By Sandra Rose  | 

I don't know if Oprah Winfrey is going to like this. It's actually a tribute to Oprah in the form of a full figured bronze sarcophagus which was favored by Egyptian royalty when burying their dead. The artist, Daniel Edwards, is the same one who created the controversial pregnant Britney Spears sculpture.

  • meme

    Me no likey

  • teecee

    i say insult. the body isnt flattering at all. even if he wanted to make the body that of a big person, he could have made better body choice.

  • tbrown

    Tribute. It reminds me of those Mesopotamian/Sumerian/Akkadian goddess clay figurines that were found. The breasts and stomach and vulva were enlarged to show the importance of the goddess in reference to fertility, growth, reproduction, etc. So if that were the artist's intention, I see it as a tribute...heavily influenced by those ancient figurines. One can also account for the gold color and metal; there's some significance there. And also the hair. See Oshun. Depictions of her display ornately braided hair, the hair as crown, etc. While one might side-eye this piece initially, there are plenty of good things that can be read into it. How does OPRAH feel about it, I wonder?

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    I actually like it.

  • J Gats Juice

    If this artist mysteriously "disappears" or apologizes on CNN, we'll know how Ms Sophia (from the Color Purple) felt about it

  • prynsexxx

    Uhm was he trying to go the Sara Barthann(sp)look. I can't wait to see Oprah's response to all of this.

  • MZN

    I like it... It's royalty.

  • Bsoul


  • Bird

    Well you know how crazy I am. I really like it. I wish he would make one of me.

  • AreUForReal

    I see it as a tribute too. It's beautiful. I thought it was an artifact at first.

  • me888

    absolute TRIBUTE. the body is modelled not after oprah, but after ancient deity sculptures.

    i wonder, tho, about the artists other subject choices

  • Bsoul

    He named it the Oprah Sarcophagus. It does look like an Egyptian tomb.

    I laughed because O will NOT like this. When O, herself, is heavy, she refers to overweight people as "heavy". However, when she slims down, she calls them "fat".

    Nope, O is going to split her britches. I'm with JGats on this one, he might come up missing. LOL!

  • ms.kimba412

    You know, I like it! I think Oprah will appreciate it, too. I don't think it wasn't meant to be an exact likeness of her, and I think Oprah can appreciate that it's a sarcophagus - I don't think they looked EXACTLY like Egyptian royalty. I thihnk it's beautiful!

  • AreUForReal

    As much as I can't stand "St. Oprah", I think she will appreciate it because she is intelligent and cultured enough to understand it.

  • sanaa312

    Im offended...This doesnt remind me of Oprah. It reminds me of when she played Sophia in The Color Purple.

  • hellava10

    It's different.

    She may revert back to Miss Sophia when she sees him ....."All my life I had to fight. I had to fight my daddy. I had to fight my uncles. I had to fight my brothers....and now I gotta fight you"

  • Smokie

    I like it.

  • lovely25

    You ought a bash Mister head open and thank about Heaven

  • brooklynisis

    Looks like Hottentot Venus... not offensive

  • ms.peaches

    At first I wanted to be offended when I saw it but it's starting to grow on me the more I stare at it, not quite sure if Oprah will appreciate it, don't you have to hve permission to do that so if it is in the likeness of her then I'm sure she already knew about it!! the head is fine but the midsection & breast keep throwing me off & the sad & weird part about it is I keep staring at it(lol)

  • plushlush

    He is a nobody and he is trying to use oprah to bring recognition to his name..Its not going to work.....Oprah don't have a black following she has a white following and they not gone by this.. or support it. Remember she did not get rich by catering to blacks...So it does not matter if it is an insult or praise they not buying this or logging to this site in Iowa. So it really doesn't matter.
    Oprah has ALL the money she could care less. If her own niece book didnt sell then how is this want to be artist gone get recognition. People dont believe in Karma anymore.


    ITs SAARJTIE BARTMAN, or HOTTENTOT VENUS, but anyway this is gorgeous and I feel like only true art lovers (art history lovers) could appreciate it, I would love it for myself.

  • kenyanhottie

    Its ab fab!!!!

  • free

    i like it. we need to get away from "perfect" body types anyway. i know lots of people who probably look like this without their girdles on.

  • Poetry777

    I don't like it....

  • milly

    Its interesting