Just when I was wondering where is Michelle Obama when Barack needs her the most, a controversial bust designed in the likeness of Michelle Obama was unveiled yesterday in NYC.

On his website, the artist, Daniel Edwards, described his artwork as

an accessorized mannequin bust of Obama that foregoes the conventional pearl necklace, and provides for her a "signature look" to take to Washington. "The goal is to create a look for Michelle Obama that eliminates excessive comparisons to Jackie Kennedy."

Am I the only one who missed the "excessive comparisons" to Jackie Kennedy? The Afro pick sitting fashionably askew in the Nefertiti style body wave perm adds a nice touch. And I can overlook the tattoos, but where are her nipples?


I don't know if Oprah Winfrey is going to like this. It's actually a tribute to Oprah in the form of a full figured bronze sarcophagus which was favored by Egyptian royalty when burying their dead. The artist, Daniel Edwards, is the same one who created the controversial pregnant Britney Spears sculpture.