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Chris Brown escorted his old lady manager, Tina Davis to the Grammys last night instead of his alleged love interest, Rihanna. The camera caught the odd couple at least half a dozen times sitting in the audience. CB skinned his teeth like an immature schoolboy and tried his best to duck out of the frame while Tina stared directly into the lens with no shame.

Now, I told you last week that I heard something about CB, Rihanna and Tina, but I can't repeat it until I get confirmation. You know I never spread unverified rumors. We run a respectable operation here! :)

  • J Gats Juice

    LMFAO!!!!! Sandra, u & ur jokes!!!

  • ATLien

    That's quite an observation...just last week you said he was Rhianna's boy toy! What up?!?

  • Coop

    Are you saying the had a threesome?


    LOL Sandra! Keep them coming!

  • Maxdan

    You could clearly see the lady is not looking at the camera. Neither is anyone else in the audience. They're deep in CB's face. Yeah right with all these dumb rumors. I don't think Chris wants to be the next USHER at all.

  • istandbehindtheIam

    All trippin' to the side, I really thought that was his mother when the cameras panned over those two. Wow! Times is gettin' hard when you're waiting for your mate straight out the womb. LOL!

  • Dr. 90210

    Sandra, you are so messy.

    Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. Will Rogers

  • CreditDiva

    Oh soon as I seen that last night, I thought about you! They clearly received camera time and "bag lady" wasn't backing down! She was lurking for the cameras!! I so seen it!!! Even the pre-show (I so had nothing to do yesterday) she was all in it during his interview!

    Share the juice Sandra come on!!!!!!!!

  • hellava10

    Maybe/Maybe not, he might be trying to close the age gap with the cornball get up...I mean outfit.

    Sandra, speaking of outfits----where's the picture we are all waiting for? My partners and I are anxious to see the OTHER pictures from last night. :)

  • H.B.I.C.

    That lady is not even looking at the camera. Sandra, let it go. You are reaching and I really don't believe that CB is interested in that woman.

  • Bird

    What I want to know is, when is this boy going to learn how to dress?

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  • NC_NYer

    Ok, FIRST - I don't know what CB is up to, so I won't offer any opinions on what he may or may not be doing.

    BUT - a lot of ya'll are jumping on Sandra b/c THIS PICTURE does not show her looking at the person taking the picture above. That does NOT mean that AT SOME POINT DURING THE NIGHT, she didn't look into the television camera - which was the point of the post in the first place. The picture posted above was just for REFERENCE so people would note that CB was sitting with his manager, NOT next to Rihanna, who, as I remember, was sitting behind Jay & B. THAT'S ALL.

    Some people really need to READ the post before they respond. The post CLEARLY SAID the camera was on them at least a dozen times during the night. Most likely, these people didn't even WATCH The Grammys in the first place.....just talking out the side of their necks....

  • 2thick4u

    Isn't that cute!!!!

    He escorted his boo to the Grammys!!!!

  • J Gats Juice

    Hmmm... Rihanna was sitting BEHIND Jay & Beyonce? How appropriate

  • jcroft

    Yeah...his manager that that look about her...he's hitting that. PERIOD. I wonder how long they've been at it?

  • no12blame

    Sandra says
    Now, I told you last week that I heard something about CB, Rihanna and Tina, but I can’t repeat it until I get confirmation. You know I never spread unverified rumors. We run a respectable operation here!
    I hope it wasn't a 3-way.
    Tina does look suspect. Wonder if she was after him before or after the alleged sidekick pics of CB were exposed?

  • milly

    LOL! Sandra should be a comedian...This mess is just too funny!

  • ms.peaches

    I really refuse to believe this, I mean look at her she could be his damn momma!!! they are sitting together maybe cause thats his MANAGER, c'mon yall I know yall don't believe this crap!! If he is with Rhianna that doesn't mean they have to sit together, they haven't reached that type of status yet to be claiming seating arrangements(lol)

  • AaronMichael

    LoL @ Sandra never spreading unverified rumors.

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  • katgirl33

    Well I for one believe it, I forgot what they call these women who go after young boys.....child molester? Naw that ain't it....Cheetah? Barracuda? LOL I forget, but it's a name for them....and not "veteran".....

    I think she ought to be ashamed of herself for getting with that young boy, he ain't even got no experience....

    I think somebody in his camp started that Rhianna rumor so no negative publicity RE: the Vet will affect him......look what happened to Usher......

  • AaronMichael

    Cougar perhaps?

  • hellava10

    katgirl33, they call them cougars. If she is, she has her claws deep in his young flesh.

  • katgirl33


    I don't put nothing past nobody....Sandra broke this story in the Summer, so this ain't new.....other entertainment sites are just picking up on it....As VH1 said: "....and it seems to be the worst kept secret in the music biz."

    So, we don't know about, but the music industry know....and somebody den dropped a dime to Sandra.....LOL

  • katgirl33

    YEAH THAT'S IT....Cougar!

    Thanks AaronMichael & hellava10 ;0)

  • Songbird27

    let Chris be stupid if he wants too like USHER and mess his career the hell up and be the laughin stock of the whole industry!!

  • Misteresq

    Hey Sandra, check out There's a post-grammy party report from Shaheem Reid and James Montgomery. Either one or both of them caught a glimpse of Chris leaving with Rihanna late in the evening. I doubt that she was trying to get him in before curfew, and I also doubt that he decided to "trade-down" that night and go home to his manager.


    "respectable operation"...AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!! oh sandra rose...u iz too funny shawty! fa show!

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    LMAO @ Sandra!!! Forreal Sandra you got me looking at Chris all sideways lol...

  • Mrsdawsondn

    Woow. Hey I'm trying to figure out what's up with that tat on Chris's hand. Looks a lil demonic.

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