Chicago police finally charged William Balfour, 27, with murder in the triple homicides of actress Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew. Balfour was married to Hudson’s sister Julia Hudson.

After allowing the state to babysit their only suspect for five weeks, the CPD took Balfour into custody yesterday afternoon at the Illinois state prison where he has been held on a parole violation since October 26.

Police are now saying Balfour acted alone when he gunned down Jennifer Hudson’s mother, Darnell Donerson, 57, and brother, Jason Hudson, 29, in their South side home on October 24.

Hudson’s nephew, Julian King, 7, was found shot to death inside his uncle’s stolen SUV on October 27. There was evidence that the child had been tortured before he died. The fingers on his right hand were fractured and his hand was so severely lacerated and bloody that police originally thought it had been severed.

I’m sure police would love to tie this case up with a nice ribbon and get it off their books, but many troubling questions remain. For instance, what happened to Balfour’s accomplice who police claimed they were actively searching for?

How could Balfour drive two vehicles away from the murder scene?

Who parked his car at the school at !2:30 PM — two hours after the murders were committed?

Who were the two men seen on the West side driving the white SUV containing the body of Hudson’s nephew while Balfour was in police custody?

The way the Chicago police mishandled this high profile case has been a joke from the very start. The CPD couldn’t charge their only suspect with the flimsy evidence they had, so they held him on a non-existent parole violation.

The reason police gave for Balfour’s parole violation was laughable: police claimed he violated his probation by getting himself arrested. But police later clarified that Balfour was never really under arrest since he was never charged with anything. So what was his parole violation again?

By holding him on that fake violation, the CPD trampled Balfour’s rights by denying him access to an attorney for five weeks. It seems suspects don’t have the right to an attorney if they are not charged with any crimes.

The CPD admits their case against Balfour is largely circumstantial. Their only key witness is Balfour’s baby mama who claims she saw Balfour with a gun in his possession that “looked like” the murder weapon.

Still, the evidence against Balfour is so flimsy that any first year law school grad would have a field day with this case.

Loyal member Elove put it best with this comment:

IF the crux of their case is ONE of his girlfriend’s said she saw him with the gun THAT committed these murders… THEN that’s a VERY WEAK case in regards to a High-Profile triple homicide (One being a child under 12 yrs old)

Reasonable Doubt & Double Jepordy…
R U listening state prosecutors

IF you can’t pass that threshold then don’t waste the tax-payers money with a bogus trial…
OH, And try and find the Real murderers that are STILL walking the streets !!!