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BET has pissed quite a few people off here lately. Ever since the company was swallowed up by media conglomerate Viacom, which also owns VH1 and MTV - the network has lost its soul.

Protesters are still calling BET "a modern-day minstrel show". Now singer Michelle Williams has exposed the network on her blog saying BET execs refuse to play her music because it isn't "urban enough". Writes Michelle:

"A lot of you guys are wondering why it's not on BET!!! Well how can I say this without starting any may not be "urban" enough!!! Whatever the hell that means!!! (this is the political foolishness we artists go through on a daily basis)"

Now this is the same BET that recently named gossip blogger Perez Hilton for one of its Top 5 blogs awards.

What part of Perez Hilton's blog is urban? That blog is hands down the most racist blog on the Internets. You would think that BET would give that spot to another urban blogger especially since Perez Hilton couldn't give a damn about BET or anybody up there unless they're cutting him a check.

Does the other urban bloggers on that list have a chance in hell against him? What's the point? Oh yeah I forgot, his show is on VH1 which is owned by Viacom which owns BET.

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    Everyone knows that BET is a modern day slave ship... Massa is owns the land, while the slaves work the field and believe it belongs to them. I turn to BET when I need to kill some brain cells and thats it!!!

  • Zuley

    Yea they should have given the other blogger nominee to Sandra Rose. I actually have a new found like for Michelle after I heard her on the wendy williams experience. She has some pesonality and identity now not just Beyonce's yess girl.




  • Mimi Renee

    I can see BET saying something like that. Ever since Viacom took over, the programming has suddenly become MTV clone like.

    College Hill-Real World
    106 & Park-TRL
    Hell Date-any dating show or prank show on MTV
    The Boot-Next

    Remember Video Vibrations? You could see any video on that show...even if the song wasnt being played on the radio heavily

  • h0tsauce

    that is horrible...Matthew Knowles probably has something to do with it...

    Not Urban Enough...Hell her real name is Tanitra (Tah-Nee-Tra)..they made her change her name to "Michelle" or that could be her middle name!

  • D.Ortiz

    WTF not urban enough ? What does she need to do, put in some gold fronts, be half dressed ? What the hell is urban ? I am going to have to email BET about this foolishness, BET needs to support all aspects of black music that means pop, rock, rap, r&b, jazz, country...

  • Abhor_

    I'M DEFINITELY NOT SHOCKED BY THIS..."BET" has done shady shit like this before. A couple years ago when conscious rap group, Little Brother tried premier their video on BET they said NO because it was too intelligent for the viewers and would go over their heads....BET views the viewers (lol) as ignorant and wants to continue to keep them that way..THE BOONDOCKS WAS RIGHT!

  • Abhor_

    OH, and dont think about trying to vote for it on 106th because thats a scam anyway, record companies PAY for their videos to be placed on that countdown, it has NOTHING to do with the fans voting!

  • Candi Apple

    I really like Michelle and her music the Video for Break the Dawn is nice and so far removed from her former band mates. She was flipped around and danced (alittle) she could use more dance steps but, the scene with the guys are nice. She has a strong following. She is smart with a strong team behind her and I believe she had a plan. She will get beyond Matthew paying off people not to play her video.

    I was thinking if Kelly had that type of personality she would have gone all the way with her career.
    Michelle always had a look on her face like girl be yourself. Whenever Bey sang and Kelly did the follow up she riffed exactly like Bey. Michelle held her own always. True talent if you ask me... And yes I like Bey too.

  • Candi Apple

    OHH I went a little off topic. BET Viacom has set out to keep the world thinking that all black people act and look like this (holding up a picture of a painted face with red lips). They don't want the black image percieved as versitle and intelligent and strong. How could they keep blacks apart if they build them up. Its all apart of the master plan to keep black fighting eachother and looking at ourselves saying hey thats a dumb Ni**er.

