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UPDATE: Spoiler ahead. Don't read any further if you haven't seen episode 4 yet!

By Now you know that hitman Chris Partlow assassinated Co-op leader Proposition Joe on orders of Marlo Stanfield on the 4th episode of The Wire last week. I don't watch much TV but I've been addicted to The Wire since Season 4. Yet that last scene in episode 4 was a shocker.

How ungrateful is that psychopath Marlo? Prop Joe basically treated him like a son but Marlo wanted Joe out of the way because the greeks respected Joe.

In honor of Prop Joe, I am posting the Young Prop Joe Prequel which shows little Joe hustling and cutting side deals even as a youngin on the schoolyard.

  • MZN

    slow news for everyone...


    Last week was the third episode not the forth. But thanks for the heads up.

  • SRR71


    Not everyone has Comcast were we can see these 1 week in advance. Direct TV folks are still on week 3..Stop spoiling..LOL

  • makvay

    Sandra, can you please stop spoiling the plot for those that aren't watching the episodes early? The one you're describing does not air until this coming Sunday. :(

  • free

    how did i miss this? i've only seen 3 episodes thus far.

  • Coo Coo Bananas



    Done ruined the sh*t for everydamnbody.

    Luckily I seen 1-7.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    The episode that aired last week was episode 3.

  • NyNy

    Sandra girl this is the best shit on television since Sesame Street!!!!!! I have been watching since the 1st season. I really hate that they are ending this great show. I am really not going to need HBO after this ends.......except to watch Big Love and Entourage(also great shows)! Yeah but Marlo needs to get what is coming to him soon and I think Micheal is going to give it too him real good. Hey! all you people out there need to get Comcast because OnDemand is the best thing they have going.

  • Willona Woods

    Long Time lurker...1st time posting...

    Love the site, but I am so disappointed that this was posted.I don't get the point of folks telling what happens On The Wire before the show airs. I mean maybe wait until Sunday night when it goes off or even Monday Morning. But to give this away on a Thursday really sucks

  • Black Bauer

    Gee, thnx for spoiling it for everyone with Directv.............

  • Bird

    Sandra when you are going to give out information on something people have not seen yet your title should include the words "SPOILER ALERT!" in bold caps. It's not fair to let people just stumble upon it. Unfortunately a friend of mine spoiled it for me already a few days ago.

    Sandra even if you just started watching last season you saw plenty of Prop Joe's dirt. Dude has lived way too long and I was pretty confident he would be one of the people getting killed this season. I also think that at least one of the kids will get killed. You do recall that he set up Marlo to get robbed by Omar don't you?

  • allhoney915

    I love my ON DEMAND for that very reason!! I called Comcast twice Monday because next week Wire had not shown up yet. What will life be like after the wire (sigh).

    Coo coo..where can I see the other 5-7????

  • jojo

    Sandra, not everyone has on demand and some of us that do have on demand wait until Sunday to watch the new episodes. It gives me something to look forward to since there is nothing on T.V. to watch b/c of this damn writers strike..... but thanks for messing it up.

  • NyNy

    Yeah! Prop did some dirt to Marlo but he deserved it because look at all the stupid and shady sh*t he has done. He killed Boddie(Oh!My God that was not right!!!!). I am so over Marlo and his killing crew. I am telling you all Michael is going to be the one to take him out,it would be to obvious for Omar to do it. Marlo just came on the seen trying to takeover everything.

  • pinkvirgo

    OMG now I am pissed. It's called spoiler alert hello!! But on the real I have on demand and I still haven't watched EPS 3 I planned to watch 3 and 4 friday Thanks alot Sandra. Am I the only that thinks Marlo sounds like 50 cent?

  • cta

    Thank gawd I remembered to watch On Demand last night!! Because if I came on here and saw it I would be pissed, too!

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    LOL Michael is not going to take out Michael. Why? Because of Chris.

    I don't want to ruin anything because I dont remember what episode it was on but Prop Joe still f*cked Marlo over despite being dead. Prop was not a stupid dude.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    @ Pinkvirgo. No you're not.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Oops...Typo. Meant Michael is not going to take out Marlo.

  • allhoney915

    Coo Coo...share the details on where I can see the other episodes please :D

  • Bird

    allhoney 915

    Find your local hustleman. The first half of the season ahs leaked and is on bootleg.

  • NyNy

    I believe that he will. Why wouldn't he?????? He really does not like the Negro from when he was trying to buy there friendship from season four. The only reason he is down now is because he needs to take care of his brother. I also think this is true because some sources say he is going to be standing to be the next Avon Barksdale when the show ends. He is also seeing how shady and crazy Marlo is(killing someone because you heard he said something about you....gossip)! That is just crazy!

  • imanih

    I know you like to give the heads up in entertainment, and that's perfectly fine. Don't let your impatience ,to get the word out, get the best of you though and ruin the shows we love the most. Some of us patiently wait until the following Sunday to enjoy our program every week and you might just have ruined it for some of us. I just hope you don't do the final season of "Entourage" the same way.

    P.S. This Sunday coming up is episode 4. So, leave episode 5 for us to see. Thank you.

  • 2dapoint

    U livin foul Sandra.. I got on-demand but don't watch it unti sunday like those who are unfortunate to have it. I hate they took out prop joe. I just hope they don't take out Omar and make Marlo to be this untouchable dope boi.. he crossing to many lines... the question that prop is gone..what is meth gonna do??

