No, these aren't pics of Rihanna attending a funeral. She is actually house hunting, according to X17 Online.

We didn't believe the initial reports that Rihanna dumped Chris Brown in an effort to save her career. But now that we've seen these pictures, we believe it!

We also received word from a credible source that Rihanna was given an ultimatum by her bosses at her record label: either dump bish boy or be dropped like a hawt Kanye track.

So now Rihanna walks around looking and acting like a drug addict who's struggling to kick her habit. We don't think we've ever seen her look this bad. Even in her pon de forehead days she didn't look this sick. We're praying for Rihanna.

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  • BayArea

    LOL@:Even in her pon de forehead days she didn’t look this sick. Sandra you got GREAT jokes this week! Keep em coming! Seriously ;)

  • h0tsauce

    For all that she's been through I think she looks good!

  • smiley

    That look it the first pic looks like she'll put a curse on you in a minute she look evil

  • KaraZ

    Y'all leave her forehead alone.

  • Daisy

    Neither RiRi or Chris ever confirmed that they 1) got back together after the incident 2) BROKE up if they did indeed get back together. Clearly we all see they are spending time apart. I believe in the end they will remain friends. I do NOT believe sources w/o names.

    She looks cute but I am not feeling the throwback rolled up jean

  • mizzdallas


    agree with you, the public knows nothing of there relationship or if they have a relationship. So therefor I dont believe your credible source you need more people.

  • jazi65

    She's been through alot and it will take time to heal..I wish her the best.

  • iscream

    So he got his name back... bish boy.


    theres plenty of more fish in the water.

    this is just teenage love, weve all experienced teenage love.

    (please dont take this out of context. when i say weve all experienced teenage love)

  • Daisy

    @Mizz my best friend just started saying the need more people I was like ok that must be the new catch

  • yvonne79

    Dang! I thought MY forehead was big. I don't have anything on Rhianna that is for sure....

  • Charles

    i thought you said no more rihop posts

  • shintrell

    There's pics on other sites with her smiling a little. It looks like she just wasn't paying attention at first and then got pissed when she realized she was being photographed. I'm not really feeling the hair or the shorts, but she is still stunning.

  • Naima

    First of all who smiles 24/7
    Rihanna mean muggin and unstyled hair still looks better than most.

  • Daisy

    @Yvonne now you know RiRi and Tyra have some foreheads for RiRi is still a very pretty girl though forehead and

  • kwallace577

    Rihanna’s Hairline Has Seen Better Days
    so has neffe's vaginal walls according to iscream.

    leave that young lady's fivehead alone.

  • yvonne79


    LOL..Babygirl (Tyra and Rhi Rhi) should keep their foreheads covered at all times.

  • Krysi J

    Poe Thang....if yall thought she was skinny before, wait till you see how skinny she will get in the next few months....that break up diet is serious.

  • Kat

    @ that u on your avatar?

  • KaraZ

    kwallace577 Says:

    Rihanna’s Hairline Has Seen Better Days
    so has neffe’s vaginal walls according to iscream.


    caint breave!!!

  • SunnyPA

    Credible source or not...

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that getting back with Chris would be bad for Rhianna's career. Since a record label is all about money, they want to protect there investment.

    No matter what either one of them wanted, their relationship was over once the incident hit the media.

  • Daisy

    @Sunny I will have to agree to disagree nobody knows where their relationship stands except Chris and Rihanna. I am sure the record company gave their 2cents but it's her life in the end. If she wants to be with him she will if not she will keep it moving. I always said Chris didn't look happy at the grammy party anyway. Nobody knows anything we can only speculate.

  • leat

    she doesnt look any worse than anyone else out on a normal day not all made up! where has all the Rhianna love gone on this site!!! GEEEEEESSSHHHHH!!!

  • teecee

    hold up, i thought there was going to be no more ranna post ? if it wasnt the trial or some important news no more post about her ?

  • Daisy

    @leat I still stan for RiRi

    @teecee I knew that wasnt gonna last long but speaking of updates nobody is saying what happened in court yesterday.

  • miamore73

    Her hairline looks jacked because that ain't her hairline. She's using extra baby hair to cover up the rest of her forehead.

  • Bird

    I'm with you Sandra. Maybe they have broken up. If they even tried to sneak and see each other the paps would be on them like white on rice. They are probabaly working behind the scenes to try to tap their phones. I think the kiddies really are sad and mama is sad for them. Heartbreak ain't no joke. And ain't nothing wrong with this girls hairline. It looks more healthy than the lacefront crew. The girl just got a big forhead. She's still gorgeous.

  • SunnyPA

    I hear what you're saying Daisy and it's nice to think we have that much control over our lives. But, let me ask you...

    If you're making over 5 million a year and livin' large and something threatens your money and lifestyle, what would you do?

    Seriously, would you give up 5 million a year on a man ... a man who beat the crap out of you on top of that. Call me cynical, but I don't think there's that much love in the world. People have divorced for a lot less.

  • Sandra Rose

    teecee Says:

    hold up, i thought there was going to be no more ranna post ? if it wasnt the trial or some important news no more post about her ?


    This is an emergency. Look at her: she's fading fast.

  • terika83

    I personally LOVE this hairstyle...Ursula be hookin it up!

  • terika83

    @Sandra you really think she look that bad? Look at her legs she don't look like she lost weight to me or nothing. She does look a lil sad, but I would expect that at this point.

  • iyonah

    This is an emergency. Look at her: she’s fading fast.


    DEAD ... Sandra you to much! LMAO!

  • Daisy

    @Bird if they "broke up" or rather are NO longer in contact at all (phone,text etc) her PR people would have QUICKLY released an OFFICAL statement saying such I believe. At this point half the people believe they are still together for that reason alone. A "source" released the they are on a break story and clearly we can see they are spending time apart so that wasn't a newsflash.

  • Daisy

    @Sandra that was funny but not

  • kwallace577

    This is an emergency. Look at her: she’s fading fast.
    you deadazzwrong for that sandra mae rose.



    Sandra Rude, you wish you could look that good, don't cha?

  • JustSaying

    Rhianna should put that terrible wig in the trash.

  • ChokLitFactory

    Sandra said:
    Even in her pon de forehead days she didn’t look this sick.

    HILARIOUS Sandra! Love this Blog! And I wouldn't hold my breath, but I hope its true. CB needs to go back to his momager, that cougress...