By Sandra Rose  | 

Angelina Jolie wasted no time outsmarting domain squatters by snapping up domain names for her twin boy and girl just hours after they were born.

For those not in the know, domain squatters are enterprising con artists who buy domain names of famous people or things - and then hold the domains for ransom, so to speak.

Jolie's attorneys Lavely & Singer, snapped up and as soon as the ink was dry on their birth certificates. Jolie also did the same thing when Shiloh was born in 2005 by registering and all its variations.

  • milly

    Thats smart I guess

  • Anna

    Why not register the adopted kids? The are also Jolie Pitts.

  • pyt_504

    YAWNS....... WHO REALLY CARES?.....

  • browni007

    didnt know it was that serious.