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Just as I thought: the media has already begun criticizing the Obamas for allowing their children to be interviewed by Access Hollywood.

Stella Foster, columnist for the Chicago Sun Times (and Jamie Foster Brown's sister), was just on CNN doing her best to defend the Obamas decision to let their kids speak out for the first time.

The sad part was when Stella said the Secret Service people were the children's "playmates". What kind of life is that for children? It's obvious that these kids spend all of their time around adults. But it's important for children to interact with other kids their age to enhance their social skills.

We've all seen what happened to Michael Jackson.

I watched the video of 10-year-old Malia Obama speaking to a reporter and I swore I was listening to a 19-year-old speak! One of my loyal readers wrote, "This little girl is the most well articulated 10 year old I’ve seen in a long time," -- proving that Malia is too mature for her age.

  • Womanlyanomaly

    Are you serious?? How would we react if Malia were ignorant and illiterate? Would you criticize the Obama's for NOT exposing her to life with less restrictions? I was very impressed with how composed, poised, and articulate this little girl was. I commend the Obama's for not sheltering their girls and encouraging them to HAVE an opinion at such a young age! A lot better than those drunken, whorish Bush girls! We should be supporting African American progression and such a commendable, solid nuclear Black family.. Praises to President O and First Lady Michelle!

  • ThatCarmen

    uuuummmm George Bush never put his daughters in front of cameras for pop culture show interviews but ummmmm they are still the local Austin college scene whores and drunks. Its all in the parenting at home. I dont think this interview defines anything negative about these kids and Im sure they get some interation with other children..... I spent plenty of time around adults and other children as a child and its the substance of the interactions that build your personality. I think its nice that they shared a moment of their family time with us. Go Obamas!!!!! Other political figures are just trying to keep their kids off drugs and out of jail.

  • Sharonda

    An interview is an interview.Does it matter from who?Maybe, but it's not like they were on Fox News or something

    *drum roll*
    Let the drama begin..again.Can we say Rev Wright.*yawn*

  • LB

    I have a bit of a problem with people, be it Political pundits or lowly Celebrity bloggers, telling people how they should raise their children. Or giving there opinions on other people's kids without knowing the dynamics of the household. That irks me beyond belief.

  • Anna

    I can't click on the vid for Stella Fosters. As I stated before. Little girls with confidence have self esteem and has to be praised on her up bringing. There is a difference between, bossy, ghetto and "Oh no you didn't ask me that question". What is wrong with a poised 10 yr old. No one has a problem when a little white boy who knows States, Cities and Capitals on a map and gets into Harvard at the age of 10. Sandra, give it a rest. Most in the room are parents and would love to have a child like her. Maybe I am being defensive because I was blessed with 2 little girls like this. Maybe I am defensive because it took me at the age of 10 to lose my mom and know I was blessed with smarts and articulation. If Obama's children have to spend time with "secret service" Their parents are only proctecting them , as a parent, any one that has money and power wlll agree. Columbia parents have to hire security for the fear of abduction of their children(for ransom). I ask,. What is the difference? All kids matter and all kids are important. If a kid is articulate enough to talk their way out of a situation, I only see a smart child. A situation could be a interview not planned. a situation can be a question not planned. Give the lilttle girl a break. She is not the Bush twins who tried their best to devert and run from their secret service. Why do you think there are so many movies within the past decade about a first daughter trying to ditch their security?

  • Oracle

    I really don't see the cause for argument here. You're arguing about a 10 year old girl being too intellegent and articulte for her age. For some reason that sounds so strange, as it should for you. Being in the position Malia in and the position she will have in the future(president's daughter) she NEEDS to be intelligent. She will attend events and meet people we would only wish to meet. Malia and her sister is a representation of her parents and also reprensention of black girls everywhere, so of course they would need to be ten times smarter. Also, no one can't comment on the little girls social lives because none of us are around them 24 hours a day, not even Stella Foster.

  • brwnsugga4you

    there is no argument point blank period!!!...they are sweet well spoken kids...and until you are a FULL-TIME PARENT...DON'T KNOCK THE D*MN HUSTLE!!!!...if he is getting ready to be the most important person in this d*mn country..then he has to protect his family. which means if the secret service are their playmates so be it!!!....i'm sure they have family, cousins...etc..that they interact with. they look like normal children to me!!!...i'm from dc..and as many people that jump over that white house fence..i don't see anything wrong with the secret service protecting the first family.

  • licia

    so what was wrong with the little girl and her interview? i applaud her parents for raising her in the way that they have. just because she's very well spoken and very intelligent that doesn't mean she's not a normal ten year old behind closed doors.

  • Sweet Mango

    It is so sad how something so positive like this can be turned into a bunch of drama.

    I swear I can't stand my people sometime.. Give it a rest already! We should be uplifting our children NOT breaking them down.

    I'm proud of her, I was very impressed with how outspoken she was. Hopefully the negativity surrounding this will not cause Obama to keep his precious girls out of the media.

