Thanks to loyal reader Sunshine for sending this pic of R&B Diva Monica and her two sons Romelo, 9 months, and Lil' Rocko, 3. As you can see, Lil' Rocko is styling an profiling with his sharp new haircut! :) Lil' Rocko is a model now.

His mommy Monica's new line for boys called Regions of Rock is almost ready to be launched. Of course you'll see the clothes first right here on!

  • Mzsuave

    Seeeeeeeeeeeee...we can be nice sometimes Auntie :)

  • LovelyLady

    I like the way she had them dressed. Prep school.

  • teeteek

    They are soo cute...I like Monica...When is her new album coming out???

  • Sandra Rose

    zsuave Says:

    Seeeeeeeeeeeee…we can be nice sometimes Auntie


    I don't know how I doubted you. :)


    teeteek Says:

    When is her new album coming out???


    In December.

  • teeteek

    I can't wait...

  • Bird

    There you go. This pic is so gorgeous. Everytime I see these kids I want to apply for the nanny gig. They are so precious.


  • cinnamonkisses97

    Love the pics , those baby cheeks , smooches .

  • DivineBrown

    Monica is a cutie in this pic too!

    Gotta move on IS...and WILL ALWAYS BE...the truth! That girl knows she killed that song!

  • katgirl33

    Monica know she got some pretty babies......

    Now, bring on that little girl Monica!

    j/k (just kidding) ;)

  • keely107

    Monica and Rocko need to sale kids, they are just gorgeous.

  • Peachizz

    OMG, That little baby (he's too cute)

  • ReadTheBlog

    One haircut down, and one to go! The older boy looks really cute with his hair cut...he dang near look like TI ;-)

    Who's light bright in Monicas family - her mom? Why don't we ever see any brown babies anymore?


    Monica and her kids are too cute. I love her new song. Has the video come out yet?

  • stylerazzi

    Lil Rocko is so adorable with his little haircut!! AWWWW!!!! That little one looks like he is going to be a handful (like most 2nd children are!!!!). She has a beautiful little family.

  • mizzdallas

    They look soooo cute! I cant wait for Monica & Brandys album to drop!!!

  • mizzdallas

    See Sandra we can be nice!

  • keely107


    LOL. I didnt see anyone on her show when it aired that were red like that, but that's how my kids came out and me and their father are brownskinned. It went back to my great-grandmother who was caucasian, so it can jump back pretty far I see.

  • HunE916

    ReadTheBlog Says:

    Why don’t we ever see any brown babies anymore?

    That needs to be Sandra’s next Medical Minute!

    It’s a sickness. A disease. We’ve tried to cure it in our family by mixing with dark-skinned brothas, to no avail.
    The HY (High Yellow) chromosome defect is prominent and will not be overcome by the dormant dark-skinned gene.

    I’m starting up a research fund.

  • toosexy

    Those are some cute babies!

  • MissB

    I cannot wait to see the new boy's line 'Regions Rock'. I just know that the creations will be unique and out of this world.

  • Kymystry

    Awwwww .. them some cutie patooties ... and Miss Monica is glowing .. Motherhood does agree with her ...

    I am loving the single Still standing ... Love it Love it .. Love it...

  • Kymystry

    Aww .. them some cutie patooties … and Miss Monica is glowing .. Motherhood does agree with her …

    I am loving the single Still standing … Love it Love it .. Love it

    my orginal comment is awaiting moderation .. i put too many "w's" in Aww w w w w w

  • Charles

    I love monica i love love love monica and she has not aged abit in all these years, she is so great and classy and she always looks perfect i will make sure to buy her album.

    I <3 You monica

  • keely107


    I was gonna suggest that for Medical Minute because of all the whispers about "that baby is too light to be his". LOL. U are right, came back to haunt me, all of us at some point. My 2nd baby I was stiff with fright thinking blue eyes were next. lol.

  • kwallace577

    auntie. you give new meaning to off again on again (about the comments). LOL

    i said it on the other post. but they ARE sweet looking babies.

    and the HY gene IS a strong strong gene hunE. i am brown my husband is blurple. BUT he has a high yella momma. that HY gene reached all the way back and our baby is yella.

    here i am expecting a little brown baby and she was yella. caught even me off guard..... if she did not look just like her dad in the face even i would be like "who is the pappy of this baby?" jk.

  • Kymystry

    my son was pink with blue eyes at birth (he's just high yella now with hazel eyes) .. Im the complexion of Queen Latifah and his father is the complexion of j-hud ... go figga ...

    and YES he IS the DADDY ... lol

  • DivineBrown

    If an interracial couple can have a set of twins, one dark and one light...I believe anything is possible with chil'rens!

