By Sandra Rose  | 

One of entertainment's most respected publicists, Patti Webster, founder of the prestigious W & W PR firm - reached out to me yesterday. Ms. Webster sought to correct my statement that her former client Usher fired her firm.

Hi Sandra - I pray this email finds you well. I wanted to respond to your reporting that Usher has indeed fired my company, W&W Public Relations. That is, fortunately, not the case. Our company voluntarily resigned Usher's account. Nothing more. Nothing less. Would you please correct this statement in coverage? Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

We stand corrected.

Ms. Webster's meteoric rise to the top is well documented by my friend Ray Tamara on his website The Crusade. It's a very interesting read for those of you who are still pursuing your dreams.

  • bloggergirlz

    well, there u go...they should've dropped his a$$, since he had diarrhea of the mouth n didn't know when 2 shut-up...u would've thought he didn't have a PR company behind him anyway...



  • Lucy

    So he had no choice but to run back to momma.

  • ladyrazor

    Who cares who fired who....some one just do there job and help this boy out. Damn.

  • chat bout

    all i would like to know is...why does she feel the need to tell this shyte? who cares?

  • 2bme

    Usher is a PR nightmare..i'm surprised she stayed as long as she did..good for her she got out of that sinking ship

  • H.B.I.C.

    @ chat bout

    I TOTALLY AGRE!!! Doesn't she have better things to do than respond to something that was written on a blog? And more importantly, who gives a damn who dropped who?