According to, rap artist The Game got into an altercation with a family member outside of a church where he had just attended his cousin's funeral. The fisticuffs were over monies the family say Game owed for his half of the funeral expenses.

Robert "Kirky" Kirkwood tells TMZ that when his sister died, The Game -- who he says is his first cousin -- volunteered to pay half of the $14k it cost to bury her. But Game later changed his mind and also changed his phone number.

Kirky and The Game got into it after the funeral services for Kirky's sister last Saturday where The Game spoke during the service about family values. Kirky says his cousin punched him in the face during the dust up following the service.

Why is it that funerals bring out the worst in people? Family fighting over money at a funeral is disgraceful! Anyway, Kirky says he's filing assault charges. I'm sure the lawsuit will be filed any day now.

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  • HunE916

    He face looks like my son's scratch paper!

    Anyway...Why is it that funerals bring out the worst in people? You mean bring out the worst in BLACK folks!

    See, White folks tend to have their sh!t in order- life insurance, gravesite paid for, will, death directives, etc. Hell, only thing the family needs to do it pick out an outfit and 1/2 the time they have THAT starched up in the back of the closet ret-ta-go!

    We need to do better! Then wouldn't have to depend on the one "rich" cousin to pay for unexpected family expenses!

  • bklynchick

    While if he said he was going to help he should of stuck by his word. But there is a time and place to address a family situation. And also that is why everyont needs to have insurance on themselves. Yes you you have to prepare to die to.

  • bklynchick

    I meant everyone

  • milly

    My family does that (fighting) at funerals, weddings,parties,birthdays...heck they just full of drama, and thats why they dont hear from me.

  • mizzdallas

    ^^^^^ ^^^^^
    bklynchick.... You took the words right out of my mouth.


    That is WACK!!! Why don't people conduct themselves like adults anymore? Is it that hard to hold off on the BS?

  • black beauty

    Why would he not pay the 14k somethings not right and he showed up to the funeral

  • MzDetermined

    It doesn't matter if you have insurance because it is not enough to cover the funeral when it is all said and done. To make things easier people need to have their plot picked out and paid for to make it easier on the family. Just because Game is a rapper and supposely have money doesn't mean he has to pay the expenses, but if he offered then he needs to keep his word, I don't know the whole story so I am not going to speak on it.

  • eastpointvet

    game need to pony up them bucks but i know 50 will use this somehow against him lol

  • ggouch

    Ya'll know to even picture it, has you laughing your azz off!! My family don't fight at the funneral, they wait until we get to the house and start dividing up the goods.


    So hood....

  • stefany

    Stupid ass, classless negros fighting at a funeral..He could have at least waited unil after the service and confronted Game about the money.

  • ggouch

    HunE916 Says:

    He face looks like my son’s scratch paper!
    I am cracking up!! you are soooooooooooooooo right. He looks like the doodling I do when my meetings get boring.


    Ggouch, I'm with u.... We mourn, cry and fall out at the burial site. Its at the house that we fight for the plants LOL

  • kamini

    Only reason black folks start fighting at funerals is cause they are sad and starts getting liquired up. Then all those family issues start coming out of the woodwork. lol Mind you this don't normally happen at the church. But sure nuff at the repass.

  • ggouch

    Why the family mad? You can't exactly repo a funeral...can you?...seriously....can you?

  • browni007

    Kirky let his emotions get the better of him... could you imagine Game making a speech at your sister's funeral regarding family values and he knows he wont cough up the $$ that he promised to cough up. Seems quite hypocritical. I'm not saying dude is was clearly tasteless and a poor judgment in his part, but I can imagine his anger/sadness boiling up in him and pop.

  • Anna

    $14k for a funeral. Where do you all live. A decent funeral costs between $6-$10k. Yes ppl get your own affairs in order. No one should have to chill(no pun intended) in the morgue(waiting to be buried) because the funds are not there.

  • ThatCarmen

    Insurance will pay for a funeral if you research and get the right insurance coverage. Everyone is so paycheck to paycheck these days that they are just trying to live day to day and dont have the money or the mind to put away for such events. I dont know what to say about the emotions that may have been going on at that funeral or the events leading up to it but, getting physical at a funeral is not cute at all!

  • ReadTheBlog

    Funerals, weddings, and family reunions always make us ACK A FOOL... Tell you what, they should have left the burial arrangement sto me - can you say cremation for < $1000?


    Thank God my job has funeral coverage!! There will be no fightin over finances at my funeral... My mother is my benefiary of $500K... If i kick the bucket before she does, the only person she's gonna have to fight is her accountant

  • SnootyPooty1

    @HunE916 .... Well said

    Families can be like peas and carrots but the minute someone dies and have a little bit of assets they quickly become like oil and water they don’t mix.... How sad we really need to do better.