  • Bird

    I saw this story on three differant news shows this morning and no one took issue with it. Everyone was actually impressed by how well spoken and downright adorable Malia was. According to this blog Ms. Foster was defending the fact that the interview was on Access Hollywood. Either way, I have seen Sandra take creative license with her blog before so I don't even know if this story is true.

    I too have 2 extremely articulate children, including my 4 year old. While my 16 year old daughter has been praised by her teachers her whole life for her speech it has made her very unpopular among black children. My brothers have even scolded me about her "whiteness" even though our own mother insisted that we use proper English at all times regardless of our ghetto circumstances.

    Sandra I have no doubt you don't really believe that it is bad for a child to be intelligent and are just provoking dialog over a non issue. That's cool I guess, but in my opinion this is getting silly.

  • milly

    Did I really miss it on this one or are you making a big deal just to be contradictory Sandra? That little girl did nothing wrong, she is outspoken as many children are these days, she did not cuss, and she was disrespectful in anyway that I could see , I’d be worried if she was quiet(because those are the ones you want to worry about most of the time)...hell I must've really missed the point of the argument. Never the less HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME :)

  • shhhh

    Wonder what you would've said if they sounded all stupid or ghetto. I have seen the video. It's a damn shame when people want to talk crap about someone being smart. She wasn't being grown as in some of the kids you see on you tube. When did being smart and educated constitute "too grown."


    Listen, let's keep it real. There is no comparison to Senator Obama children and Michael Jackson. I feel both parents have did a great job with raising their daughters. And having smart parents most of the time makes smart children.

    If a lot of people would get off their behinds and try to educate their own children maybe they would not have so many of them talking and acting like they are from the hood.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    LOL @ "articulate" being PC for "white."

  • tdl74767


    They don't just play with staff and secret service people. Did you hear the interview, they have friends over and they do b-day parties etc..........Would you rather the little girl be on T.V. saying "I wanted to do hood rat stuff for my friends".........come Sandra!

  • tdl74767

    correction "come on Sandra"

  • kalvonel

    This little girl validates my continued use of proper enunciation along with proper English. People never believe I was born in the ATL simply because I don't speak as most ATLiens do. I always say "I'm just speaking my native tongue the way it was meant to be spoken." Perphaps if more black parents ensured that their children at least know how to communicate properly then such cases wouldn't be as much as a surprise. I appreciate my mother for exposing me to as much of the world that she could.

  • Imalover

    Sandra, I often question your mental stability based on your warped opinions. I suggest you follow Melia's example and grow up - stop acting like a pathetic, immature grown azz woman!

  • GaPeach2005

    Oh Sandra, Sandra, sometimes I think you say and do things just for a reaction. I thought she was acting as a 10 year old. What 19 year old you know that still call the their mother, MOMMIE. This a black blog and instead of always putting down our black people especially someone whos parent may ran the country and can you stop and congratulate them. And be happy that history is being made right in front of your face. I would expect some of the comments maybe for someone is supports McCain or on White blog, but from one of our own, its just pitiful.

  • GaPeach2005

    Excuse the typos, I'm kinda upset about the comments you made.

  • Imalover

    Happy Birthday Milly.

  • ggouch

    Precocious?!!!, too mature for her age? I don't get it...are you serious Ms. Rose? This and the other posts on the subject must be one of your trick bags to get the dialogue going....right?

    How would you have the daughter of a potential candidate speak? Should she have shown the American public how she can make her azz wobble or drop it like it's hot? or perhaps she should have interrupted the interview with her version of Lil Wayne’s lollipop. Would you make that same statement if she was the 10 year old daughter of a white candidate?

    How does a child, born of two, highly educated, purpose driven parents suppose to speak?

    Stifle her opinion?....The man running for LEADER of a country boasting of freedom of speech is supposed to tell his daughter...don't tell me what to do?

    Scolding her dad?....Is someone smoking a new flavor of crack?

    Yesterday, I hung out with my cousin's twin daughters...age 8. These girls are off the chain, Decatur where it's greater, hood borne lil girls. They can make their azz clap, they can pop it, drop it like it's hot and make their hips do the figure eight....One put a plastic gun to my head and said bang bang..I just shot you, while the other twin laughed, kicked her feet and said do it again....(of course she had regained consciousness by the time the ambulance got there).....Here is the beginning of my point...., these girls didn't posses one book. Absolute nothing in the house to break up the hindering images of the hood in which they were born into. No pen and pad to create, no books to stimulate, no conversations going on around them to encourage critical thinking......Now that situation deserves your (Sandra's) statements of:

    1).What kind of life is that for children? It’s obvious that these kids spend all of their time around adults.

  • karaz

    Umm, why does she insist on wearing that lip color and caked on foundation? I know its off topic, but her and her sister are always in some sort of violation.

  • Coop


    Let it go.

  • karaz

    Oh Sandra I see you turned of the comments in the above post, boo for you. Anyways, you can tell she was recounting a conversation she had with her dad in the past to Maria, not telling her dad what to do, in the longer version you actually heard Maria ask her if she had ever given advice to her Dad, and that was a shorter version of what her answer was.

