I’m not interested in rap beef at all. That whole T.I./Shawty Lo foolishness smelled like a publicity stunt. And even if there was some validity to it, who cares?

It looks like Shawty Lo isn’t the only one jumping on the diss T.I. for publicity bandwagon lately.

According to Miss Info, 50 Cent calls out T.I. on a track titled “You So Tough” from the upcoming G-Unit album Terminate On Sight.

Here’s the lyrics. You be the judge:

“Nowadays this rap shit ain’t adding up/ How niggas get caught with 10 machine guns, only get 12 months?/Oo-weee, don’t talk to me/ If you talking to him, you talking to them…/I got the best lawyers that money can buy/ they say at best they woulda got me 10 or maybe 9./I said, how do you explain how the homie breezed?/They said, you keep your mouth shut or you eat the cheese.”

Yea, I know… What can I say? It’s a slow news day.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty