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I am told this is not Sean Kingston. But whoever it is took the cartoonish fake "bling" jewelry favored by rappers to another level! Anyone who has touched a real diamond knows there is no such thing as a colored diamond. That crap you see rappers wearing is all man made. More power to them if wearing that junk boosts their little egos.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Sandra you a lie. You don't love him because if you did you'd know that the picture you've posted is NOT him lol.

    They say is Webbie. :-/

  • AaronMichael

    LoL...clearly that's not Sean Kingston. However, peoples desire for flashin' and fashion is becoming ridiculous.


    i dnt care who it is, they look stupid and ridiculous.

  • dj_dceezy

    that was NEVER sean kingston... LOL.

  • Brown Suga Baby

    That is a bunch of crap. That does not look like Sean Kingston more like Lil' Boosie. They need to find something else to do with there time and few dollars they do make.

  • Boondocks102

    that aint no dang webbie or sean that least that's who it looks like!

  • J Gats Juice

    Oh God... Should i even bother to comment? Where do i start? First of all, there is nothing cute about something that big & obnoxious. If that ish were real, (the necklace included) then his ass would be on the floor from the weight of it. Second all, anyone who thinks this is remotely attractive needs to be slapped. While this a**hole is bouncing around on stage (like a monkey) white ppl are laughin their a** off in the boardroom. This is exactly what they like to see. Niggas wastin their monkey on fake jewels & spinnin rims. God forbid, they actually invest in something that will be profittable to their future. Nope. These coons/buffoons wanna have bling cuz thats what makes a man. Whats sad is this dummy may not even have a bank account. But who needs investments, retirement funds or assets that will appreciate when u're the envy of the hood, got all da hoodrats & u're fresh? Our youth is so misguided..... SMFH

  • J Gats Juice

    oh and thats not sean kingston.... he has a crayon box. as if thats any better

  • J Gats Juice

    I meant to say **Niggas wasting their money on fake jewels & spinnin rims**

  • teecee

    this is just sad......

  • meme

    Another Southern rapper embarrasing the South.

  • vincelc

    As a jeweler I can assure you that diamonds come in all colors.....lasering can enhance the color and make it deeper and brighter, but they naturally come in all colors from white, to red, to green.


    I do however not doubt that piece is worth about as much as the cereal box.

  • Sane and Clean

    There is such a thing as colored diamonds but this fool is sporting rhinestones at best. I remember when fake stuff was an embarrassment to ones manhood. Now they all are wearing it. Fools. Wack as hell.

  • Mrsdawsondn

    I am so dead at this. THey prolly just glued some sequins to a cereal box. HAHA!

  • carmelita79

    Anyone who has touched a real diamond knows there is no such thing as a colored diamond. That crap you see rappers wearing is all man made. More power to them if wearing that junk boosts their little egos.

    first, you are so very wrong. i work in the diamond industry and let me tell you i have seen blue, light orange, grey, greyish pink, brown fancy pink, yellow and orange all in the rough. oh and let me not forget red and purple. what they might be wearing is man made but trust there are many REAL colored diamonds out there that are found . they are rare but they do exist. check your facts before you post

  • NyNy

    What rock have you people been hiding under to think that Diamonds come in one color????? You guys need to read some books or should have payed attention in class. Diamonds come in a variety of colors pink,yellow,orange,blue,green,black,brown,turquoise and etc.,



  • ms.peaches

    OK this is so sad, We can't even have a damn box of Cereal without it being tainted & abused(lol) first of all I think she only said Sean Kingston cause he was pictured with a damn Crayola Box hanging from his neck of course we can clearly tell it's not him though!! Honestly its nothing wrong with getting jewelry if your going to be tasteful about it!! but this **** is just ridiculous & the sad part about it is you probably got some lil boy out here wanting to be just like them!! like that's cool, what's cool is earning your money & investing it cause we all know you won't be rappin forever!! (I 2nd J Gats Juice comment also)

  • hellava10

    genius---glossy diamonoids

  • shhhh

    I'd be willing to my money on that being Webbie. That's the first person that came to mind when I seen the pic. Can't say for sure, because I went to ozone mag to see if I could find the pic and didn't have any luck.

    But either way my money goes on Webbie. It's not Boosie, because that person is to big. Boosie is real skinny.

  • Mspeng

    I was just about to comment on the coloured diamond thing but I realized many ppl beat me to it. As rare as they are, diamonds do come in a variety of beautiful colours so that statement (as with most of what Ms Rose says) is totally false and unfounded.

  • Bsoul

    I have yellow diamond earrings.
    They are modest in size though...'cuz I'm a laidie!

  • buttercup24

    ***shaking my head in disbelief*** That cereal box probably costs more than his house and its not even real. Society is in trouble!

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    I thought is was gucci mane, he's good for pulling sill sh*t like that.....If its Webbie damn, I can't believe he'd go out like that.....maybe it was a prop for the show he was doing?