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Yesterday, we posted pics from Zonnique's 13th birthday party. Someone left a comment asking who Zonnique's dad was. A loyal reader, who asked to remain anonymous, sent in these pics of Zonnique, Tiny, Zeboe and Zeboe's fiance Cheryl.

She said Zeboe attended his daughter's birthday party on Sunday with his fiance Cheryl and 'Nique's little brother Zonnie, who is being held by his sister in the very last photo of yesterday's post.

Here is a picture of Zonnique and her dad. Please post and correct your bloggers by letting them know that Zeboe is very active in his daughter's life and the ENTIRE extended family has a wonderful relationship.


    yata yata yata

  • yvonne79

    Is this an upgrade?

  • mizzdallas

    she is a pretty girl!!

  • mizzdallas

    A girl that is def a upgrade I take bird chest ova that thing..

  • Charles

    Shell be pregneant by 17 at the latest

  • shintrell

    She's a beautiful young lady.

  • Charles

    That whole family is a mess youd think with all that money that could get education and basic literary skills. I bet if you placed a book in front of them and had them read it out loudthey would struggle........


  • ReadTheBlog

    lamo @ post and correct your bloggers. Nigga please! We only confused becaue everyone is sleeping with everyone up in that party. Tiny was there with her daughter and her dad and her son and his dad and his dad was there with his son with someone else who had a baby with another man and adam begot this one and the Lord told them to DO NOT eat of this tree and yall monkey asses ate from it anyway....

  • LovelyLady

    Tiny daughter looks like her but she looks more like Waynes ex wife Toya.

  • kwallace577

    well lucky them. glad for them and that is always nice when errybody gets on....

    BUT didn'tchu say yassday that you posted a pic of him once before and his lady was tripping so you took it down?

    same lady?

  • LovelyLady

    lol at readtheblog

  • kwallace577

    and not everybody can be named after they daddy. it is not phonetically possible. too many odd letter z's for me. yall already know i am illegitimate...

    umm illiterate.

    she's an awful purdy girl tho. sat down charles with the preggers @17 comment.

  • iscream

    Lmao @ Read... Adam begot this one and the Lord said don't eat from the tree... you are too funny.

    Thanks for the update. I know I was one of (if not the only one) who questioned her dad not being there. I thought TI assumed full responsibility of her. Even though its one big Ghetto family tree @ least everybody is getting along.

    @ least @ the party. That's too much of an orgy for no drama to exist.

  • kwallace577

    since comments off round da kona on Pres. Obama....

    as far as Obama being a dumb President....he cain't be no dumber than dubya who was at BEST a "C" student at yale.... (and that is being NICE)

    or former VP Dan Quayle who we all know was an illegitimate MESS on tv trying to put an "E" on the end of "potato."

    take that take that.....

  • Daisy

    She is a cute girl and still dressed for her age and everything.

  • kwallace577

    calling my President dumb...why i oughta...

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Zonnique is a beautiful little lady...Tiny surely has some pretty children.

    Nice to see everyone getting along and being cordial...its good for the kids to be able to see each other in peace and harmony.

  • LilMissRed

    I agree.. its great that everyone was able to come together for the sake of the chirrin yayy!

  • Krysi J

    AWwwwwwww cute. He looks a mess, but his fiance is pretty. I really love how everybody gets along so well!

  • Kat

    i don't see why folks can't get along anyway when u have moved on....only bitter folks don't want the "baby mama" or "baby daddy" around the new woman or man.

  • KaraZ

    bawhahahaha@RTBlog! *teardrops in my eyes*

    Well I'll say this, its good to see that they're all trying their best to co-parent is this pseudo polygamous/polyandryous situation.

  • Shauny

    I thought Sandra (or someone) commented that he was at the party anyway and that he was active in her life. Anywho, good that she still has both her parents in her life and that they ALL can come together and celebrate one of their childrens birthdays. It's not about them and who they were slept with in the past to get to the point they are now, it's about the kids and how they are making the best of their situation.

    She's too cute.

