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As you know the NY Giants defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. But one of the NY Giants players had a strange workout regimen. There's a video floating around the Internets featuring Giants offensive lineman Grey Ruegamer bragging about castrating sheep with his teeth!

In the video, Ruegamer claims he helped out family friends on their sheep ranch by biting off the sheep's nuts and "spitting them in a bucket." Ruegamer said downing beer helped prepare him for the gruesome task which left his face a bloody mess.

Of course, the media barely raised an eyebrow when this story broke because, after all, we're talking about an all American boy in the Super Bowl. We're talking apple pie, white picket fences, etcetera, etcetera.

So what if he bit off a whole herd of sheep nuts? Don't all country boys cut their teeth on sheep nuts? That hardly compares with watching pit bulls do what comes naturally to them - fighting. So while convicted felon Mike Vick watched the game from his prison cell, Ruegamer gets to celebrate his Super Bowl win presumably with beer and nuts.

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    That is an Australian Rancher traditional practice. So What!

  • milly

    Yeah it may be a tradition in Australia but in America its called animal cruelty and the animal police usually gets your ass for foolywang such as this.

  • no12blame

    Tradition or not its a disgusting practice. I cannot imagine kissing any man that does this routinely.

  • MZN

    That's America for you. That All American boy probably won't even get in trouble.

    Why would anyone do that?

  • Mike Belgrove

    There is no proof to say that this guy isn't just making things up. Vick on the other hand, had piles of proof against him

  • brinabelle

    how are you comparing castrating a damn sheep, with ELECTROCUTING A DOG FOR GAME?..come on

  • brinabelle

    & even if Mike Vick wasn't serving a sentence he wouldnt be enjoying no Super Bowl Win anyways!..GO GIANTS!

  • milly

    brinabelle Says:

    & even if Mike Vick wasn’t serving a sentence he wouldnt be enjoying no Super Bowl Win anyways!..GO GIANTS!

    I'm not a big Giants fan...but I have to agree

  • RoCi212

    While I do not agree with his actions, I must say that there is no comparison between the two. My Dad had to castrate pigs (not in the way described above) on his Stepmom's farm. That is what is done to farm animals it's like nuetering a dog. Making a dog fight and then killing the losing dog is in no way shape or form the same thing. It's not a racial thing it's just totally different.

  • MZN

    Michael Vick is to killing dogs as Bear hunters is to killing bears.

    It's all killing.

  • LevarThomas