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While doing a little shopping this past Saturday at Atlantic Station, my photographer Freddy O stumbled upon a taping of MTV Jamz in progress. So like all good paparazzi, he whipped out his camera and grabbed a few shots for my readers.

Timbaland's Protégé, Singer/ Songwriter Keri Hilson and singer/songwriter Sean Garrett taped a segment of the show which will air next week on MTV.

Hilson has penned hits for Timbaland, Britney Spears and Fergie, among others. But now she's working on making herself a household name. Hilson received much needed exposure as Usher's love interest in the video for the insufferably boring "Love in This Club" track off Usher's upcoming CD Here I Stand.

Make sure you check your local listings for ATL's best on next week's MTV Jamz!

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    I love Keri Hilson she is so fabulous...and she wears the cutest sneakers lol.

  • mizzdallas

    I like Keri style she just need to do something to those ugly a** corns she is waaaay too fabulous for that ish!!! And another thing I wonder how come Ush didnt have Keri on his remix to "Love In the Club" (just a thought)...

  • shunda

    I really wish I could watch but the Time Warner cable idiots changed our channel line up and MTV Jams didn't renew there contract.

  • prynsexxx

    You can add Kerri to the "Sunkist Orange" Listers.

  • bloggergirlz

    i like atlantic station...


    You can add Kerri to the “Sunkist Orange” Listers

    I thought it was just me... She's still pretty nonetheless

  • Lisa

    I think she is very pretty and talented. It's weird because sometimes you just have to have that wow factor as a solo artist and I think she's lacking that, but I hope with all her new promos that people will catch on to what she has to offer.

  • Kymystry

    bloggergirlz Says:

    i like atlantic station

    hahahahahahah Me too... Cheesecake Bistro is my fav .. the Banana's Foster Cheesecake ... YUM-ME !

  • hellava10

    What is with the orangy dust? Is orange the new bronze?

  • aprilshowers

    She looks beautiful. :-)

  • Tommykimon

    Yes my login finally works
    She looks really nice. I'm feeling her outfit.


    keri is fun and has such a unique funky style. gooooooo girl! i do think she's a better writer than singer though. :(

    sean takes great care of his body. but it's a lil too much when he's gyrating on stage with his big beef cake body sweating. i like muscle but not incredible hulk muscle.

    the writers are in the house & gettin' props! it's the new/NEW music industry gold mine.

  • ms.peaches

    I too think she is pretty I think this may be her year or maybe 09, Im still at a loss about Sean Garrett though!!

  • ms.peaches

    scratch that last comment I remember the video now (Sean) I just didn't pay attention to the name evidently the face either(lol)!!!


    can someone tell me what song she wrote? I didnt know she existed until I saw her feet...

  • Mia

    Keri looks so homely here. The only time I think she looks good is when she's all glammed up. She needs to ditch that hairstyle ASAP.

  • gemini83

    She okay, I guess. Maybe it's her hair. That mushroom (hairstyle) on her head has to go!

  • Zuley

    Round of applause. Keri Hilson always brings the fabulosity wherever she goes. Hair, make-up, and dress game are always on point. Reminds me so much of myself. *sigh* no lezbo though lol.

  • pointhimout

    Keri's pretty..her eyes, smile. She's not famous enough to be on the remix. You hear beyonce, you'll listen AND buy it. I think she's talented. I hate seeing songwriters come out with cd's. it's like you already know...Jonta???? Austin's a brilliant writer but insisted on putting out a cd. Stick to writing.

  • Sharonda

    Is she even coming out with an album????I was anticipating for her for a long time, I'm trying to regain momentum to want to hear more material, but haven't.