By Sandra Rose  | 

Fulton County police took three women into custody late Wednesday in connection with the horrific Easter Sunday hit-and-run crash that claimed the lives of 5 people, including three children. SWAT teams surrounded a home on Ailey Lane in Southwest Atlanta early Wednesday after receiving a tip from a neighbor who saw a mechanic working on a gold BMW matching the description of the hit-and-run vehicle inside the home's garage.

Police tossed flash/stun grenades into the home before entering it but they found no one inside.

Around 6:30 pm, a SUV unexpectedly pulled into the garage of the home and was quickly surrounded by SWAT members. Three women in the vehicle -- two older women and one in her twenties -- were taken away in squad cars. Police said no one was under arrest.

According to neighbors, the woman in her twenties is the owner of the BMW that was allegedly involved in the hit-and-run crash. One neighbor said she confronted the young woman last week after seeing a description of the car on the news. But the woman denied being involved in the accident. Police said there is evidence that the BMW had recently been repaired.

Robert and Delisia Carter; the couple’s newborn son, Ethan Blake; and Delisia Carter’s 9-year-old daughter, Kayla, died after the family’s Mercedes collided with the BMW on Camp Creek Parkway between Butner and Old Fairburn roads, resulting in a chain-reaction crash involving a Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen was driven by Tracy Johnson, 43, of Atlanta. Johnson survived the accident, but the impact killed her 6-year-old daughter, Morgan.


  • Nikki

    If they are the ones responsible for this terrible tragedy they need to be held accountable!

  • pointhimout

    awful story. how do you cause or be involved in a horrific crash, watch it flash on the tv for almost 2 weeks, and still not come fwd? whatever the punishment, this persons deserves to spend the rest of eternity locked up.

  • pointhimout

    even sadder when you visit her website. she appeared to be full of life, had a beautiful smile and very active. wow wow wow. even if she weren't any of those things, that still wouldn't make this situation right.

  • attorneymom

    Suspect, Aimee Michaels, was arrested in fatal hit and run.

    RIP Soror Delisia Carter and family. RIP Morgan Johnson.

  • pointhimout

    They finally arrested this chick. good. i'm sure when she pulled up to her house yesterday and swat was everywhere, that sinking feelin hit the pit of her stomach "it's over." yes my love, it is.

  • iscream

    Thanks for the update.

    Who ever fixed the car should be the next to get arrested. I'm sure they saw on the news what happened and heard the description of the car.

    I hope the only reason the faces are blurred out is because they haven't been charged yet. Show them no respect.


    The people that helped her cover this up should be charged as well! They got the car fixed and all.. How don't you turn yourself in? WTF is wrong with people nowadays??

  • aqtpie

    Thanks AM. I prayed for this day. May GOD continue to be with their family, friends, and people who lives they touched.

  • licia

    why do they have their faces blurred out ? people need to see these monsters . this is a sad situation.

  • Daisy

    Moring Fam!

    My prayers have been with the victims families and now they will be for the suspects in custody as well. Sad situation all the way around. I pray justice is served and forgivness is offered and accepted at some point.

  • brwnsugga4you

    i hope she punished to the fullest extent of the law...this is just horrible!

  • Daisy

    A woman was arrested and charged Thursday morning after confessing to being the driver who caused an Easter Day accident on Camp Creek Parkway that killed five people, Fulton County police said.

    Aimee Michael, 22, was charged with five counts of homicide by vehicle, one count of failure to maintain lane and one count of serious injury by vehicle, hit and run, according to Fulton police detective Melissa Parker. A bond hearing will be held by Friday, Parker said.

  • brwnsugga4you

    sandra pls post this coward's pic on your's on!

  • brwnsugga4you

    ...and she dont need a bond hearing....hopefully, she will be locked up for the rest of her life!

  • yvonne79

    Morning family!

    Like the others stated, I agree all parties involved must be held accountable. The mechanic who came to the house to fix the car. The neighbor who saw the damaged car but failed to contact authorities. SMH. How cruel and heartless can you be to continue on with your life as if NOTHING happened knowing full well you killed five indiviuals?


    I'm glad to here that they finally caught the person who was responsible for this chain reaction/deaths. (They were such a beautiful family).
    But wow, the suspect is 22? SMH..Mannn....
    I wonder (out of the 3 women) who thought they was never gonna get caught for this accident? Big ups to the neightbor for confronting the young lady as well!!!!

  • Shauny

    WOW what a horrible story but I'm glad they got her/them. They weren't going to turn themselves in. I bet it was the neighbor who noticed the damage that called the police. Good for her.

    Seems like such a lovely family, ohhh and the babies. They were just robbed of their lives. It's a shame.

  • keely107

    Just DEAD. WOW. Does anybody know if the deceased were wearing seatbelts? Get in the car with your babies, and no way you can drive for everyone else. Dayum. This just added to the gloom I was feeling bout the 11 year old that hung himself.