  • Mimi Renee

    Regardless if Game promised to pay for the funeral or not, there is a time and a place for everything and fighting at a funeral or outside of it is very tacky. show some respect my kiddies! but sadly that is how some of US do, fight over everything that has to with the deceased.

    i remember some of my family fought over what pictures to use in the obituary and whose names should be in it :(

  • Sharonda

    Well he offered which means, that he can change his mind any time.I know it's like that in my family, even over a headstone.It's serious!


    Mimi, I'm sorry but I laughed at ur comment!!! LOL I thought my cousins fightin over their mothers plants & her church sweaters wasnt that bad....Everybody has that one NIGGA in the family who u cant take nowhere or tell anything cuz u know they have no shame!! LOL

  • Mimi Renee

    LOL @ Mocha...i'm for real, i'm like why are ya'll really over fighting over some pictures. and i mean cussin people out and everything. then on top of that they have the nerve to be so mad that they started leaving names out the like how you gon not put one of his kids names in there. smdh


    Here's one.... My cousin chased his older brother around the yard with a chair screamin "I'm takin my mama's plants f*** nigga!!" the one who was being chased ran to his truck to get his pistol... all the while, the other two brothers tried to set each other on fire by the bbq grill, tellin each other "i'm gettin mama's sunday school sweaters!!" The police came & didnt know who to arrest, they just laughed at the crackheads i call family.

  • Mimi Renee


    i am over here really picturing that mess happening. they was really tryna set each other on fire by the damn grill??? LAWWWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD help em!

  • ThatCarmen

    ^^^^^^^ Thank you for the re-location options in this country!!!! I live in Cali and all my family is in Texas... I will be going to some funerals and (cough) unFORTUNATELY will not be attending others. I told my man, just cremate me and send out a notice of death to everyone. Take the money and take care of our daughter.
    Mochamommy, your ass must me drunk up in the corner today!

  • mina

    Damn, I heard funerals were expensive but a $14K funeral?

  • ThatCarmen

    @mina Says:

    Damn, I heard funerals were expensive but a $14K funeral?
    Thats when they thought Game was paying for half! Better get things like that up front before the final bill is approved!

  • kalvonel

    WOW is all I can say. I'm lucky enough to only have had 5 relatives pass while I've been alive, but to quote a line form one of my favorite books "people either forget or don't realize that the first word in funeral is fun." So it's cremation for me! I say spend the money on food for after the ceremony.

  • SnootyPooty1

    Well I told my hubby too cremate me.... @ThatCarmen I am with you just send out the death notices.

  • Anna

    @ 27MOCHAMOMMY Says:

    Here’s one…. My cousin chased his older brother around the yard with a chair screamin “I’m takin my mama’s plants f*** nigga!!” the one who was being chased ran to his truck to get his pistol… all the while, the other two brothers tried to set each other on fire by the bbq grill, tellin each other “i’m gettin mama’s sunday school sweaters!!” The police came & didnt know who to arrest, they just laughed at the crackheads i call family.
    You are nuts. I am on the phone with a customer waiting for her to find something. I almost busted out laughing in her ear.

  • bklynchick


    HAHAHA!!! Whew Lawd!!!! I wish I would of saw that. I think everyone has that somebody in their family that you know is going to "Act A Fool"

  • brwnsugga4you

    mocha you already know what to do with yourself today...can i say that the game's tattoo's are hideous.

    the funeral shouldn't have been that expensive. i guess they figured the game was going to go all out. but, when my mom passed the funeral home is a business. they will try to sell you everything as if they are concerned. the only thing they are concerned about is making money. i had my boyfriend there who was able to make some decisions in my emotional state. but, they were playing on my emotions and trying to say this casket won't get water in it's a hustle. i ended up spending about $10k for everything and the insurance took care of that.

  • Nekita

    INSURANCE!!!!!! For the money it cost for two shots of Patron, you can get Life Insurance. DANG

  • H-Town Shan

    Once they found out The Game agreed to pay for part of the bill of course they bumped it up and got all the options, the air-tight water-tight vault and all that other stuff they try to sell you. Ole boy deserved to be punched in the face trying to talk about financial matters at the funeral. His timing was definitely off and he got dealt with.

  • SnootyPooty1

    @brwnsugga4you.. Sorry to hear about your mom. They are in business to make money so they will try to take advantage of the fact that you are vulnerable.

  • brwnsugga4you

    SnootyPooty1 Says:

    @brwnsugga4you.. Sorry to hear about your mom. They are in business to make money so they will try to take advantage of the fact that you are vulnerable.

    ~~~thanks for the's been about 8 yrs so i'm at peace with it...~~~

  • Vegas Dice

    Black funerals.... What more can I say?

    I can say that I won't go to a funeral unless it's someone sincerely special..

    People trying to get in the casket, trying to climb in the burial plot, shaking the body to "get up", the men "side pieces" all professing their love, all the baby mommas and drama, the girlfriends decked out in RIP gear but don't know the family, the wife & girlfriend both saying "Baby" at the casket.. Did I forgetting anything??

