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Jada Pinkett-Smith is surely battling with Keisha Whitaker for the title of Hollywood's Hottest Crackhead. In an earlier post I pointed out how Jada Pinkett looked terrible, like she was losing it - literally. But as usual, you guys dismissed me for the hater that I am.  Pic spotted at Drew Reports.

How's it hanging, Lola? That B*tch points out how video "model" Angel Lola Luv recently inspired some young boys to stay in school at a Back To School Jam in Albany, NY. The nurse in me can't help but notice how Lola's azz resembles a tumor growing out of her thigh that needs to be surgically extracted. I can't believe men find this look sexy, but whatever.

According to Brown Sista, Keyshia Cole was interviewed by Cathy Hughes’ in a TV One on One interview set to air Sunday, Sept. 21st at 10pm. The 26-year-old singer, songwriter and record producer talks with Ms. Hughes about her childhood, her future aspirations, her faith and what inspires her music in the revealing interview.

This message goes out to Keyshia's peoples who reached out to me a few days ago: I'm still waiting for that info you promised me. :)

  • Sharonda

    GM Fam!!!!

    Angel got a hunchback back that.That isn't even remotely cute.Ill Formed?yes..

  • DivineBrown

    OMG...That doesn't even remotely look like it wasn't photoshopped. And bad photoshopping at that...whose booty hangs like that? That's just ugly...


  • kwallace577

    too bad hune chile is west coast. when she come on PLEASE tell her to do a foghorn leghorn switched at birth with keycole picture 3.

    for all the yungins who have no clue who the hell "foghorn leghorn" is please google and tell me him and keyshia don't have the same hair-do.

  • Made4Success

    Jada - too skinny...IMO. Not a good look; two cheeseburgers, fries and a tall milkshake would do her good.

    Lola - too disgraceful...truthfully disgraceful. Clawd when she gets about 60 yrs old all that will sink. GRAVITY.

    Keysha - too cute, well the hair.

    Happy Almost Friday E'reybody!

  • Made4Success

    LMAO @ kwallace. That's so true! I was thinking more along the lines of Elvis Presley when I first looked at it.

  • Kymystry

    @ kwallace ... I was wondering what the c*ckadoodle-doo hail was that on K Coles head ...

    I say .. I say .. I say ole boy .. lol ... lol


    NOTE TO EVERYONE........


  • bloggergirlz

    sandra, i'm w/ can a guy find her butt sexy...she's a cute girl, however her a$$ looks so retarded...OMG, i hope young girls don't think that's the "in" thing...

    @kwallace: hit it on the head...

  • shay1

    @ kwallace - ok...

    @Blackbarbie - no ma'am its not for everyone!

  • kwallace577

    @kymystry you KNOW foghorn had that stutter going on too! LOL.
    @ made4success yes i thought 1966'ish too.... but not elvis, more like "david ruffin looking boy"

    LMAO. i watched the "temptations" on vh1 last night!

    what EVA the case she needs to report back to her hairdresser 'mediately.


    her azz looks just like a tumor. it aint right and why she show up at the school with no panties on?

  • mizzdallas

    That **shit*** looks F'in nasty, only woman who have self-hate would do this themselves.

    ** Hey SR family I just recently bought Faith Evans new book and dare I say its a pretty good read!

  • kwallace577


    how about i have found a pic of david ruffin with a conk and it look just like the tomfoolerymess on top of keyshia head?

    i'm done. again, i'ma need for hune to come up in here with her "skillz" on this one.

  • bloggergirlz

    @ mizzdallas: i read it a few wks was a good quick read...i knew biggie messed around w/ charlie baltimore, but they REALLY messed around...i shouldn't laugh, but she actually thought she'll be able to keep that car (or was it a truck) when biggie dies...PRICELESS!

  • Sharonda

    Yes I saw the Temptations too!Lol.

  • Kymystry

    And Auntie .... I would have to agree with you on JAda .. she IS looking a lil Winehouse-ish

  • DivaMama

    You guys have me rollin' here in the office! She does look all Foghorn-ish meets Elvis with that 'do!

    Yeah, that azz is ridiculous. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

  • toosexy

    Ok, how bout angel was at a back to school rally with her azz cheeks out like that. Also it looks so fake, I mean soooooo fake. I love my girl keyshia cole i can't wait to see what she drops next. She is not the best singer but her albums are always nice. Jada looks nice, but I wish she would cut her hair or wears her's short, maybe that's a wig, I don't like the long hair on her. It looks like it's drowning her.

  • 2bme

    That AZZ is NOT real..even Kim K pit pocket azz looks better than that..stop the lies already..leave Jada alone..she's still a beast..loves her

  • mizzdallas


    I believe I might have three or four more chapters to go , I must say that she was really naive when it came to Pac, hell I could have saw that from a mile away. I love me some Faith but that girl is so ditzie (or however you spell it) and naive.

