By Sandra Rose  | 

Access Hollywood scored an exclusive interview with the entire Barack Obama family over the 4th of July weekend. Maria Menounos spoke with Barack, his wife Michelle and their daughters - in particular, Malia Obama, 10.

Malia does not conduct herself like any 10-year-old I've ever met. Malia tells Menounos that she has dibs on one of the bedrooms in the White House when (not if) her daddy wins the presidency. Miss Malia knows how she's going to decorate her room and everything.

Precocious might be too tame a word to describe Malia Obama. This little girl is TOO grown. I blame the parents. What can one expect when both parents are frequently on the road leaving their small children to practically raise themselves?

  • pointhimout

    sandra you're funny. i dont think she's too grown at all. I love that she's well spoken beyond her 10 years. to me, too grown would have a level of sass. i didn't get that from her. She even thru in a joke about her mom. nice.

  • Sweet Mango

    I think Malia Obama spoke very well in the interview clips that I have seen so far. I'm happy to see that she is able to speak and articulate herself like she did.

    I wish more of our children were able to articulate in the manner in which she did.

  • free

    lmao at the white people: "very impressive!"

  • brownsugar2874

    Sandra I would disagree with you... She is acting like a 10 year old.. You like to hate on everyone that you don't like... Damn give them a little love!!!!

  • alana

    I'm with everyone else on this post. Malia speaks very well. Would you have rather had her act all ghetto or shy to the camera. She's a 10 year old girl who just cant wait to decorate her room with Hannah Montana

    OBAMA 08!!!

  • Anna

    I must have missd a apart of the interview on the post. She was talking about how she only sees Angelina Jolie in magazines and her mom said "important ppl" she said yes important ppl, no offense mom. How is she being grown. Sandra being you don't have kids that, is the way kids with parents who spend time with them act. It's not grown up but confident. My daughter has been very poised at the age of 2. She would be talking on the phone a call would come in and she would say hold on "There's another call" and click over. She is almost 23. Now boys are different.

  • LB

    There was nothing wrong. she's the product of a stable 2 parent household. Something we don't see a lot of in this community. I would think twice before demeaning that, Sandra.

  • Bird

    Oh no you didn't say she was too grown. That totally caught me off guard. I expected you to marvel at how well spoken and intelligent she was. I guess you prefer her to speak improper english and sport a tight blue mini skirt and mid-drift top ensemble.

    Anyway, the family and especially the children are adorable and they make me feel a little guilty about my desire to become Barack's concubine.

  • Nina

    Too Grown? I believe she did a fine job.

    LOL @ Bird's concubine comment!

  • miamore73

    She sounds like a very smart 10 year old to me. I blame the parents also.

    I blame them for raising articulate, smart and what appears to be well behaved children.

    Now let's talk about the Bush girls in the bars underage getting DUI's and what not. Now that's some shit a parent should be ashamed of.

  • shunda

    I think she did a great job. She reminds me of my 11 year old daughter. That is what being the product of good parents and a good school gets you.

  • bklynchick

    Now Sandra you know that little girl is not too grown. Stop hating!!! She did very well. A typical 10 year old.

    Obama Ya'll

  • Sharonda

    I got to say at least she knows what she wants!Which can be a good thing because she might already know what she wants to be in the future.With the right attitude, she will get far.

  • MissR2008

    OMG! Sandra needs to lay off the bottle...This little girl is the most well articulated 10 year old I've seen in a long time. Grown is the little girls who walk around with makeup and hands on [imaginary] hips. She knows what she wants and has no reservations about claiming it...Kudos to the Obamas

  • Anna

    @ MissR2008 Says:

    OMG! This little girl is the most well articulated 10 year old I’ve seen in a long time. Grown is the little girls who walk around with makeup and hands on [imaginary] hips. She knows what she wants and has no reservations about claiming it…Kudos to the Obamas.
    This is why some ppl should not be able to breed. Nothing wrong with parents who "You can believe in" to raise your self esteem and go/kid power.

  • oshikoyah

    The Obama's are what most 2 parent homes should consist of... 2 parents that teach their children how to speak and properly annunciate their words. I guess if Ms. Malia was speaking broken english and smacking her lips that would make the world, say "Aha... I knew those two were horrible parents"! You guys kill me! I wish more of our children spoke as well as Malia does.

  • trina@atl

    She was great, and I wish more of our kids would sound that intelligent when a camera was put in front of their face, instead of say huh, and you know what I'm saying every 2 seconds.
    If more black families were like this, then we would not be in the mess we are in now.

  • milly

    I love the way she spoke but I guess you wouldve prefered for her to say "I just wanted to do some hoodrat stuff with my friends" smh


    She sounds fine to me. More like, what do you expect from a little girl whose parents are very educated. It's in the DNA Sandra.

  • up_ur_standards

    Okay Sandra now let me get this straight...