  • h0tsauce

    Zonnique is a beautiful young lady....and whoever said she'll be pregnant by 17..that was DEAD WRONG. It looks as though she has an extended family that is VERY close..and I'm sure between her dad/step dad and mom/soon to be step mom..they are going to guide her and make it a point to make sure she follows the RIGHT PATH!! T.I. and Tiny have lived lives I'm POSITIVE they don't want their children to live.

  • Naima

    Sandra you should rename this blog life on the Atlanta D List

  • civic0929

    @ comment 14.

    It seems that Sandra is the DUMB one because according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the President (as well as any educated person would)pronounced the word correctly.

  • kwallace577

    yep she should call it "lyfestyles of the rich and infamous."

    gotta spell life with a "y" to capture the true essence.

  • aqtpie

    @charles that comment about that little girl was uncalled for!!

  • GAGIRL73

    Be careful what you speak on the next man or woman, remember
    no one is above Karma!

  • GAGIRL73

    that includes speaking on the kiddies too!

  • kwallace577

    sat down charles with the preggers @17 comment.
    i already told him. b/c as a mother of a 13 year old she is a beautiful and looks to be a well rounded girl. some of my daughter's classmates are not so fortunate to have the oppty's this young lady and others have.

    you should take that back charles. you have started a minor outrage. as usual.

  • GAGIRL73

    okay I'm back my comments are towards Charles, it was uncalled for!

  • teecee

    and this is news..... why ? im updating my pic on face book, that is about as big of a news item as this.

  • Bird

    Well good. You are the one who referred to her as T.I. and Tiny's child like her dad was some absentee dead beat much the same way as Diddy treats Al B. Sure. There are enough dead beat dads in the world. Don't take credit from the ones that are there.

  • iscream

    FAINT.... I AGREE WITH SANDRA'S OBAMA POST. What is he going to do once he buys all this bad debt? People are not going to get their homes back & he is going to be left with 1 trillion dollars worth of debt that nobody wants right now anyway.


    Glad you all called him out on talking reckless about that pretty young lady. Has he ever watched sweet 16? Them bishes dress like they are grown azz woman.. More like sweet 26.

  • keely107

    I never assumed he wasnt there, just like I didnt assume cause the color of the President changed all would be right with the world....

  • teecee

    george bush had 8 years to mess the country up and President Obama has 64 days to correct 8 yrs of neglect.

    sometimes i think people are hating or joshing, but the more they talk im beginning to believe they actually believe this.... i wonder what could they do differently in 64 days to erase 8 yrs of bad judgments, trillion dollars debt 4 plus million jobs lost and over 3 million homes lost... what can you do in 64 days to correct that ?

  • Sandra Rose

    iscream Says:
    FAINT…. I AGREE WITH SANDRA’S OBAMA POST. What is he going to do once he buys all this bad debt? People are not going to get their homes back & he is going to be left with 1 trillion dollars worth of debt that nobody wants right now anyway.


    His inexperience is so glaring. Instead of using that $1 trillion to relieve homeowners of their debt, he's helping the bankers whose greed got us in this mess in the first place!!! >:-(

  • Sandra Rose

    teecee Says:

    trillion dollars debt 4 plus million jobs lost and over 3 million homes lost… what can you do in 64 days to correct that ?


    How about stop spending money that we don't have on BS that we don't need?

  • iscream

    I'm sorry but again I agree with Sandra on this. I was talking with my s/o lastnight & we know of people losing jobs and homes left and right. They are about to raise tolls and subway fares in NY. Who can afford to pay hikes right now? How are people suppose to look for jobs when they can't afford to get to the interview.

    I work in the courts and trust me about 80% of new cases are foreclosures. There are still lots of people who can use that money to save their homes before it falls into the abyss of nothingness.

    I'm don't expect Obama to correct 8 years worth of debt in 64 days. That's not why I voted for him. I voted for him because I thought he was for helping the little man who was not helped by George Bush Jr.

    But bailing out Wall Street again and again I feel he is helping out big companies just as well. And yeah I know how it trinkles down to the little man getting affected in the long run... but we are getting the short end either way. The first bailout hasn't stopped or helped anything, why do it again?