  • Tasha

    Angel just looks nasty. I don't care how small you are or what size you wear, if you aren't proportioned well, its not gonna be cute. Ew!

  • prynsexxx

    Prynsexxx's list of

    Hollywood’s Hottest Crackhead(s)(Movies or otherwise):

    (in no particular order)

    Halle "and he ate his V-E-G-E-T-A-B-L-E-S" Berry
    Samuel L. "I smoked the T.V." Jackson
    Chris "it just keeps cawlin me" Rock
    Chris Tucker
    Bobby Brown
    Whitney "crack is wack, crack is cheap" Houston

    *PLEASE! feel free to add to the list*

  • PAHairston

    LOL Sandra, dear Sandra, a tumor indeed! What a riot, I couldn't have described it better myself. Funny thing about that part of the female anatomy, especially for black women. My husband and 21 yr old son agree that a woman's butt can be as big as a wall but if her waist is small and in tact, she has a figure. Go figure! Again, thanks Sandra for this good laugh this morning. Peace.

  • PAHairston

    One last thought. Keisha Cole is the bomb in my book, such a cute, seemly sophisticated young lady, especially considering where she came from. (I love the way she dresses, her decent-dressing style needs to be copied by more entertainers, i.e. Lil Kim, Lola, to name a few.) I hope she can successfully endure all the bull**** and drams this industry heaps on her and if she can, she'll be a favorite entertainer for a long time. Peace out!

  • karaz

    Jada needs to leave the botox alone! She doesn't look skinnier than in the past to me, but maybe this screen is too small.

    Damn what the hell did angel do to herslef? She looks like a disfigured hottentot venus. The thing is she had a crazy body pre-op, I bet some man got it into her head that she'd look better like this, because Angel is that daft.

  • LovelyLady

    Yall are to damn funny. But yeah Angel dis is not a good look.

  • iyonah

    Jada looks good .... she is small and has always been small.

    Just thought of the Set if Off scene with ehr & Blair -- can he be the wood? Wait I have to check you may have doen one on him already.

    Somebody needs to pull Angel to the size, that is just plain nasty.

    Keyshia looks cute - I have to google what yall referred to.

  • ELove

    @Kym... You're CRAZY (Certifiable Even) ;-)
    I LUV Foghorn... He was DEFINITELY a Brutha!!!

    I must leave now because Y'all got my sides hurting AGAIN and Tell my Wifey @HunE that I MISS HER ;-)

  • prynsexxx

    #28 said:

    Tell my Wifey @HunE that I MISS HER

    and what about you E-Love her? When is this damn cyber wedding going to take place. If this were mySpace y'all woulda' been "murried now'h".

    *policing the blog, cuz I ain't got sh!t to do*

  • ReadTheBlog

    Lola's butt looks disgusting hanging out of the bottom of that skirt. She looks malformed and I bet she has a hard time wiping correctly.


    nuh uh! read the blog you went too far with that comment! noooooooooooo!!

    so the verdict is in??? is her butt real or no? i hear mixed reviews. i don't get it. if it were real i would get a reduction, FAST. but hey if it makes her $$ then cool.

  • bloggergirlz

    @ miesha: her butt is FAKE...there are some b4 pics circulating on the net before she got her boobs and butt...

  • kwallace577

    @iyonah google and tell us what you think. i was right won't i? that chick look like foghorn leghorn. idk WHAT made me think of that but that is the FIRST thing that popped in my head.

    @elove foghorn was one of the bros. fa sho.

  • UrbanBeauty

    @ readtheblog...I was thinking the same damn thing! That's a mess!

    Keyshia looks like a cute little cockatoo(sp?) I'm thinking her hair stylist was trying to break a World Guiness record.

  • iyonah

    LOL @ kwallace ... I almost feel to the floor just now ... lmao damn ... so on point ...Keyshia needs a new do ASAP .... I didn't know the name of the character ... lol that was to funny

  • bklynchick

    Angel at the school TRYIN to tell them to stay there RIGHT.....she looks funny from head to toe.

    I love me some Keyco but that hunka hunka burning hair is not the business.

    Jada always has been little.

    I heard Faith's book is a good read. She was on Tom Joyner and she still seems like she is lost.

  • candi21

    What in the photoshop hell? Yall have seen Angel's ass in bikini's and it does not look like a tumor,it might look fake and unproportioned (alien-like) but that pic is NOT real.

    I love Keyshia Cole, she is pretty. I read somewhere she said her new cd will be different.More about falling in love and will show her maturity. I still loved her first and second cd though.Been in my Ipod for months.....

  • mimi08

    Ewwwww, Angel Lola's butt looks hideously nasty. I swear her azz just makes me wanna kick it, but my foot might get stuck and lost in that heap of nasty mess...ewww, go sit down.

  • Candi Apple

    Hot azz mess