    When Monica dresses her son like a little thug and people take issues with run to her defense and we are being too “judgmental”.
    When Monica dates, marries, and gets engaged to a "thug" it is fine. But when Lauren London (not saying I agree with Lauren-just making a point) it is ignorance and she is dumb.
    (I have nothing against Monica using her as exp)
    Why do you have such a double standard for your personal friends...versus other people in the media? Me personally me and all my friends have a "call it like we see it" clause in our friendship. If you a real friend then you are supposed to call a person out on they bullsh*t and be like "girl/boy you are wrong for that one". All I am saying is be fair. As fair as the 10 year old goes...that is mild and there is nothing wrong with her speech or the way she spoke in my opinion. I have seen 10 y.o. give birth, curse, fight grown woman, and way worst sh*t then this. My 16 yo cousin has a baby by a 21 y.o...don't sh*t surprise me anymore. But that girl is fine...considering the stuff her father is going through and about to go thru!!!

  • up_ur_standards

    My bad spelling:

    *As far

    Typing 2 fast

  • mj

    She is precious and very well spoken. I love it.

  • tintin

    i dont find anything wrong with what she said, why is everything concerning the obama's such a big deal. my son is 10 and the other day said to me "mom but you're not being consistent". as i stood in shocked with what i heard, i was impressed and patted myself on the back. the girl is smart and leave it at that.

  • ThatCarmen

    She was very well spoken and her choice of words did not sound grown. My 10 year old step-daughter speaks just like that and she still plays with barbies and doesnt know a damn thing about BET hoochie videos. Many of you have already expressed the great way these parents are raising this child.... at least in the form of her sounding educated.... I dont know about her other activities but, she looks just precious.

  • NYC

    Sandra Rose wins Hater of '08 award.

  • starr

    R U serious?! u can't be, there's just no way. Thats what a typical 10 year old sounds like, one who who speaks proper english. You've got to be kidding. Are we so embedded with the hood mentality that we don't know what what proper is. WOW. Some of the things you post sandra, are inconsistent, and contradictory, and sometimes hypocritical, but even this for u is very surprising.

  • brwnsugga4you

    ^^^^i agree. she's a typical 10 yr old. my daughter is 11 an very well spoken as well. i watched the interview and she's a kid!!!!...that's it. further, more they are being raised by great can tell.

  • Xsjado

    Good parenting brings good kids..

  • shhhh


    You have to realize that they're not her friends. The only reason she don't talk crap about women of ATL, because she know she would get smashed if ever caught in public. People like Monica and other uses Sandra. Sandra has over 50k unique visitors. If all you have to do is talk to her every now and then get positive press when you're in that industry. Who wouldn't be all over it.

  • kalvonel

    We all know that ppl will complain even when there's NOTHING to complain about. I find it very disgusting that anyone would criticize this young child for speaking confidently, being articulate, and knowing how to speak in front of a camera. This just proves that no matter what the Obamas do there will be haters. We as blacks FINALLY get a real -NOT just the Cosby's- but a REAL example of a healthy, educated, and strong black family and this is the response? Sandra, in case you didn't is NOT a good thing to uphold stereotypes.

  • ndwflorida

    I am very disappointed that some of our "own" would speak against such an intelligent young girl. If she were speaking "ghetto" people would still have something to say. I think she did a great job speaking for her age, and she was being herself. Not putting on a front for the media or her family. I'm sure she is in a great school, and with parents who are in the political field, I would hope she did speak that way. Her father Obama and mother speak well, why shouldn't she??? Come on now!!

    By the way my daughter is 6, and has been speaking quite well before she was 2, and now in the gifted programs. Continue to encourage our kids, not hate on them!!


    I guess that says it... The little girl spoke very well, got her ideas across without sayin "My daddy an 'nem." I would love to hear one of your god-babies speak... I guess you think its cute when a child sounds illiterate

  • karaz

    So subject verb agreement is too grown for a 10year old? She sounds like many 10year olds I've interacted with. Do you have any proof that the Obama's aren't parenting these kids and they are "raising themselves" as you allege? Wouldn't that be fodder for Fox news teasers and lead in by now?
    Sandra do better!

  • starr

    Since sandra turned the comments off on the newer post........

    And that comment she made to her daddy, was very ten year old esque, so w/e.

    And my last thing on this, if this was some white kid, it wouldn't even be a tiny blimp on the rador. Cuz its expected that they speakd "normal". A black kid speak proper,....its almost as if folks are shock as if such a thing could happen. OH, she's too mature blah blah.

    Sometiems i think about this country, and where its going, and it makes me sad.....and it has nothing to with an election or politics.

  • JustSayin

    “Malia does not conduct herself like any 10-year-old I’ve ever met.” I actually find that statement more troubling. You have been around some sad children that need to do better..And that I do blame the parents for..And people like you who accept and expect that kind of behavior. When someone sits in judgment of a 10 year old child because they are speaking correctly and acting appropriately…it is indeed a sad day. “Too grown”?..You’re kidding me right? You act is if she was speaking out of turn..or even saying something that was out of line..Cut it out already.


  • Topnotch

    [This comment was removed because it violated our terms of service. Any further comments of this nature will result in a ban without warning.]


    Topnotch Says:

    [This comment was removed because it violated our terms of service. Any further comments of this nature will result in a ban without warning.]