    Nah... I'm cool off that!

  • Sharonda

    Like my grandfather said before he died "People put more money in the ground when they dead than alive.It cost too much to be dead." Those funeral people be getting over sometimes, they did my grandma like that.I hate funerals though, it's just tough times when someone passes.

  • crystal

    That is why people should invest in some type of life insurance and not rely on anyone to bury you. Family is the main ones who talk about what you didn't do for their love ones that passed. you can pay at least 15 dollars a month for some life insurance. Some folks have issues insuring you children too.

    the worst thing or a feeling is sitting in a funeral home making arrangements and not having any money to pay, some funeral homes write that stuff off depending on the area where you live( a high crime) and the type of death.

    My husband always tell me "when i die just bury me in a box and i tell him "jack ass it costs to bury you in any box"

    he also said he don't want to be cremated when he die because if he is going to hell he don't want to burn twice!!

  • crystal

    FYI if anyone ever had to sit in on the arrangements of a funeral then you know that it costs for..........

    clothing-(if you use their items)
    make up
    those little cards with the loved ones name and date of birth and death.
    sign in book
    and some other things..can't think of them right now.

    But the funeral does not include the burial. that fee is something else. the cost to open a plot and it cost more to open a family plot. I always wondered why some folks in NYC have a funeral in Brooklyn but buried in New Jersey or Long Island.( especially when there is a cemetery like Evergreen in the area) I was told because different cemetary charges different prices.

  • Anna

    While we are talking about Insurance. my city had a big fire due to a fire cracker. 200 ppl are now homeless. 80% of ppl don't bother to get renters insurance. Renters Ins cost the price of 2 large pizza's that we treat our family to once a month. You would not buy a house and not have homeowners insurance. Why rent a house/apt. and not have renters insurance?

  • Bird

    It sounds like the family went way too far with this funeral. With a 14k price tag they must have had a Biggie Smalls type funeral. Did they do that because they expected Game to shell out the dough? Did he have any say in the arrangements? Did he get the opportunity to approve the budget or did they just spring it on him after the arrangements were made? Hell are they even telling the truth about the price? There had to be a reason Game busted him in the mouth at the funeral. His family is so suspect. They love running to the press about him not giving them his hard earned money. Don't they know 50 is still in his pocket?

  • Bird


    While all the costs are seperate the undertaker takes care of everything and presents you with a final bill for everything, including the burial. When we buried my mother and brother the only thing the undertaker didn't include in his bill was the headstone which costs a grip no matter how simple it is. It took years to get one for my mother and my brother never got one. Still with all those seperate costs the bill was under 6k and they had nice coffins, a nice service and burial and they looked good.

  • Anna

    I can't imagine going to my moms grave and there is not a headstone there. The headstone does cost but my mom did pass away 30 yrs age. I visit her on holidays, bday, mohers day and just because days. To read and see her headstone is a comfort to me and my siblings and her grandkids she never met. My sibllings and I keep my moms memory alive by talking to our kids about who she was and the witty humor she had. Of course lots of pics. I also remind my family what dad said " If it weren't for a can opener we would have starved" LOL. Thank GOD my daddy and my granny taught us how to cook.(That would be my black side of my gene pool). Sorry. Went down "Memory Lane".

  • Bird


    I know what you mean. My mom was something else too. She was a Jersey girl who just swore she was country. I won't even go into the animals she used to cook. hehehehe. She forced my friends to treat her with respect and years later my friend told me she never knew it was rude to call a person's house and not say hello until my mother cursed her out over it and she appreciated that lesson. She was a real character. If you look up boughetto in the dictionary her pic will be there just above mine. Damn I miss that woman! And we might have been poor, but my mom kept that life insurance paid up even when we were on welfare which is why we could afford her headstone at all. My brother was only 30 years old and had no life insurance. Thank God he had gotten a little settlement from disability who denied his claim when he was dying of cancer. Otherwise paying for his funeral would have been a struggle. If any good has come out of this blog it is that it go me thinking about his headstone again. I have to discuss that with my family. We all work and there is no reason we can't chip in for it.

  • tdl74767

    We don't really know the truth......I don't think that The Game would do that, from hearing him in interviews he seems to really love his far as the phone number change, maybe he did, but maybe not for that reason. People's emotions go crazy at funerals, just one of those things,'s sad any way you look at it.

  • renegro

    sound like to me that dude tried to to put a beat down on game for him not paying up and game got the best of him

    any its never about the money, its all about the principalities

  • katgirl33

    How you gon step to somebody, b/c they didn't give you no money?????

    I got a better question: How many people y'all know that have died, and the rest of the family has to "anty up" to pay for the expenses?

    Cuzzo got mad b/c Game wasn't about to foot for the funeral, and ended up getting that azz spanked...Game is probably getting fed up w/family coming out the woodworks for $$$.

    How much y'all wanna bet Cuzzo files a lawsuit??? I give it 30 days....LOL