  • pinkvirgo

    I love Michael he is a cutie pie and under different circumstances he would be a good boy. I can't wait to see what Namon and the other lil boy that used to sell candy are up to.

  • The Black Katie Couric

    @ pinkvirgo-Not only does he sound like 50 but when he talks he has that "dimple" on the side too (I think 50's dimple was man made via a bullet)!!!!

    Now allow me to echo the other commens DAMNIT SANDRA!!!!!!!!

    Honestly this is the second time you've pulled this stunt of posting spoilers with no warning. It makes me wonder if you are really a fan of the show!!!!

    I'm lucky, like the others, to have already seen ep4, but not everyon has on demand and I know some people who even sill wait until Sunday. And if you gonna discuss an ep at least discuss the right one (its ep THREE that has aired)!!!

    Girl get it together-lol!!!!

    ***What's even more f'd up is that after all these complaints its still the first post with no spoiler warning at all.

  • The Black Katie Couric

    Oops that should be "but not everyone" and "even still wait"

    @Coo Coo
    You know what I kept thinking about the "help" Prop Joe was giving seemed like it was too good to be true. Almost like he was setting him up!!!

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    @PinkVirgo. That little candy boy is not a boy anymore lol. I was shocked as hell when I seen him.

  • pinkvirgo

    Sandra thinks this funny. I'm sure she has a sick sense of

  • ggouch

    This is one of the best shows on TV since our grandparents watched ROOTS for the first time. I am always shocked when someone has not seen it!!. Ms. Rose, I am going to have to agree with the rest of your bloggers about you providing a spoiler alert before posting. I'm not mad though, because I have on demand and a week ahead as well. I got a little excited at first thinking I was going to go home and see a different episode!! On another note!! I love your site and stumbled upon it by accident. what a great accident. I typically browse it twice a day. Keep it up

  • kdillon


  • brooklyn1

    For those of you who like me watch The Wire 1 week behind others.....check this out. I called DirectTV and what I was told is that they do not have control over scheduling, for that we need to call HBO comsumer affairs dept and complain. Yes I do have the # (212)512-1208. No body on the same coast should be watching a show a week apart....That's some bull!!!

  • ms.peaches

    I feel like the rest when you want to wait until sunday cause it isn't ish else on tv as of latley, I love this show so much & can't believe this is the end of it, it definitley had a good run I wonder what's next for B-more cause you remember the Corner i liked that as well although it didn't stay on as long!! I don't know if anyone noticed the cold look in Marlo's eyes as Chris pulled the trigger (eerie) cause I have never known Marlo to be around while the dirty work was being done!!! I wonder is anyone gonna take Chris & Snoop out

  • cta

    I think the youngin that works for Marlo and Dukie are going to play a major part in the ending of the story. Bug's brother (forgot his name) seems to be getting dissatisfied with the life that working for Marlo has given him, and Dukie seems to be wanting to have more respect.

    @Brooklyn1 -

    I'm confused: why complain to HBO? Isn't the lack of HBO On Demand an issue they should be working on for their customers? I thought HBO On Demand was a "perk" for subscribers that paid for digital tier service. Direct TV knows that they would have to increase their fees to offer it to their customers, and choose not to. So why wouldn't their customers complain to Direct TV?

  • captpmo


  • captpmo


  • Diaonne1

    I am hooked on getting the low down early too girl! I finally have someone I can vent too....since all my friends refuse to peek into the future....

    That was low down what he did to Prop. There truly is no honor amounst theives in this picture.

    I suspect Marlow is setting himself up for a huge fall. He's crazy stupid and will eventually hang himself...if Omar doesnt get to him first. GO OMAR!

    Sneek your peek girl!


  • Sandra Rose

    Sorry y'all. I really do have to read these comments more. I thought ep4 already aired. Do yourselves a favor and get On Demand. At least those of you who haven't seen ep4 have something to look forward to. :)

  • Bird


    I believe and accept your apology sista girl. Thanks for adding the spoiler alert.

  • 2thick4u

    Damn...I haven't watched it yet!!!

    I will On Demand it when I get home today:)!!!

  • cjlessie

    LOL. Girl, I have Direct TV, they're cheaper. Oh well, I can't wait to see Marlo get his.

  • pinkvirgo

    Direct TV isn't cheaper in Houston. NEway *spoiler*

    Why did they kill Butchy! But like Omar said "I'ma work them, sweet Jesus I'ma work em.

  • torontowire

    (Sorry about all the links Sandra--I gotta give the people some context!!!)

    Why is this the only show I have ever felt so connected to? Dayum. When y'all are ready, check out this Men's Vogue article with Bubbles(Andre Royo), Omar(Michael K. Williams) and McNulty(Dominic West) chillin' in some top-end gear--well after the show has wrapped(they must have filmed Season 5 much earlier in '07). Truly though, if I was in your/Sandra's position I probably couldn't hold out for too long after i saw Episode 5--fyerrrrrrrr!!! Posting the actual scene? Now that is just facety!!!! C'est la vie!

    If y'all wanna read how some real thugs feel about The Wire, check these:


    To actually get an inside 'stuff' on how David Simon is peepin this season, head to:

  • torontowire
  • torontowire