  • Caron02

    Sandra..I luv u but you are SO WEIRD! (LOL)

  • Imalover

    Sandra, why was my comment removed?

  • Topnotch


    Topnotch Says:

    [This comment was removed because it violated our terms of service. Any further comments of this nature will result in a ban without warning.]


    im with you..whats the term of service sandra? your entitled 2 your opinion but im not entitled to mine?

  • IamdaQueen

    I guess she should speak in ebonics and suck her thumb or something. Sandra stop expecting our black children to be dumbed down all the time. She should be articulate. She comes from a home with two very well educated parents. You should be commending her and her parents. Be proud of the fact that one of "our" own is not embarrassing us on national television. She knows what she wants at a very young age and she's going for it without being disrespectful. This is what a typical 10 year old child SHOULD be like.

  • Topnotch

    it probably was because of the monica comment!! lmao!! sandra you are funny!

  • IamdaQueen

    I see you turned the comments off on the other post about Malia. Is it because no one agreed with your negative judgement of this young lady?

  • brdnbutta

    I watched this interview with my mother last night and we were both very impressed Malia. I think there is a huge difference between acting grown and having the abilty to effectively communicate. She's well mannered, and obviously highly intelligent. She should not be criticized for being an intelligent/gifted child. Why should she have to pretend to be average if she is not in order to appease other's expectations. I would hope that my future children are as bright.

  • JustSayin

    You hit the nail on the head brdnbutta. “a huge difference between acting grown and having the ability to effectively communicate.”. That’s what I was thinking..But being as grow as I supposedly am..I couldn’t effectively communicate that.. She is a product of two educated parents in what appears to be a stable home… so this is exactly what one should expect. Sandra?? You're rather quit. I’m very curious to know what she should sound like..or what she should have said. Please elaborate.

  • katgirl33


    The Obama's Children go to a private school, that is part of a major college (University of Chicago).

    Could it be that another reason for the way the kids talk is a result of education they are receiving?

    These kids do not go on the road with them all of the time, and I have read in many articles that Michelle travels during the day, and is at home with her kids by the evening....since the summer is here, the kids have more opportunties to make trips with their parents

    I would like to know what she is doing different than working moms?

    I also read this morning that the conversation he had with his daughter HAPPENED AT HOME, when her friend came over and met Obama for the first the interview, he said that his daughter be trying to give him tips on how to be with other kids....LOL I think it's sweet that she's trying to give her Dad "cool tips"....LOL

    If Obama wins, they will be the first small kids in the White House in over 30 years....What kid you know wouldn't be excited about living in the White House? I'm just saying....

    I read that they (the media) scrutinized Jimmy Carter's daughter's every move when he was president...she was about Obama's kids stories like this one are just going to get more and more intense.

    I hope they paint their rooms purple and pink, with Dora the Explorer, Hanna Montana, and Chris Brown posters plastered everywhere! LOL

  • katgirl33

    Topnotch Says:

    [This comment was removed because it violated our terms of service. Any further comments of this nature will result in a ban without warning.]


    Dang Top Notch!!! What you say to get your comment snatched? You got put on "time out" for real!!!


  • brenden

    Alright so I saw this being mentioned in other post...This is the same interview I saw on television last night. Didn't see a problem then, don't see 1 now. Not only was I impressed with the way she spoke, but I was also impressed with the way she looked. Cornrows in her hair like any other kid, not all dolled up for the camera. I have nothing bad to say at all.

  • Topnotch

    katgirl33 Says:

    Topnotch Says:

    [This comment was removed because it violated our terms of service. Any further comments of this nature will result in a ban without warning.]


    Dang Top Notch!!! What you say to get your comment snatched? You got put on “time out” for real!!!


    im still sitting in the corner!! it wasnt bad..i just compared them to monicas boys and how she wouldve had a different opinion...

    *going back to sit in the corner*

  • up_ur_standards

    I am so over Sandra...I am not even gone get mad and say I am not going to come to this site anymore because I am convinced she was joking...she just had to be...because ain't nothing GROWN about that little girl...if she wanna see grown...I could definitely show her grown.

  • BlkButterfly

    Sandra. I think you have something against black people which is a shame but what did that little girl really do or say? Now you post a pic of a baby with a Duby and her baby hair laid down and it's cute... Get real

  • candycane

    I hate to hear people say so well spoken, what was she supposed to sound like?? She spoke like a regular kid that has some sense. Sounded like a typical girl, she was talking pretty fast and sounded like she had too much spit in her mouth. LOLOL!!

  • candycane

    My boyfriends 10 year old daughter "speaks well" and can hold a decent conversation and is very fluent in Spanish. A she's being raised by a single father from the projects. You dont necessarily NEED two parents, just one will do and the proper schooling.

  • whatnow

    Malia will probably grow up to be the first woman president. She came across as sweet and insightful even when she said something about when she's a teenager she'll feel different.

    Loved it and want more.

  • Sindy

    Well it's about time everyone in here stop kissing up to Sandra Rose, and tell her about her ass.

  • ItsMeIvory

    Why does she look like the cartoon character Riley from The Boondocks....