has always been a business person. She even had her own production company. They are doing fine.

  • heartbreaker

    Sandra Rose Says:

    She even let Quincy shave off his uniborw so he wouldn’t look too much like his pops for the show.

    Happy Holiday's Sandra; I must admit I haven't commented on your site in a minute because I've actually been working... but you are still the funniest!! How are you gonna take it there with the UNIBROW...LMBAO!!

  • tigris

    I hope that Tiny is careful because I was approached last year about YTB and it is a MLM and she can research scam(s).com for info and their public records are off for the years of 03-05 estimated. But lucky for her she has an abundance of celebrity friends that will book travel through her!!!