    They're cute kids, not likely to look like have of the local flavor from Decatur that you often post pictures of here.

  • Smokie

    This is SUCH a wack topic. I am thinking that Sandra needs to venture outside of the hood and meet some kids who actually read books and have parents who aren't Tiny/Monica. I mean, really, for a woman who does not have kids to make such ignorant sounding comments is ridiculous. It's like Oprah giving advice on marriage. Stay in your lane.

  • Bird

    Well I read your last blog on this topic and I guess you are serious. You actually do think being intelligent is a bad thing. All I can say to that is praise the Lord you don't have children and at the same time your opinion comes from the fact that you don't have children.

    You're right, no one can or should stop you from expressing your opinion, but you put it out there so it is subject to debate. Answer me this, does Monica plan to send her children to public school? Do T.I.'s children go to public school? I'm sure neither of their kids live in the hood. Ain't nobody with money trying to keep it that real. Guess what? No matter how hard Monica tries to groom her sons to be roughnecks if they don't live in the hood and go to private school they will develop the same way Malia has. Praise Jesus!

  • Smokie

    If Sandra is writing such foolishness just to drum up comments... tsk tsk. The wrong ignorant n!gga might read this and withhold their vote.

    D@mn, I just can't get over how silly this is.


    Smokie, PLEASE relax with the truth... I dont want to see u blocked!! Bird, why ask questions u know the answer to? LOL

  • dcwife1622

    Wow! I think Sandra enjoys ruffling feathers. I know she can't possibly be serious......(At least I hope not). The comments for this post will be off soon!

  • secret

    Sandra your just a spiteful, bitter, retarded woman, (I use the term woman loosely). You should be so lucky to be as intelligent as a ten year old child. Seek mental help. A.S.A.P.


    Bye Secret....

    I really dont find anything wrong with what she said. She was asked a question & she answered it very respectfully. My 13 yr old cousin speaks the same way & we're proud that she's able to get her point across clearly without being disrespectful to anybody. If she does get outta line, my aunt is there to pop her in the mouth.
    Sandra, if u've never seen a child speak like this, maybe u need to speak to the parents about what kinda school they have their kids in. I think if Malia would have said, "Yeah, this nigga dont need to shake nobody hand. F- dem kids, dey caint vote anyway" then u would've been happy. (yes I spelled words like that to prove my point)

  • Caron02

    Sweet Mango Says:
    "It is so sad how something so positive like this can be turned into a bunch of drama..."

    (leave it to SandraRose)

  • brwnsugga4you

    secret Says:

    Sandra your just a spiteful, bitter, retarded woman, (I use the term woman loosely). You should be so lucky to be as intelligent as a ten year old child. Seek mental help. A.S.A.P.

    ~~~~i'm waving my hands to you singing "The sound of Music" (so long, farewell auf Wiedersehn, goodbye...i leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye -- Goodbye! (goooodddddbbbbbyyyyyeeee....gooodddddbyyyyeeee)~~~

  • IamdaQueen

    Since when did articulate = too mature? We know how much you hate Obama but to let that hate spread to his children is very immature of you. Maybe little "too mature" Malia can teach you a thing or two about tactfulness.


    Sandra have u watched life in the fab lane w/ Kimora? Her kids are younger than the Obama girls and act growner than me and I'm 26! You sound like someone from the Fox news channel.Get it together! You say you don't like to put your people down but you're doing it now. Might you be jealous that you're not going to be in the White House redecorating! I'm so disappointed in your comments! DUSTED N DISGUISTED

  • karaz


    Bye Secret….


    I just choked when I read this, lmao!

  • JrzeeMa

    I so did not see anything wrong with the girls or Obama letting them talk she wasnt snappy or rude she was just saying she is embarrassed@

  • ReadTheBlog

    I didn't like the idea of those little girls being interviewed, just yet. I think the Obamas should treat their children like a lot of Hollywood celebs treat theirs - HIDE EM! The world is cruel, and those babies aren't ready for what the media does to people.

  • Sweet Mango

    Well Obama himself stated this morning on the Today show that he was surprised by some of the comments adn reaction about his daughters he they will NOT be doing it again.. He looked hurt!

    That's why I couldn't run for anything cause I'd act a dayum fool if someone spoke out the side of their necks about my children.

    and LMFAO @ Bye Secret

  • ggouch

    CRACKING UP @ Mocha!!!! Bye SECRET!!!!

    (Goodbye), Goodbye, it's over, we're through, it's done
    Our relationship is no longer one on one,
    Na-na-nah-na, na-na-nah-na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye
    Na-na-nah-na, na-na-nah-na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye


  • katgirl33

    Sandra said:

    Just as I thought: the media has already begun criticizing the Obamas for allowing their children to be interviewed by Access Hollywood.

    Include yourself in that too look:

    From USA TODAY

    Obama says he regrets TV interview of his children

    Everything he does will be misconstrued and blown out of proportion.