    One of them has some recessive genes somewhere that came busting out!

  • Candi Apple

    Monica's babies are ADORABLE....

  • Sandra Rose

    mizzdallas Says:

    See Sandra we can be nice!


    I see. :)

  • BayArea

    Her babies are adorable! I'm contemplating on pre-arranging a wedding for my daughter who will be 3 in January... I kid, I kid!

  • AlwaysSweet

    I never knew that black people could have natural blue eyes till I saw a blue-eyed baby on Youtube this year. I've seen grayish-blue eyes on black people but never blue blue eyes. I rarely even see that on white people. The baby was dark skinned too.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Yay! You turned the comments I said previously Monica's boys are too cute!

    I still can't get over how fast the baby has grown...he is so precious!

  • Abhor_


  • iscream

    Is the oldest one by TI? I know they both live in ATL. If so he looks just like his daddy.

    Funny, I've been rocking Monica's CD (2nd lp) all morning. That's one sanging chile she sung Brandy under the table n the boy is mine.

    Sidebar. Anybody see Superhead rubbing her Pregnant belly on her blog. Whose supersperm slide down her throat into her uterus.

  • Kymystry

    @ icescream ... stop the madness .. that trick is preggers ... I don't think Maury has enough DNA tests to find THAT baby's daddy...

  • HunE916

    iscream Says:

    Sidebar. Anybody see Superhead rubbing her Pregnant belly on her blog. Whose supersperm slide down her throat into her uterus.

    But that's scarey!
    But knowing how scandalous that trick is, she probably defrosted some sperm she had saved from back in the day.
    She probably got a Frigidaire full of thrown out Trojans!

  • Sharonda


  • Krysi J

    @ HunE you are right about the HY gene and SUPERHEAD...LOL!

    Monica can have some beautiful babies can't she!...the youngest has eyes like his uncle, Monica's brother, so maybe someone in their family has light eyes like that. she has started a very handsome family more power to her, just like somone said above, When is that little girl coming MONICA?



  • iscream

    Lol, @ the Superhead comments... yep and she is pregnant with a belly. A good 5 months... I read on another site its suppose to be bow wow... but that site is f.o.s. with their stories.

  • MsShayinGA

    For those who asked, Monica's dad is very her brother Montez. Her father is mixed and she also commented on Necole Bitchie's blog that Rocko's grandmother is very light..therefore her son's inherited their fair complexion from their maternal grandfather and paternal great grandmother.

  • DivineBrown




  • Sandra Rose

    DivineBrown Says:



    Umm, no. I trust you, but it's HunE and her clique that I'm worried about. :)

  • kwallace577

    hunE and her clique. kym, suave, goat, elove,divamama and all the regular fam....aunite make it sound like we gangbangers or sumthin'.....all cause we point out the obvious regarding some people looks. person in particular we like to talk about....

    i ain't mad atcha sandra. i know you lubs us! and we cain't hep it if hunE is the blog comedic relief up here either!

  • candycane

    I just giggle everytime I look at the little one. He is so cute and chunky. HI BABY!!!!

  • candycane

    I wonder is Supersprem swallower is pregnant by Darius McCrary?

  • HunE916

    Sandra Rose Says:

    Umm, no. I trust you, but it’s HunE and her clique that I’m worried about.

    I don’t run with a clique.

    You don't wanna get mixed up with a gal like me. I'm a loner, Sandra. A rebel.

  • tintin

    after watching monica's one episode for the single, it was then i realized how light she was so that explains her kids. i don't know though cause none of them look like her or rocko

  • tintin

    oh yeah and her big boy reminds me of j. holiday

  • bklynchick

    Her kids are so cute. She looks like she is. Wonderful mother. Honestly I can never say anything bad at Monica she just seems like she is a cool lady. Superhead preggers lawd where is lil wayne and bow wow so they can start the dna test early....

  • karaz

    That little baby is so yummy my goodness and the matching outfits! Love it. I still can't believe she popped those kids and went back to her tiny self and I'm here counting calories and running like a refugee and still nothing and I have no kids! *shaking my fist*

  • DivaMama

    Chunky Cheeks!!! I love the babies!!!

  • prynsexxx

    Supahead preggar? I bet it's one regretful man somewhere holding his ding in his hand right now, "pissy drunk listening to Stylistic tunes".


    Sandra, don't tell me HunE916 gotcha running scared. What ever happened to free speech and all....Turn them Tiny comments on honey and let it flow!

  • coaretained

    I was wondering about the tiny comments too.. I'd love to get at that one...

    Superhead....I'll give it to the broad.. she's pretty but her lifestyle makes her oogly.

    rotflmao @ 53.. ya'll are a mess up in here!