More evidence that Barack Obama underestimated the failing economy and really has no clue how to fix it.

Oh, by the way, some of you may have heard about the $1 trillion that Obama plans to print up to relieve banks of their toxic assets (bad loans, foreclosed properties, etc.)

The only problem with his plan is it will devalue the dollar all over the world resulting in an even worse recession.

Even China is making noise about Obama’s plan to erode the value of our currency.

Does Obama even have enough investors lined up who are willing to buy $1 trillion in garbage assets from the government?

Let’s say Obama finds an investor to take the garbage assets off his hands. If the investor resells the properties and turns a profit on those assets he will get his initial investment back.

The problem is he will be forced to split 50% of his profits with the government. The other 50% will be taxed at 90%. That means the toxic assets from the government are an even worse investment than if the investors purchased the crap from the banks at rock bottom prices! So guess who will be left holding the bag for Obama’s latest $1 trillion expenditure?