    I just want to know what happens when he takes on this 1 trillion in loss? Won't we pay for it in the end anyway? Its time to start making these people (rich wall street AIG'ers and the like) start paying for the mistakes they make.

  • keely107

    I dont undertstand why we turn off the Obama posts, then continue to speak on it anyway....


    You have the most valid ideas about your point than I have read on here, but my question is did the homeowners not participate in "wastefful spending" as well? And, to be honest, even if Obama did so call "bailout" the homeowners by providing SOME relief, in the instance of unemployed homeowners what will they do when THAT is gone and still no one is hiring? I have listened to the opposing views, as well as the President's and I see nothing but strategic thinking. If I am going to waste money ANYWAY (at this point too much damage has been done, ANYTHING is wasting) I may as well spend with folks who can flip it. Thats just me though, and thats just him, difference is he calls the shots.

  • kwallace577

    How about stop spending money that we don’t have on BS that we don’t need?
    why did i think of gucci pocketbooks when i read that?

  • iscream

    Good point Keely as far as the flipping goes. I just wish that 1 trillion was used for creating jobs because I feel we need that more than anything.

    Give the money to the states that are so in debt that its starting to effect the people who can't afford it. They are about to make some serious cuts in NYC. Afterschool programs, hospitals, schools ect. They want to raise taxes on the rich (500k or more) & you know what I read they (rich) want to do... move to CT? Wtf? So he can bail you all out but when it comes to doing your part you run... cowards.

    I say let that damn ship sink. They (wall st) don't care about us. I feel they light a match under the governments foot to get what they want. I just hope Obama is acting on pressure from them. F THEM!

    Why is it that as soon as they get what they want the stock market all of a sudden is doing so well?

  • Peachizz

    "A loyal reader, who asked to remain anonymous"
    sounds like Tiny to me, These pics are tooo up close and personal not to be.

  • teecee

    Sandra Rose Says:
    How about stop spending money that we don’t have on BS that we don’t need?
    What don’t a poor country like the US don’t need? Maybe the money spent on fighting 2 wars ? That money can do a lot for everyday average folks.

    We are all screaming about helping homeowners who don’t have a job save a house that they couldn’t afford to begin with that is worth 50% of what a they paid for it and will never recover what they paid for it…. Shit help me too.

    As for jobs, must we remember our civic classes; the president doesn’t have the power to create jobs. The congress can award money to government agencies to hire federal workers, or he can give tax breaks to companies who will then go out and create jobs here in the United States. But according to most republicans, thats throwing money away too because we know those companies went out and built plants in china, India and Mexico. Because the conservative way of thinking, don’t want big government. So he’s damn it he do, damned if he doent. Then again, what can he do in 60 days to reverse 8 yrs of bad management wasteful spending? The U.S was in a recession already so hes cleaning up bush’s mess; not a mess he created or the American people asked for!!!

  • Sandra Rose

    teecee Says:

    What don’t a poor country like the US don’t need? Maybe the money spent on fighting 2 wars ? That money can do a lot for everyday average folks.


    I hope you are aware that Obama has already spent 3 times what Bush spent on the Iraq war. And he has only been in the White House for two months!! He is now talking about printing an additional $1 trillion dollars to bail out the banks again! At this rate of spending this country will be bankrupt within a year!

  • Daisy

    @Sandra I dont feel we will ever know the TRUTH about how much money has been spent in Iraq so NEXT! You can cancel christmas with that arugment. It came out a few weeks ago that the money spent in Iraq had not been documented properly.

  • mjoylaw

    Zonnique is seriously cute, wonder if she can act..she reminds me of Keke Palmer or Kyla Pratt, not so much in actual looks but in star quality...............somebody get this girl to some auditions!

  • model_chick78

    She is truly a gorgeous child and it is so refreshing to see a 13 year old that is dressed age appropriate. There are too many little fast heffa's out here and it looks like Tiny, Zeboe and T.I. are doing a great job. I like when blended families work.

  • missamerica

    Loves it!