When a rapper gets his chain snatched, I ignore the story because we here at Sandrarose.com don’t have time for the nonsense. If you wear fake jewelry to impress your fans, you are wack!

Finally a rapper comes clean about these fake diamond chains these wack rappers wear.

Rapper Maino used to deal in stolen goods – or should I say, ‘receive’ stolen chains ganked from wack rappers. As Maino puts it, “It’s monkey jewelry, it’s fake.. You see, like, yellow diamonds, people try to pass them off as being Canary: that’s garbage!”

As Maino pointed out, those chains would be worth millions if they were real diamonds and no rapper is spending loot like that on jewelry unless their last name is Gates or Trump.

Can we stop promoting this nonsense every time some wack rapper gets his fake bling snatched?