    Keep fighting Obama show us and them we are made of so much more. AA's need to start standing together and band BET and other racist people we are the biggest consumers and could cut the market down globally. Look at rap music. They built it up and glamorized hoe's and bitches and shooting etc. Then they tore it down by telling us look at how they are talking about you.. But, they refuse to play anything outside of killing and bling and hoe's. So hasn't the rotation changed?... AA's are so munipliated by mass media and proaganda, hype, white lies. And still AA's want somebody to lead them. Well we have been lead down the wrong path for so long I think its time for a change. start creating paths instead of following one. What would impress me is if all Sandras educated posters send a letter to BET to air the video. Sandra thank you for blasting this and doing your part other bloggers should put them on blast too. We control the air as a whole.

  • qiana56

    Candi Apple,

    Well said. I was getting ready to post a reply, but you covered my thoughts (and more in your first post).

  • knockkey

    Only watch BET when Ciara is on. Still not over them giving B-FUNGUS , Ciara awards no way in hell irreplaceable was better than PROMISE and LIKE A BOY. Every time Ciara video post on the net Viacom delete like Ciara murder a white person in the 60's. So my suggestion is for artist to create there own viacom and not take was giving . BET IS A JOKE.

  • Smokie

    I think Michelle will be the one to tell all about the Knowles. She's got some spunk.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    They did both Michelle and Fresh from C&D dirty.

  • Smokie

    And really, I don't fault BET. What do we expect white ppl to promote about black ppl??? It's not like we didn't know BET was no longer black owned. Black folks shouldn't even grace the BET stages, much less watch it. Anyone black and affiliated with BET in anyway, is at fault. The celebs are at fault for coming to the awards shows and making appearances on 106 & Park. The audience members are at fault for being in the audience. The tv viewers are at fault for watching. The sound guy is at fault for receiving a BET check.

    Michelle can b!tch and complain all she wants to. Until Matthew Knowles owns a television station, it's irrelevant. You can call, write, and stand outside of the BET offices with picket signs, but trust me, they don't give a DAMN. Everyone has complained before. BET don't care...they know ppl will still tune in to 106 & Park.

    And then, we don't support TV-1 because it's black owned and we don't respect nothing black owned, so.... Sorry Michelle... it is what it is.

  • Candi Apple

    Smokie good points but the bottomline is it takes baby steps one step at a time.

    I am glad Michelle put BET on blast. If she kept her mouth shut we would have never known. Most of the time young kids tune into 106&Park not adults. Children are unaware of this behavior. The problem is that AA only complain one project at a time. The fight has to be consistant in order for change to occur.

    OK I bow out... I have so much more to add but its time for me to go home.

    TV-1 is still operating so we know they are receive support. I watch TV-1.

  • hellava10

    I wouldn't know, I don't even bother to watch any of the BET programming anymore other than reruns of A Different World. It's turned into a joke. I wouldn't want to be associated with any of that mess anyway.

  • Bird

    I've been hoping that someone would come along and form a new black music channel that I can access without digital cable.

  • Sharonda

    TURN.IT.OFF.TURN.THE.CHANNEL.IT'S.NOT.THAT.HARD.THERE'S TV ONE.DISCOVERY and billions of channels, why are we still complaning?Well, not me, but others still complaining like it's the only thing in your cable box?So over people complaining.

  • starr

    I'm 21 years old, and i been done w/ BET for years. I refuse to support any kind of foolishness. Its ashame how many kids, black n white take in that crap. I can't stand it. Its Black Exploitation Television, and i refuse to watch it. I don't even watch reruns of shows, like different world on there. THats just how strongly i feel about it. We need to wake up and spell the coffee. Educate these kids, and hope they listen. Some of things are sooo blind to whats going on, its not even funny.

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  • brwnsugga4you

    i don't even watch tv anymore...if it's not that d*mn college hill foolishness....then it's hell date...or american gangster...i'm embarassed that the black folks are even associated with this station.

  • 2thick4u

    I hope they apologize to her promptly!!!

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  • cjharris80

    This is why I don't watch BET; I was done with that network when they aired a marathon of American Gangster on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday in 2006. There is no way in HELL I would ever let my children watch this channel. BET, house niggas gets no support from me!