We now know the name of Amber Rose’s Dom ex-girlfriend. Of course you know Amber is Kanye West’s new arm trophy, beard, etc.

According to my source (who requests complete anonymity so she can keep feeding sandrarose.com juicy info) Amber’s ex-girlfriend is Trevon or Tre, aka Tiffany, who was featured in that popular DVD “Aggressives” some years back. They broke up when Amber dumped Tre for Kanye.

It saddens me to hear that Tre is in the Bronx “totally fuming/depressed” over the fact that she lost Amber to a man. It must be even worse knowing that the “man” is Kanye West. Money or no money, what does she see in him? Tre is so much cuter!

I also hear that Amber used to be a stripper at some strip clubs called Sue in NY and Delilahs in Philly.

Anyway, Amber, sweetie, if you’re reading this, please email me at sandra @ sandrarose.com (without the spaces) so we can talk about some things. :)